Eight extraordinary great lies set to bury THIEF Najib, seal his fate!

Day-72 Of SRC Trial: Najib’s Top-8 Lies That Were So Extraordinary They Might Backfire & Incriminate The Crook

{ Extraordinary Lie #1 } – Najib Claims He Didn’t Know RM42 Million Was SRC’s Money, But Spent Them Anyway.

{ Extraordinary Lie #2 } – Sometimes Najib Can Verify His Signature, Sometimes He Can’t.

{ Extraordinary Lie #3 } – Najib Blocked His Deputy From Recovering RM3.6 Billion Frozen In Switzerland Due To Lack Of Plan.

{ Extraordinary Lie #4 } – Najib Used Own Credit Card To Buy Gift For Qatar Because He Wanted To Save Public Funds.

{ Extraordinary Lie #5 } – Najib Sacked Untrustworthy CEO Faisal, But Trusted Him To Manage His Bank Accounts.

{ Extraordinary Lie #6 } – Najib Never Checked Bank Statement, Not Even RM2.6 Billion Donation.

{ Extraordinary Lie #7 } – Najib Believes The Arab Letters (Which Were Faked), But Not Bank Statements.

{ Extraordinary Lie #8 } – Despite Donations, Najib Never Expressed His Gratitude In His Letters To King Abdullah.

My COMMENT . . .

Based on strong circumstantial evidence, I believe that Jho Low masterminded the 1MDB Scandal and THIEF Najib entered the game late in the scandal.

He’s guilty of covering up the scandal because of image and personal benefits.

He should be charged with abettment as well.

The charges, as they stand, are incomplete and/or flawed.

Jho Low, if not in a tong simen, should be dragged to court or charged in absentia.

re SRC International, how did the scandal originate? Why are the other people involved still missing? Have they ended in tong simen?

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