BULLDOZER Mahathir should die in office to ensure stability, DPM Wan Azizah can take over after GE15

Wan Azizah perlu letak jawatan terlebih dahulu – Bersatu Selangor


Will Mahathir appoint Anwar as PM8?

Wan Azizah, as DPM, should take over after BULLDOZER Mahathir.

If she can be appointed DPM, she’s qualified to be PM.

Alternatively, the BULLDOZER should die in office to ensure stability, and DPM Wan Azizah can take over after GE15.

Anwar, a perennial trouble creator dubbed Main Belakang by Islamists, never even had a plot to lose.

He never had any chance to be Prime Minister.

If he had any chance, he killed it a long time ago.

It’s Anwar who keeps harping in the media about him taking over from Mahathir. The Prime Minister should not humour him.

The Constitution decides on the appointment of the Prime Minister, not Mahathir.

The sex videos were a rogue operation masterminded by those who think they can benefit.

Anwar is a noted trouble creator.

Mahathir can forgive anything except disloyalty and stabbing in the back.

That’s why he never forgave Pairin.

Mahathir will never forgive Main Belakang.

Wan Azizah can’t insist that Main Belakang, her husband, replace her as DPM.

This is not family business.

Wan Azizah can quit if she wants. Main Belakang won’t replace her as DPM.

The Prime Minister has prerogative and discretionary powers. He can scrap the DPM post since it’s not in the Constitution.

Having a DPM sows the seeds of disunity since the holder will be tempted to challenge the PM and/or create trouble.

Tunku Abdul Rahman introduced the DPM post to ensure that the PM, after him, will continue to be Malay.

That’s unconstitutional.

The Constitution decides who will be PM.

Nowhere does it state that the PM must be Malay.

Mahathir will not hand over the Prime Minister’s post on a silver platter to anyone, especially to someone who cium tangan cium pantat the very people opposed to him (Mahathir) and rule of law.

Anwar would be intimidated into submission by the every people opposed to Mahathir and rule of law.

At present, except for less than half of PKR, reportedly no one supports Anwar’s bid for the premiership.

Mahathir conceded that he became Prime Minister because of DAP. So, why should Anwar be PM after Mahathir?

Anwar became irrelevant the moment Mahathir defected to then Opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH). It was because of Mahathir that PKR was formed.

Anwar has been talking about the Reform Agenda for the last 20 years but has never spelled it out.

According to media reports, Anwar wants to scrap anti-sodomy laws. Yet, he talks about Islamic values.

He supports LGBTQF (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, freaks) but has yet to come clean on his sexual preferences.

Jeffrey Kitingan can confirm that Anwar is not fit to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Anwar has issued many anti-MA63, anti-Borneo, anti-Christian and anti-Orang Asal statements, privately and publicly.

Anwar is also anti-Indian and anti-Hindraf despite benefitting from makkal sakthi in 2008.

Indians . . .

Indians in Malaya should get their politics and relationships right.

That’s only possible if there’s a change in mindset.

Degenerating into rhetoric and polemics is not the way. That’s what MIC did for 60 years, what Waytha Moorthy is doing now and what Uthaya Kumar seems to be doing.

They should control the Narrative.

The politics of the so-called Malays is based on nothing but bullshit.

Indians should not emulate this.

They should emulate the Chinese in DAP.

Muslims . . .

Muslims say their religion is against sodomy. So, they will not support Anwar to be Prime Minister after Mahathir. PAS and Hadi Awang have already said Anwar should not be Prime Minister.

Anyone who harps on Islam, and Melayu Melayu Melayu, is not fit to be Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Those who harp on Islam Islam Islam, Melayu Melayu Melayu, are only interested in plundering the public treasury through inflated gov’t contracts under the guise of bangsa, agama, negara and derma.

Lawmakers are sworn on Oath to uphold, respect, honour and defend the Constitution.

It’s a contradiction in terms to talk about defending Islam.

Islam is not about law but sin.

The law is not about sin.

No law, no crime.

The sins in Islam may not be crimes in law.

According to jurisprudence, God is not a source in law.

The Supreme Court of India, for example, ruled that syariah is not law but based on a person’s willingness to accept it.

Syariah is not based on customary practices which may have force of law.

It would be unconstitutional to impose syariah on anyone.

There are parallels between Islam and communism, except for the latter being silent on God.

Islam is against rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

Islam also doesn’t recognise international law which is based on international customary practices which have force of law.

Human rights is the basis of international law.

Islam does not recognise human rights, freedom of conscience, free speech, democracy, multiparty elections, and the universality and commonality of citizenship.

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Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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