Indians from India upset over plight of Indians in Malaya

Indians from India are upset over the plight of Indians in Malaya.

Many Indian professionals and expatriates in Malaya, for example IT professionals, were allegedly deported after commenting on local politics. It was in the media.

The news has spread in India.

Zakir Naik and MahaTHIEF — national car alone has cost motorists billions — are issues too. Also, too many tudungs around. Even the ads are full of tudungs.

Sixty per cent of Indian tourists are vegetarians. They won’t patronise a restaurant which sells beef or other meat.

Previously, Christmas decorations in Malaya went up a day before Dec 24 and was taken down on Dec 26.

The decorations didn’t even hint of Christmas.

Sales plunged at shopping malls.

Circulation corridor . . .

The west coast of Malaya is the circulation corridor between southeast India and further west and south China and further east.

This is where Indians and Chinese met thousands of years ago to exchange and do business. Kadaram was followed by Malacca, Penang and Singapore. It was not the British who introduced Malaya to Indians and Chinese.

The east coast of Sumatra failed to take off as a circulation corridor because Indians and Chinese, for thousands of years, flocked to the west coast of Malaya.

That’s why Parameswara left Palembang in Sumatra and moved to Malacca after six months in Singapore where he killed the Siamese crown prince.

Islam in Malaya came from northern Sumatra, long settled by Indians.

Islam in northern Sumatra came from Gujerat, western India.

The west coast has thrown up huge pockets of urban economies, which thrived as well on the supply of labour to the hinterlands and supplying goods and services to the labour pools. The British colonialists too turned to India, China and the Archipelago for labour. The Orang Asli, the indigenous people, stayed in the jungles.

The urban economies have drawn huge investments and created many business opportunities.

The real wealth of Malaya derives from the west coast being the circulation corridor between southeast India and further west and south China and further east.

The British fought two wars with Bangkok to hack away the southern half of the Kra Peninsula, or the Malay Peninsula, from the Siamese Kingdom.

They drew territorial borders, named after the main waterways, to create sultanates from river mouth toll collecting feudal chiefdoms or kerajaan sungei.

The British also created the Conference of Rulers.

The hare-brained ECRL would be the proverbial millstone around the Federal gov’t’s neck. It goes through godforsaken country.

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After Merdeka, only the descendants of BoMa/SoCaMa are BoMa/SoCaMa.

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