THIEF Najib did not push for action to be taken against MahaTHIEF

The judge found that THIEF Najib had also spent the RM42m on himself.

The question of MahaTHIEF interferring in the case does not arise.

A prima facie case has been made out.

The court disregarded Subramaniam’s grandmother’s stories. The court is no place for kangkung loyar and/or loyar buruk in the kopi tiam.

Also, re LGE, how did Rais Yatim get a PhD in law?

Only a court can make such a declaration i.e. the AG was wrong but in this case it won’t.

The Constitution states the AG cannot be questioned if he decides not to proceed to court and/or varies a case in court, amends, withdraws or drops a case.

In LGE’s bungalow case, the court went through 26 of over 50 witnesses. It was going nowhere.

LGE’s lawyers wrote a letter of representation on the case to the AG.

The AGC presented the letter in court and asked for DNAA, discharge not amounting to acquittal.

The court said DNAA was unfair since it would leave the case hanging over the head of the accused duo.

The court issued a DNA, discharged and acquitted.

Someone is challenging the DNA at the Federal Court. The court will throw out the challenge.

The court will disregard grandmother’s stories.

Subramaniam, in THIEF Najib’s case, is telling the court grandmother’s stories.

Everyone knows where the case is going.

That’s THIEF Najib’s place.

Sungai Buloh

IRB has also sent a RM1.69b tax bill to court.

Of course, the forex case was a heinous crime. Still, THIEF Najib did not push for action to be taken against MahaTHIEF.

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