Mahathir and PH are both delusional, he could go anytime, even as we speak

Mahathir is a visitation from hell. There are many people like him. The Devil sends them to Earth from time to time to torture humanity.

94-year-old Mahathir’s claim that he’s the best man to be Prime Minister does not hold water. He should have his head checked for trauma, brain damage, and slipping in and out of hallucinations.

In fact, Mahathir and PH are both delusional, he could go anytime, even as we speak.

He may not get up tomorrow morning.

One minute here, gone the next minute.

Even if he does not go immediately, he may come down with a protracted illness i.e. no cure.

Generally, those who catch protracted illnesses will go within a month i.e. after being bedridden, in coma, and on life support.

Since Mahathir refuses to make way for Anwar Ibrahim, the latter will never be Prime Minister.

Logically, Wan Azizah will assume the reins of power when Mahathir dies suddenly or after protracted illness.

I don’t read anything that Mahathir, 94, has to say on anything.

I only read the people who taroh him kaw kaw!

As a matter of strategy, don’t trust the gov’t and politicians.

They tend to resort to policies which circumvent secularism and the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

The court is the only hope left against the gov’t and politicians.

Citizenship . . .

In 1957, on the eve of Merdeka, the Malays remained undefined and they were not citizens of Malaya.

They were a stateless people who were subjects of the sultans.

The sultans, Indians, Chinese and others were British subjects who exchanged their status for Malayan citizenship under the Federation of Malaya Independence Act 1957.

The so-called Malays were only defined under the Federal Constitution in 1957. It’s not known whether they applied for Malayan citizenship.

Malay under the Definition in Article 160 is not race but a form of identity for Muslims, from many races, who were born or domiciled in Singapore and Malaya before Merdeka, the cutoff point, and their descendants.

So, it’s not true when Mahathir from Kerala claimed recently that he has only “spoonfuls of blood (Indian), otherwise I am Malay”.

There’s no Malay blood in Article 160. Again, Malay is not race in the Definition.

Mahathir is Indian (Malayalee) by race and Malay by identity.

DAP . . .

Mahathir will die happy if PH loses GE15 and DAP is out of the gov’t.

He’s only petty-minded when it comes to rotten politics based on populism.

Mahathir has always been driven by prejudice, xenophobia, discrimination, extremism, racism, rotten politics, whiteyophobia, Chineseophobia and anti-India delusions and nothing but sheer hate and evil.

Except for the Gen Y and Gen Z, the BoMa/SoCaMa (bogus Malays and/or so-called Malays) will vote for Umno/PAS come GE15.

DAP will not support Bersatu as long as it’s led by Mahathir.

Read further here . . .

Mahathir sits in his comfort zone and works on certainties for himself based on simplistic flawed notions.

So, one hand gloved Wan Azizah has no plans to quit DPM post.

If anything has a beginning, it will have an end. The idea of always having a Malay Prime Minister is unsustainable.

Only the Orang Asli are indigenous in Malaya.

The Orang Asal are indigenous in Borneo.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Rejoin Them – Mahathir’s Endgame Is To Rejoin UMNO After Imprisoned Najib

Mahathir rejoining Umno at 95 sounds a bit too far fetched.

Ghosts exist even if there’s no hereafter, Mahathir after death will wander around like a ghost for an extended period of time.

The BoMa/SoCaMa (bogus Malays and or so-called Malays) are incredibly stupid on communism.

The gov’t is involved in business and dominates half the stock market through GLCs, GLICs, gov’t owned firms, gov’t guarantees, continengies, lease arrangements and through permits, licences, quotas, concessions, tenders and contracts, outright plundering of the public treasury and transfer of wealth from those who have no power to those who have power, and transfer of wealth from Borneo (those who have no power) to those who have power (Malaya)

What do you call this?

Not communism?

Not corruption, cronyism, collusion and nepotism?

Not apartheid?

Not evil caste system?

Not a new form of tribalism and feudalism under the “glamourous” facade of democracy?

Mahathir has always been driven by prejudice, xenophobia, discrimination, extremism, racism, rotten politics, whiteyophobia, Chineseophobia and anti-India delusions and nothing but sheer hate and evil.

No one can help him. He has gone off the edge. He’s mentally ill.

He’s not the only one.

Maszlee and Waytha Moorthy, among others, are also mentally ill.

Everything will be settled once and for all when the BoMa/SoCaMa gov’t in Putrajaya goes bankrupt and the rotten politics comes to an end.

Tamils . . .

Tamils in Malaya, unlike those in Tamil Nadu, southeast India, are a long way off from emerging as civilised people.

In fact, as evident from Hindraf Makkal Sakthi and the Tamil Tiger terrorists a la Malaya, they have degenerated into balls carrying and hero-worshipping of cult personalities — mere conmen on the loose — and lying through the teeth.

Tamils are given to obscenities, vulgarities and threats in glib one liners in the social media.

They lack language and communication skills.

The Tamils have very few leaders worth mentioning. Waytha Moorthy, a one man MIC show, is not one of them.

Tamils are plagued by the Definition of Malay in Article 160, and degeneration, deviation and distortion of Article 153 and the NEP.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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