Bahasa Kebangsaan should be written at least partly in Jawi

Yoursay: Non-Muslims will have to accept their ‘dhimmi’ status

Having an Education Ministry results in endless politicking and politicisation.

Utusan Melayu, in Jawi, closed down decades ago.

Jawi is a dead script. In any case, Unesco will support efforts to revive and preserve the script. Bahasa Kebangsaan should be written at least partly in Jawi.

Khatt, Islamic calligraphy, should be confined to Muslim students.

Jawi, based on Farsi and Arabic, replaced the Indian script originally used by the Malay language as the lingua franca of the Archipelago.

Under Article 152, Rumi is the official script for bahasa kebangsaan.

Except for Vietnam, all countries in mainland southeast Asia use the Indian script . . . Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

In Vietnam, the French introduced Roman letters.

Again, Jawi replaced the Indian script in the Archipelago, before being replaced by Roman letters.

Christmas . . .

Christmas means mass for Christ to celebrate his birth.

A Church is a gathering of the faithful for readings from the Holy Bible, the Word of God, in memory of Jesus.

Jesus himself mentioned the Church. “Thou art Peter and upon you I shall build my Church.”

When supper where he shared bread and wine was ended, Jesus said, “do this in commemoration of me.”

Word of God refers to eternal laws based on eternal truths.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, is about the spiritual nature of truth.

What is law?

Law is something that governs/regulates relationships.

In the case of human beings, eternal laws as evident in the Holy Bible, governs the relationship between God and a people, between God and individuals, and between individuals.

This is a relationship based on love and the forgiveness of sins.

When the law of karma kicks in, as it must, it affects both parties who have an issue in conflict. Karmic forces exhaust themselves sooner or later.

When we die, we leave our sins behind.

The Holy Bible says, “the sins of the fathers will be visited on the children”.

The universality and commonality of citizenship is a universal human right not recognised by Islam.

In Islamic states, non-Muslims are not citizens but subjects (slaves/servants).

The rule of law is the basis of the Constitution.

There’s no rule of law in Islam.

Islam is about rule by law (God’s law or divine law).

According to jurisprudence, God is not a source in law.

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Having an Education Ministry results in endless politicking and politicisation.

We must reject the following rogues and scoundrels:

those who harp on race and religion to gather political support: Example: Zakir Naik, Waytha Moorthy, MIC, MCA, Umno, PAS, ISMA, JAKIM etc

those who turn everything into a racial and religious issue. Example: the Adib mishap and others.

those who politicise history for self-serving reasons.

those who violate rule of law, the basis of the Constitution. Example: degeneration, deviation and distortion of the Definition of Malay in Article 160; Article 153; NEP; and non-compliance on MA63.

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