Vernacular schools existed long before Merdeka in Malaya and Malaysia in Borneo, these included Malay schools

No one can beat my blog piece on vernacular schools. Tamil, Punjabi and Chinese schools existed in Malaya long before Malay schools.

The first Malay language schools were religious schools. Even today, religious schools don’t provide formal education.

National schools in Malay does not mean other schools can’t exist.

International schools in Malaysia, for example, are in various languages.

Public universities are in English.

The High Court cannot decide on constitutional issues. It has to refer to the Federal Court on points of law.

Only the Federal Court can sit as the constitutional court.

We don’t have a constitutional court.

The vernacular schools existed long before Merdeka in Malaya and Malaysia in Borneo. These included Malay schools.

If the gov’t made a policy decision i.e. by administrative law to allow these schools to continue to exist, the matter can only be challenged by judicial review.

However, application for leave for judicial review and the judicial review should be filed within three months of a decision being made.

Languages can emerge if the people have choices and are left alone to communicate as best as they can.

There’s no need for official and national languages.

Sarawak . . .

Rahman Yakub destroyed education in Malaysia by bringing in Malay and doing away with English schools.

Sarawak under GPS will increasingly not agree with Putrajaya on anything.

We last saw this in Sabah under the PBS gov’t headed by Pairin Kitingan, then advised by Jeffrey Kitingan.

GBS 2018 is the PBS of Sabah in 1985.

Interestingly, the WHD was anti-PBS 1985 and even described it as racist.

Ironically, he’s Sarawak Governor and together with Putrajaya allegedly stopped Adenan from Invoking Article VIII of MA63 for a new form of self-determination.

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The basis of Malay is a Cambodian dialect. Superimposed on this was Tamil, Sanskrit and Pali.

All systems go for teaching of Science, Maths in English next year – Manyin

Mathematics is the nearest to God followed by physics. Exercise a little self-discipline. God helps those who help themselves.

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