India should demand the return of land stolen by British colonialists to create Pakistan

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As Tharoor, with his usual eloquence put it, the citizenship bill “is an affront to the fundamental tenets of equality and religious non-discrimination enshrined in our Constitution and an all-out assault on the very idea of India”.

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Give me three minutes and I can demolish Tharoor.

The Bill is about people already in India from the three countries.

There are no Muslims in India from the three countries.

What is the “very idea of India”?

Deport the non-Muslims who fled to India over the decades because of persecution in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh?

In law, to extend the Citizenship Amendment Act to non-Muslims, the special circumstances had to be cited.

Persecution is the special circumstances.

Muslims have no special circumstances to cite.

If not for special circumstances, the persecuted would not qualify for citizenship under the Indian Constitution.

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ANALYSIS – Why do Muslims oppose citizenship engineering in India? –

If this Article was in court, the author won’t be able to defend it and he would be locked up to keep the public from harm.

If it’s true that Muslims in India would be removed from the electoral rolls and/or rendered stateless, take up the matter in the supreme court.

Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the persecutors, did not flee to India.

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is for non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh already in India by 31 Dec 2014. They came in over the decades.

Again, we don’t hear Muslims in India demanding the return of land the British colonialists stole from India to create Pakistan, ostensibly for Muslims, but in fact to divide the Indian Army on the verge of mutiny.

The Indian Army wanted to slaughter its British officers and slaughter the 100, 000 British in India after it concluded the colonialists would never leave the country.

Modi wants to take back the land stolen from India by British colonialists to create Pakistan.

Zia ul Haq was blown up in the skies over Pakistan along with the US Ambassador after he said, “you are going to get an Islamic state whether you like it or not. If you don’t want to be an Islamic state, we might as well return to India”.

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Muslim illegal immigrants are claiming discrimination because non-Muslims from the three neighbouring countries, already in India since 1947, would be given citizenship under a fast track programme.

These non-Muslims are not illegal immigrants. They are in India on longterm visas and under the Citizenship Amendment Act, they meet the “special circumstances” — read persecution in home countries — criteria.

Imran Khan and Pakistanis, like Mahathir, are such great liars.

Mahathir the Malayalee silent on Negrito from Kerala, still around after 40, 000 years, being first people in Malaya.

In 1962, when China struck deep into India over a border dispute, winter was New Delhi’s ally.

The 200, 000 Chinese troops were quickly cut off from their supply lines in Tibet by Indian troops.

All around was a hostile population which was ready to tear the Chinese limb to limb.

Nehru allowed the Chinese to withdraw to Tibet through a narrow exit.

Beijing never again attempted to repeat its misadventure in 1962, having realised that India was not a synthetic country put together by British colonialists.

When the shooting war starts, as it must when the law of karma kicks in, Beijing won’t be able to re-supply the artificial islands in the South China Sea.

They will be quickly over run and become enemy property by the right of conquest, and likely to be mininuked to extinction.

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