The gov’t should not be determined by those who invariably don’t know what it’s all about

Extract from the link . . .

This will see an additional six Muslim-majority, two non-Muslim bumiputera-majority and one Chinese-majority seats. The remaining four are mixed seats.

The proposed Muslim-majority seats are Pintasan (under Kota Belud), Tanjung Dumpil (Putatan), Pantai Dalit (Tuaran), Sungai Manila (Libaran), Lamag (Kinabatangan) and Kukusan (Kalabakan).

The two non-Muslim bumiputera majority seats are Dambai (Papar) and Tulid (Pensiangan). The four mixed seats are Bengkoka (Kudat), Darau (Sepanggar), Telupid (Beluran) and Mengaris (Kota Marudu).

The sole new Chinese-majority seat proposed is Segama in Silam.

My COMMENT . . .

In GE14, the number of new voters registered among Chinese and so-called Malays in Malaya were the same although the latter community was twice the former.

The so-called Malays are simply no longer interested in registering as voters, and when they do, they don’t turn up. They no longer have faith in party politics.

Chinese youths are educated enough to know the value of every vote cast.

They returned from abroad, at their expense, to vote in GE14.

The so-called Malays have realised that putting all their eggs in one basket has cost them dearly in the last 60 years. A handful of so-called Malay leaders became rich at the expense of the nation.

The so-called Malays in Malaya must shed their strong sense of proprietorship. The Definition of Malay in Article 160 shows they are pendatang. They are not Orang Asal in Malaya.

The so-called Malays being in many parties should not be an issue, just as non-Malays being in many parties is not an issue.

The so-called Malays in Malaya will never be under one party.

DAP and PKR in PH are multiracial parties.

Hindraf in PH is about poor Indians, especially the 850, 000 displaced estate workers and 350, 000 stateless people.

Indians in Malaya should get their politics and relationships right.

They should focus on the deviations and distortions in Article 153 instead of begging for crumbs and handouts from the gov’t. Waytha Moorthy, and his elder brother Uthayakumar, are misleading the Indians. The Tamils in particular are foolish enough to follow them.

Article 153 speaks of a “reasonable” proportion in four areas. Instead, it has degenerated into an “unreasonable” proportion in all walks of life.

The four areas: intake into the civil service; intake into institutions of higher learning owned by the gov’t and training opportunities; gov’t scholarships; and opportunities from the gov’t to do business.

The 2nd prong of Article 153 also speaks of the legitimate interests/legitimate aspirations of non-Malays.

Bersatu in PH is a Malay party.

Amanah in PH is a Muslim party.

The other parties are in Opposition and should stay there. The BULLDOZER, Mahathir, should stop bugging them. It’s self-serving to do so.

Orang Asal . . .

The Orang Asal in Borneo just wanted a change of gov’t in GE14.

They didn’t realise they will be going from the frying pan into the fire.

It’s not a good idea for the Orang Asal to be in the Opposition.

Orang Asal must be in gov’t, federal and state, at all times.

The Orang Asal should vote for one party which can support whoever forms the Federal gov’t in Putrajaya.

This party can also support whoever forms the state gov’ts in Sabah and Sarawak.

Instead of calling for secession, like a chicken with its head cut off, Invoke Article VIII of MA63 for self-determination.

Self-determination can mean autonomy, self-gov’t and finally independence.

Votes . . .

Only those eligible voters who register willingly and turn up willingly are important.

No one should be forced to register as a voter or be forced to turn up/bribed to vote.

The gov’t should not be determined by the latter category who invariably don’t know what it’s all about.

Candidates . . .

If you don’t exercise your right to freedom of speech, speak up and speak out, you can’t say you should be fielded in the polls.

If you don’t serve the people, you can’t say you should be fielded in the polls.

If you are not with the people, in good times and bad, you can’t say you should be fielded in the polls.

Malay unity . . .

The BULLDOZER, Mahathir, wants to eliminate Malay parties in the Opposition.

The days of Umno, PBB, Warisan and PAS are numbered.

Mahathir is at his most dangerous when he smiles and says things ever so casually, almost as an afterthought.

How do you think Rahman and Taib remained in power for so long?

Mahathir has planned everything well in advance.

Bersatu will take over PBB.

Soon, you will see some PBB leaders wearing orange and purple.

Umno will be an empty shell. Mahathir advised Zahid to end his garden leave and return to lead the party so chaos will reign.

PAS leaders won’t be able to declare their assets. Their party will be affected.

State seats in Sabah . . .

N1 Banggi
N2 Bengkoka
N3 Pitas
N4 Tjg Kapor
N5 Matunggung
N6 Mengaris
N7 Tandek
N8 Pintasan
N9 Tempasuk
N10 Usukan
N11 Kadamaian
N12 Sulaman
N13 Pantai Dalit
N14 Tamparuli
N15 Kiulu
N16 Karambunai
N17 Darau
N18 Inanam
N19 Likas
N20 Api2
N21 Luyang
N22 Tanjung Aru
N23 Petagas
N24 Tanjung Dumpil
N25 Kepayan
N26 Moyog
N27 Dambai
N28 Kawang
N29 Pantai Manis
N30 Bongawan
N31 Membakut
N32 Klias
N33 Kuala penyu
N34 Lumadan
N35 Sindumin
N36 Kundasang
N37 Karanaan
N38 Paginatan
N39 Tambunan
N40 Bingkor
N41 Liawan
N42 Melalap
N43 Kemabong
N44 Tulid
N45 Sook
N46 Nabawan
N47 Telupid
N48 Sugut
N49 Labuk
N50 Gum-Gum
N51 Sungai Manila
N52 Sungai Sibuga
N53 Sekong
N54 Karamunting
N55 Elopura
N56 Tanjung Papat
N57 Kuamut
N58 Lamag
N59 Sukau
N60 Tungku
N61 Segama
N62 Lahad datu
N63 Kunak
N64 Sulabayan
N65 Senallang
N66 Bugaya
N67 Balung
N68 Apas
N69 Sri Tanjung
N70 Kukusan
N71 Tjg Batu
N72 Merotai
N73 Sebatik

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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