Mahathir, 94, will step down after Nov 2020, not sure Anwar Ibrahim will take over!

The Star Online: Dr M pledges to step down for Anwar, but not before next November.

Mahathir, 94, will step down after Nov 2020 but he’s not sure Anwar Ibrahim will take over!

It looks like Mahathir will only step down after making sure that Anwar Ibrahim will not succeed him. Anwar should hand the PKR Presidency back to Wan Azizah and prepare for the possibility that he will be in jail again before Mahathir leaves. Hopefully, like Nelson Mandela, Anwar will not die in jail.

It would be a grave strategic error if Anwar does not sue Rawther. The police are likely to drag Anwar to court.

The Rawther are South Indian Muslims of Turkish origin.

The fact that Mahathir’s lawyer, Haniff Khatri (Hindu Malayalee who converted), is representing Rawther is telling. There’s a direct message here to Anwar Ibrahim from the anti-DAP/anti-Chinese Malay capitalists probably led by Daim Zainuddin. These were the same people who allegedly created May 13. The anti-Chinese Mahathir’s name figured prominently, along with the names of Razak and Harun Idris.

Mahathir is COCKSURE he won’t kick the bucket before Nov 2020, his weight is 62kg and stable for last 30 to 40 years.

After Mahathir, 1981 to 2003, there should not be another Mahathir. Even worse, Mahathir returned to be Mahathir again. PH’s biggest strategic mistake was to allow Mahathir to take over after GE14.

Mahathir’s biggest mistake after GE14 . . . not to walk away, and wait to put the other foot in the grave.

Mahathir should seek counseling to rule out the possibility that he may be insane. Anwar Ibrahim and Waytha Moorthy should accompany him to seek confirmation on their sanity.

Mahathir promised to step down in two years.

Then . . . it became three years.

After that . . . certainly before GE15.

Now . . . don’t expect me to be PM when I am 100 years old.

Tomorrow . . . I won’t stay after I turn 100 years old.

Coming soon . . . I am already 100 years old. I better stay in office until I stop breathing. Mahathir will continue to claim that he’s the best candidate to be Prime Minister.

By Nov 2020, if Anwar doesn’t sue Rawther, he would probably be dragged to court by the police.

Deja Vu!

It would be Sodomy 1 all over again.

Then, Mahathir would say as in 1999, “I wanted to hand over to Anwar Ibrahim but it’s not possible now. Old habits die hard with Anwar. What to do lah! In our suci halal Islamic culture, we don’t accept sodomy.”

Mahathir has always been about self-serving garbage driven by prejudice, xenophobia, racism and rotten politics.

GLCs/GLICs and gov’t owned firms are nothing but communism under the “glamourous” facade of “democracy”.

They form half the stock market.

Most of them are bankrupt. The Federal gov’t will eventually go bankrupt because of this sector.

At present, Mahathir is the Prime Minister for Umno/PAS through Bersatu in PH and Putrajaya.

Mahathir, Indian (Malayalee) by race, and Malay by identity under Article 160, is not bothered about PH.

Mahathir will be happy if PH loses GE15, DAP out of gov’t.

Besides Bersatu, he has Umno/PAS with him and Warisan and GPS.

Mahathir and Family should go into exile. He should only be allowed to come home in a coffin. The Gen Y and Gen X will piss on his grave. This is a favourite Malay past-time.

Mahathir is a political dinosaur. He lives in an artificial world created by the Malayalee Muslims mentioned in Professor William Roff’s, “Origin of Malay Nationalism”.

Bersatu can stay in PH but it should kick out Mahathir and force him and family into exile.

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There should be no Deputy Prime Minister.

Once the Prime Minister has been sworn in before the Agong, in line with the Constitution, the gov’t is no longer about numbers in Parliament.

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