Beijing no legitimacy, threat to global security

My COMMENT on the Article below:

The regime in Beijing has no legitimacy.

The people of China have lost their sovereignty to a handful of communist party leaders in Beijing.

There are no elections which can change the gov’t.

China belongs to the people of China.

China does not subscribe to the rule of law and democracy, it does not uphold international law, and it does not respect human rights.

China is a threat to global security.

There must be regime change in China. Hong Kong is the proverbial tail wagging the dog.

The ARTICLE . . .

Append below a message from a Christian to the HK Christians regard the current ongoing unrest or riots in HK!

Rev Alvin Cheah
School of Prophets

A Prophetic Response to the Hong Kong Students Protest

As I write this article, I am in my guest room in HK after a very powerful and annointed evening of ministry.

My heart is heavy when I see thousands of young people on the streets, protesting against the HK government of the day.

The problem is compounded by the fact that Christians joined these protest…singing hymns & worship songs!

My two cents on this issue:

1. Why are the young people even on the streets?

Innocent, naive, promising young people should not be filled with so much anger n despair….
who r behind them?

What diabolical force is behind this instigation to impressionable youth to rebel against their leaders n elders?

What evil hand is guiding these adults-to-be, to be so filled with violent rage against a law which probably is no direct concern of theirs anyway?

The law to be introduced was meant to extradite criminals or corruptors, who have broken the law or stolen taxpayers money, back to China to face justice.

These criminals are mainly corrupt ex-government officials who stashed their illegal wealth in HK n abuse loopholes in the legal system to avoid prosecution.

The extradition law if passed by HK legislators, would have brought these corrupt, immoral n dishonest abusers of power to justice!

I failed to comprehend why any right thinking HK citizens would reject this righteous law?

It is feared by our young protesters n the hidden powers behind them (their unknown financial backers?) that the China government may abuse the extradiction law to nab dissenters n critics of the communist party.

Talk about jumping the gun!

Some balance in analysis is helpful here!

What we have here is a segment of HK young population who have been led into believing that civil society in China is so oppressed by the government…..

that life under the communist govetnment is so unbearable…
like in a police state…..
if this is so, how do you explain the 150 million Chinese citizens who travelled overseas last year n return to China??

Truth is they return to China because they r happy in China….they actually live meaningful lives pursuing their dreams in communist China…..something which our young HK protesters n their western sympathisers can’t wrap their heads around!

Lest HK forgets,

Be reminded that the Chinese government brought 800+ million people out of poverty the last 30 years!

No nation in world history has ever done that…..not India, Africa, the Philippines, Indonesia, South America…
most of whom follow the US political system of electoral democracy!

Truth be known…

The vast majority of Chinese r behind their government…..they live in peace n happiness under this benevolent government….they prosper under the reformist policies of the government!

Once in a while you do hear of isolated incidences of injustice inflicted upon innocent victims by corrupt officials, especially in far-flung corners of China….

Managing reform in the largest country on earth is not an exact science!

But thankfully these wayward officials r decreasing in numbers in President Xi Jin Ping’s administration!

All in all, the Chinese experiment in socialism is working…down to the last man on the street….. to the horror of the west!

This success of the communist system in China is totally unacceptable to America n the West!

It vilifies their value system…..their world view….their notion of freedom….it vilifies the sacred cow of the American dream!

2. HK Youth – Tools of the West in Containing China n the East?

At the end of the day, its all about money n power! Wake up all ye precious HK young people!

America doesn’t really care about your freedom nor democracy!

Under the British, for 99 years, there was never any talk of universal suffrage….its a recent invention of the West in HK after 1997 to contain China.

Just as the USA n their western allies forced the emerging Japan economic powerhouse in the 70s-90s to accept unfair trade policies, they r now doing all they can to stop China’s growth

….in the end its all about money n power!

God forbids that China or any other Asia nation overtake the USA as leader n superpower!

3. The USA n its allies use whatever they can, scruple or no scruple, to bludgeon China n the world into submission under their control, politically or economically!

3. 1 USA uses human rights to undermine China….this is off course the crudest joke in 300 years!

The USA is surely one of the greatest abusers of human rights in history.

Europeans colonised the New World by exterminating the Red Indians almost in their entirety…..

when Europeans invaded North America in the 18th century, there were about 15 million Indians… the time they won the war with the Indians, over-powering the arrow-shouting with modern guns n rifles, only about 250,000 were alive…..

White Americans massacred more than 14 million Red Indians… was genocide on a grand scale!

And now, the USA has the gall to accuse China of human rights abusers… promoting themselves as the protector of human rights!

3.2 The USA uses the green movement to limit China’s growth…accusing China n Asia summarily of green house gas emissions, pollution, deforestation…etc.

The fact is that the USA n western Europe, which consist of 20% of the world’s population, consume 80% of the world’s resources including fossil fuels….contributing the most pollution !

3.3 The simple fact is that HK young people r being used n manipulated to disrupt legitimate governing authority to undermine China…

Creating instability…for the ultimate goal of forcing China to concede more economic advantage to the US..

In other words, using unfair n destructive tactics to contain China,

just like they did to Japan before…in the 80s the US targeted Toshiba, the symbol of Japanese technological prowess back than…..just like they r attacking Huawei today.

4. As Christians what should be our response to the street protests?

4.1. Peace…..all our responses must be non-violent. We must engage peacefully with government leaders to seek understanding…n suppress the spirit of rebellion n disobedience.

4.2. Respect….all leaders n government…its God who raised up government for his higher purpose. Street protest is unacceptable to true Christians.

4.3. Build trust-relationship with both HK n China leaders….reach out…communicate positively….the communist government is not against Christianity nor other religions…..they r just against bad people who cause trouble under the pretext of Christianity.

4.4. Prayer…..this is the most important n effective thing Christians can do. Pray for the young people…pray for HK n mainland government…pray for peace, understanding between HK n China…..most of all, pray for healing n revival through God’s power n love.

4.5. Finally, the youth r not necessarily bad people…..just manipulated n deceived… powers political n spiritual, which they know little about!

May God save our precious young people in HK!

Rev Dr Alvin Cheah
School of Prophets
June/July 2019

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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