Mahathir’s biggest mistake after GE14 . . . not to walk away, and wait to put the other foot in the grave!

After Mahathir, 1981 to 2003, there should not be another Mahathir. Even worse, Mahathir returned to be Mahathir again.

Mahathir promised to step down in two years.

Then . . . it became three years.

After that . . . certainly before GE15.

Now . . . don’t expect me to be PM when I am 100 years old.

Tomorrow . . . I won’t stay after I turn 100 years old.

Coming soon . . . I am already 100 years old. I better stay in office until I stop breathing.

Mahathir’s biggest mistake after GE14 . . . not to walk away, and wait to put the other foot in the grave!

Mahathir’s biggest mistake after GE14 was not to walk away, for better or worse. Every generation has a right to rule itself, every generation has a right to make its own mistakes, and hopefully to learn from that. Mahathir should not be making decisions for future generations.

Mahathir is at a deadend.

He’s like the dog in the manger who can’t eat grass but still denies the cow from feeding on it.

There are also elements of the born loser and sore loser in Mahathir’s sour grapes approach.

It’s clear it’s checkmate!

Mahathir will never be able to leave Bersatu as the largest party in PH and the largest BoMa/SoCaMa (bogus Malay and/or so-called Malay) political party in Parliament.

Umno and PAS leaders know which side their bread is buttered. The BoMa/SoCaMa are solidly behind these two parties.

All the BoMa/SoCaMa frogs who defected to Bersatu, in the wake of GE14, will be wiped out in GE15.

Mahathir must not think that he can deregister Umno, at least, and get away with it. Umno leaders have pledged to set up a new BoMa/SoCaMa political party if their party is deregistered.

Bersatu will lose its electoral deposits, come GE15, if Umno is deregistered.

The BoMa/SoCaMa are likely to take to the streets in huge numbers if Umno is deregistered. Indeed, they might even descend on Putrajaya and surround Mahathir’s official residence. He will be forced to flee the country, like Marcos, for dear life.

Like Marcos, he can only come back in a coffin.

Bersatu can stay in PH but it should kick out Mahathir and force him and family into exile before the BoMa/SoCaMa people catch up with him.

Anwar Ibrahim has public support against Mahathir/Azmin Ali. The latter hope that PH will lose GE15 and, thus, DAP will be out of the gov’t.

The Sandakan sex video tapes may have been created to blackmail Azmin Ali to go against Anwar Ibrahim.

Read . . .

Mahathir has always been about self-serving garbage driven by prejudice, xenophobia, racism and rotten politics.

Anwar Ibrahim is not a begger.

He will not accept anything less than the Prime Minister’s post.

UMNO-Malay Cheated Malay Felda Settlers – How RM870 Million Was Stolen To Build Only 7% Of 20,000 Houses

BoMa/SoCaMa (bogus Malay and/or so-called Malay) politicians get into positions of leadership to plunder the public treasury.

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