In law, the sex video should be deemed a fake and dismissed

Camera Angle

The camera angle has a very strong influence on whether or a not a face is processed.

In order for a facial recognition system to completely identify a face, it needs multiple angles, including profile, frontal, 45 degree and more, to ensure the most accurate resulting matches.

Also, any obstructions, such as facial hair or hats, can definitely cause some trouble.

To prevent any setbacks or failures, it’s best to ensure that the database is constantly updated and up to date with its data.

Computers are stupid while being user-friendly. If the picture was blur, it would say the person is not the same as that in a clear picture. As far as the computer is concerned, it’s telling the truth.

If you use make up, facial recognition technology does not work.

Also, you need photos of the actors taken at the same time as the videos. Aging caused by mutations will give error readings.

Again, if you put two pictures side by side, one blur and the other clear, the computer will not say the person in the clear picture is the same person in the blur picture.

Why was the video blurred by those who produced it?

That means the person in the blur picture is not the one in the clear picture.

In law, the sex video should be deemed a fake and dismissed.

Samy Vellu said there were about 10, 000 people in India who look like him.

PH Chairman . . .

Once Mahathir sets a timeframe and names a successor, he will be a lame duck.

Anwar should ask the PH Presidential Council to endorse him as PH Chairman.

Then, Mahathir and he can see the Agong.

With just 50 MP seats, the PKR President cannot be PM without the support of the PH Presidential Council.

If the PH Presidential Council meets, Bersatu and Amanah may not support Anwar’s bid for the chairmanship.

DAP may be neutral.

Unless Anwar Ibrahim can secure the chairmanship of PH, he can’t claim the PM’s post.

It’s the power of incumbency that decides.

Lawmakers will gather around the person who has power. That’s Mahathir.

Only those left out will join Anwar.

Anwar was returned unopposed as PKR president.

Azmin became deputy president after a tough fight with Rafizi Ramli who was backed by Anwar.

If Azmin challenges Main Belakang for the presidency, he will win.

Mahathir for full term . . .

Mahathir can carry on as long as his health permits. He has to make sure that he’s eating properly and get sufficient night sleep and daytime rest.

He passed the 70s safely, the 80s and 90s too, so he won’t go soon.

Eventually, he may come down suddenly with a protracted illness — i.e. no cure — lie in bed, and go within a month.

The DPM would take over as Acting PM once Mahathir is confined to bed.

Keep watch . . .

Mukhriz may be PM. Bersatu would want to keep the post.

Azmin would probably be DPM. So, PKR keeps the post. PKR is a multiracial party.

A multiracial party won’t get the PM post.

It has been alleged that Anwar Ibrahim is the mastermind behind the sex videos.

If so, he should be arrested, fined and locked up.

He will lose the PD seat and the PKR presidency.

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Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

4 thoughts on “In law, the sex video should be deemed a fake and dismissed”

  1. The Definition of Malay under Article 160 in the Federal Constitution is confined to Singapore and Malaya.

    No one in Sabah and Sarawak can claim to be Malay under Article 160 unless originating from Singapore or Malaya.

    Sarawak Malays (Orang Laut/Kirieng), and the Indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak, are under Article 161A which makes no reference to religion. The Article states that only the Indigenous people are Native.

    It’s not enough to be Muslim, able to speak Malay, and practising so-called Malay culture, customs, and traditions to be classified as Malay in Singapore and Malaya.

    Only Muslims, able to speak Malay, and born or domiciled in Singapore and Malaya by Merdeka, 31 Aug 1957, are Malay.

    Their descendants are also Malay.

    Indian Muslims, for example, are Malays under Article 160 if born or domiciled in Singapore and Malaya by Merdeka.

    Their descendants are also Malay.

    Generally, the Malays in Singapore and Malaya are Tamil, Malayalee, Pathan, Yemeni, Turk (all Muslim from India); and Bugis, Javanese, Minang and Aceh (all Muslim from what is now known as Indonesia).

    Those who convert to Islam after Merdeka in Singapore and Malaya are not Malay.

    After 1965, Singapore amended its Definition of Malay under Article 152 to include non-Muslims i.e. Malays in Singapore can leave Islam and still remain Malay.

    Under the Definition of Malay in Article 160 in Malaya, those who leave Islam cease to be Malay.

    Wannabe Arabs among Malays in Malaya also cease to be Malay.


  2. I do not understand why are you so much against the definition of Malay expanding to others too. Malays are embracing of those who are fellow Muslims and want to share their blessing. I was born in Bangladesh in 1970s, and my parents migrated to Malaysia. Today, I am a Malaysian citizen, My mykad says Malay. It shows the generosity of my fellow Malay Muslims to embrace me as one of them. It is an honor. You can also have that honor. Why do you oppose it?


    1. If so, you are holding a fraudulent MyKad. You can get a point of law ruling from the Federal Court.

      It’s not the so-called Malays who hand out Malay MyKads but the Federal Constitution.

      If anyone holds a MyKad to which he’s not entitled, and not eligible to hold, the law says it does not exist as if it never existed.

      The gov’t cannot, will not, be party to an illegality.

      The JPN, after checking your MyKad, will give the court it’s standard reply, “tidak dalam sistem”.

      How do you know that you have a Malay MyKad?

      Did you put your MyKad through a card reader and read the chip inside?

      It’s not enough to have Islam printed in front to be Malay.

      Non-Malay Muslims also have Islam printed in front. Their chip will read Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Orang Asal or Others.

      Bangladeshi and Pakistani in Malaysia are classified as Indian.


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