Mahathir great failure as a leader, Gen Y will urinate on his grave

Mahathir will become a lame duck if he sets a timeframe for transition of power.

Also, the bottomline is that Mahathir doesn’t trust Anwar Ibrahim, the grandson of a Tamil Hindu on his mother’s side.

Mahathir is Malayalee. The Tamils hate Malayalee. But even so, MGR a Malayalee became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Malayalee have a very low opinion of Tamils, and with good reasons. For example, how to trust someone like Waytha Moorthy? He’s a backstabber, very ungrateful.

He employs only Tamil Hindus.

The convicted sodomist Anwar, dubbed Main Belakang by Islamists, harps every day on being the PM in Waiting.

He must be suffering from trauma.

He belabours under the delusion that he will be PM after the BULLDOZER.

He bases this delusion on the belief that Mahathir would not want to lead PH into GE15 or that he will be too old at 98 years old to do so.

Man can live up to 120 years old.

Mahathir can call for a snap GE15 and allow PH to decide who should lead the charge. He should not join the fray in GE15.

A snap GE15 is the best solution since Umno refuses to merge with Bersatu and PH refuses to consider a Minister’s post for a PAS MP. PAS supports Mahathir in Parliament.

Also, the Islamists are against Main Belakang taking over from Mahathir as PM.

Muslims won’t support a convicted sodomist, even one pardoned by the Agong, as PM.

If PAS is in the PH Gov’t, it has to end its political co-operation with Umno, and support Bersatu.

If there’s a snap GE15, PKR in Malaya will be destroyed by PAS and Umno. They might survive in Sabah and Sarawak.

Bersatu and Amanah will survive by hanging on to DAP.

The Malays in Malaya will return as the majority on the gov’t side in Parliament. This is what the BULLDOZER wants.

Hindraf will not support a PH led by Anwar. Indians will vote against PH. Even a monkey standing against PH in Malaya will win.

Sabah and Sarawak will return as King Makers and/or Third Force in the Malaysian Parliament.

If Anwar wants to be PM, he should get his own mandate, not beg Mahathir every day to share his mandate.

It was Mahathir who won GE14. The mandate, in law, belongs to him.

History . . .

History cannot be based on collective amnesia driven by taqiyya (deliberately lying) and kitman (lying by omission).

As Mahathir and Daim Zainuddin pointed out, it was Anwar who initiated Sodomy 1 by instructing his secretary to lodge a police report against a book of allegations against him. It has been claimed that Mahathir advised Anwar to lodge the police report. God alone knows the truth.

Instead of addressing the charges against him in Sodomy 1, Anwar chose to speak of the case as a political conspiracy. He did not provide any details. Justice Augustine Paul literally pleaded with Anwar not to politicise the charges.

Anwar refused to mitigate. So, the judge mitigated for him.

He was acquitted of sodomy upon appeal.

The corruption conviction, part of Sodomy 1, was upheld.

Blame his kangkung lawyers and/or loyar buruk. They failed to convince the Federal Court that he could not abuse powers when he didn’t have any over the police. He merely suggested to the police to close the Sodomy 1 file initiated by his secretary.

Mahathir initially dismissed the Sodomy 1 investigations. So, the police in fact closed the file. When Anwar refused to resign, the police re-opened the case. Anwar tried to stop the probe but failed to do so.

Matters worsened, on the day Anwar was sacked, when he challenged the “spineless authorities” during a press conference to charge him.

He refused to go away quietly after making a mess of the Finance Ministry. If not for the 1997/98 Asian Currency Crisis, Anwar would have survived politically.

The rest is history.

Anwar allegedly messed up every Ministry he headed.

He had never held a job after leaving Universiti Malaya, apparently with a pass degree in Malay Studies. Luckily, he married Wan Azizah who had a job. Anwar was in fact unemployed when Mahathir took him into Umno and the gov’t.

Sodomy 2 was allegedly a case of “old habits die hard”.

Again, he claimed the case was a political conspiracy against him. He provided some details this time but chose to make a statement from the dock. Since he was not cross examined, the test of the burden of proof shifted to the “balance of probabilities” (51/49) used in civil cases.

The Bar Council said in a statement after Sodomy II that there’s no law on a victimless offence. That may be the reason that Main Belakang was pardoned by the Agong.

The Federal Court in fact declared the law on victimless offence.

The rest is even more history.

Leaderless and clueless . . .

Malaysia Airlines is a case in point. It’s not about management but leadership skills. There’s a lack of empowerment.

After BULLDOZER, Mahathir, the so-called Malays in Malaya will be leaderless and clueless.

Mahathir, like the communists in Kerala, is a control freak into micromanagement.

He has been a great failure as a leader. The Gen Y will urinate on his grave.

Mahathir has been spoonfeeding and mollycoddling the Malays from womb to tomb. He has hoisted the “dependency syndrome” on them just to stay in power for self-serving reasons.

A great leader will empower the people around him, take a step back, and won’t interfere even if the world collapses.

That’s how situations will throw up leaders.

There’s a case for liberalisation and democratisation, based on catering to the lowest common denominator, but this cannot be at the expense of the brightest and best leading the way for All.

A line must be drawn somewhere.

The floodgates cannot be opened.

There’s no place for the riff raff in critical disciplines.

Under Mahathir, the gov’t deviated and distorted the implementation of Article 153.

The Article speaks of a “reasonable proportion” in four areas only.

Under Mahathir, “unreasonable proportion” in all walks of life is being pushed as the norm.

This is at the expense of non-Malays who are assured in Article 153 that they have legitimate interests and legitimate expectations.

Poverty . . .

Imran Khan said the root cause of poverty in Pakistan was corruption which facilitates the transfer of wealth from those who have no power to those who have power.

Such wealth is salted away overseas.

In Borneo, an additional reason for poverty is corruption caused by internal colonisation.

Internal colonisation facilitates the transfer of wealth from Borneo to Malaya.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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