Dayak right term for Orang Asal Borneo

Selfish leaders blocking common Dayak identity, says Jeffrey

Are Sabah natives ready for a Dayak nation?

New council to unify Dayak native laws in Borneo

Adat . . .

Adat, based on customary practices, has force of law. The Native Court is part of the court and legal system in Malaysia.

These customary practices are at the local level and vary from place to place.

These customary practices can’t be unified.

That’s tantamount to telling the Orang Asal to adopt new customary practices.

Customary practices in other places can only serve as advisory, opinion, in a particular locality, if there’s lacuna (gap) in the law, they are not compelling.

We must keep in mind what Adat is all about?

It’s about customary practices which have force of law

Adat is not like syariah.

Syariah is not based on customary practices but purportedly revelations from Allah through Mohd the Messenger.

So, if there’s no uniformity in syariah, it casts great doubts on the interpretations of the so-called revelations.

There’s no such thing as God’s law, divine law, perfect law.

The Supreme Court of India, for example, ruled that Syariah is not law but based on a person’s willingness to accept it.

It’s unconstitutional to impose syariah on anyone.

The syariah courts should be Tribunals under the sultans, not courts of law.

If Islam is under public scrutiny, it has nothing to do with the gov’t.

Lawmakers are sworn to uphold, honour, respect and Defend the Constitution which is based on rule of law.

The Oath taken by lawmakers is not about Islam. They are not here to defend Islam or the Quran, a rulebook that doesn’t rely on principles, or the Rulers.

Islam is a standalone clause in the Constitution.

Islam is not about law but sin.

The law is not about sin.

According to jurisprudence, God is not a source in law.

[20/06, 15:38] EJB:

How about the 10 commandments ?

[20/06, 15:43] JF:

If from God, they are not law.

If based on customary practices, they have force of law.

I believe that some of the 10 Commandments are law, but not based on 10 Commandments, but based on jurisprudence and international law.

International law is based on international customary practices, and therefore has force of law.

International law is also based on human rights. In fact, human rights is the basis of international law.

The right term . . .

Dayak the right term for the Orang Asal in Borneo.

Kalimantan and Sarawak were the first to accept the term Dayak. The Brookes used the terms Land Dayak (Bidayuh) and Sea Dayak (Iban).

Sabah accepted the term Dayak maybe only after Jeffrey Kitingan became President of Borneo Dayak Forum. I stand corrected.

Some people in Sabah told me Dusun and Murut are not Dayak.

They kept quiet after I pointed out that the first BDF President is a Dusun.

Then, they asked me about Bajau. I told them Bajau are not Dayak. They are from the Philippines.

Dayak is not about politics but NCR.

The Orang Asal are about Adat, i.e. customary practices which have force of law, Native Court, culture, customs, traditions, and languages and dialects.

The Native Court is a court of law, not Tribunal, and part of the legal system in Malaysia.

The Orang Asal, the indigenous people, are covered by Article 161A and Article 5.

Dayak is an anthropological term covering the Orang Asal, i.e. the indigenous people, in Borneo.

Batu Sumpah goes with MA63 and the other constitutional documents on Malaysia.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

9 thoughts on “Dayak right term for Orang Asal Borneo”

    1. Most journalists are trained on the job. They also attend courses at MPI and PFA. PFA has ceased to exist for financial reasons.

      Nst has PETS, pre-editorial training scheme for six months, later cut to five months.

      There are journalists with Bachelor in Journalism, Mass Communications and the like.

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating i.e. whether you can report and/or write.

      Generally, retired English language teachers are hired as sub-editors.

      Kadir Jasin, Chief Group Editor of Nst, has only Form 6. Then, he joined Bernama as a trainee reporter.

      You can check with the media concerned and NUJ on becoming a journalist.


  1. If you don’t know anything about journalism, don’t come to my blog and start preaching to me on the profession.

    Those who are genuine will not send in comments under the guise of “A friend of Latheefa”.

    Who are you?

    Bogus Iban?


    1. I never said anything negative about her. I reported accurately on PKR, Anwar, Jeffrey Kitingan and Baru Bian. She was upset.

      Today, she has turned against PKR, Anwar, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah.

      She wrote a nasty letter about me to malaysiakini and splashed it in the PKR website and other websites. The letter can still be found in the Internet.

      I lost my job because of her. I didn’t force malaysiakini to publish anything.

      She should have criticised malaysiakini instead of targetting me. It was malaysiakini that uploaded the articles.


        1. I have an honours degree in management, majoring in economics.

          I am also doing law. I have to finish my Masters in Management before resuming.

          I started with the Stats Dept, moved to FIMA and worked with a leading architectural firm as Project Manager before becoming a journalist.

          I have been with The Economist, Asiaweek, Borneo Bulletin, New Straits Times, Sabah Times, various regional trade publications and three PR firms.

          I have been a journalist for most of my life. I was trained on the job and also by the Press Foundation of Asia in Manila, Philippines. I used to be the Bureau Chief in KL for DEPTHnews, a weekly packet produced by PFA. I also represented PFA at the Malaysian Press Institute. MPI was started by PFA.

          I have also taught English privately since pre-university.

          LBK should have complained about malaysiakini, not me. They upload the Articles. I have no control over the uploading.

          As a lawyer, she should not simply hurl baseless accusations.

          She must learn to think like a lawyer.

          If malaysiakini is at fault, blame the website, not me. I didn’t force it to upload my Articles.

          All Articles sent to malaysiakini go through the Chief Editor, News Editor, Chief Sub Editor, and a sub-editor. Even then, the Editor in Chief may pull out an Article.

          Don’t just point at the person whose byline is used in the Article.


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