Hadi Awang’s Malays, Malay World, do not exist



When push comes to shove, as it must when the law of karma kicks in, the Federal gov’t dominated by the BoMa/SoCaMa (bogus Malays and or so-called Malays) in Putrajaya will go bankrupt.

That will be the end of rotten politics in Malaya.

Hadi Awang’s Malays, Malay World, do not exist.

There’s no Malay race in the Definition in Article 160.

Asri’s simplistic take ignores the reality that friction stems from the Definition of Malay in Article 160, the inclusion of Malay in Article 153, the degeneration, deviations and distortions of Article 153 and NEP and the Federal gov’t’s non-compliance on MA63.

If the people are left alone and given choices to communicate as best as they can, a new language will emerge as the lingua franca.

That’s how Malay — based on a Cambodian dialect, Tamil, Sanskrit and Pali — emerged as the lingua franca of the Archipelago.

Although there’s a Malay language, there’s no Malay race.

The Definition of Malay in Article 160 is not race.

There’s no Malay blood and tanah tumpah darahku in Article 160.

Mahathir from Kerala claimed, not so long ago, that “except for spoonfuls of blood (Indian), otherwise I am Malay”.

Mahathir is Indian (Malayalee) by race and blood, and Malay by identity.

The Definition of Malay in Article 160 is a form of identity for Muslims, from various races, born or domiciled in Singapore and Malaya by Merdeka, the cutoff point, and their descendants.

There’s case law on the Definition which agrees that Malay in Article 160 is not race.

The Definition is an artificial construct, an aberration in law, bad law. The Definition does not exist in law although it’s in Article 160.

MA63 . . .

Article VIII is in MA63. It’s self-explanatory.

Unless Article VIII is Invoked, Sabah and Sarawak will never regain their rights.

There must be strong political will.

The leadership in Sabah and Sarawak are under great pressure.

The MACC, IRB, Bank Negara, Penal Code, Bankruptcy Act, MCMC, SOSMA, POTA and Sedition Act can be used against them.

So, the people have to stand up and exert strong pressure on the political leadership with an eye on the ballot box.

It’s important to vote for at least some Independents for the state assembly and Parliament. That will ensure democracy.

Political parties with card carrying members are not about democracy but new forms of tribalism and feudalism.

Racism . . .

It’s not racism if you stand up for your place in the sun.

It’s racism if you deny others their place in the sun.

Those who are not inbred, or are not the result of incest, have dominant characteristics.

The opposite is recessive characteristics.

The difference between those with dominant characteristics and recessive characteristics is the level of energy.

Those with dominant characteristics have high energy.

High energy translates into intelligence, drive and luck.

The people in Europe, for example, were only able to increase their average level of intelligence by the Age of Renaissance when they weeded out inbreeding and incest through the interventionist role of the Church.

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Languages can emerge if the people have choices and are left alone to communicate as best as they can.


Jawi script replaced by Roman letters, Khatt Islamic calligraphy.

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Except for the Gen Y, Malays did not vote for PH.

If vernacular schools are banned, national schools will turn into a battleground for pupils. Parents should equip their children with martial arts skills.

In English schools, the Chinese were the majority, and I had to constantly fight them. They only left me alone when I emerged as among the top students in school.

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