Bersatu should ask Mahathir to leave PH, form his own coalition

Zahid Hamidi’s proposal to work with Bersatu has split Umno

PAS tak main pintu belakang

Agong has to follow the Constitution.

Bersatu can leave PH and form a new coalition but Mahathir can’t take the premiership with him.

Mahathir’s premiership depends on PH.

PH can continue as minority gov’t under Wan Azizah as Acting PM.

We need to focus on candidates, not parties, and focus on issues, debates and the Narrative, not rhetoric and polemics.

Kimanis on Jan 18, and Tanjung Piai earlier, proves that candidates, issues, debates and Narratives are important, not parties, rhetoric and polemics.

Mahathir represents the same small Malay capitalist group which allegedly created May 13 through the Deep State, occupies half the stock market through the gov’t sector, continues the internal colonisation of North Borneo and Sarawak, has reduced Orang Asal leaders into balls carrying pocket fillers, is responsible for degenerating, deviating, distorting the Definition of Malay in Article 160, Article 153, and NEP, opposes the restoration of local gov’t elections and rules through unconstitutional administrative laws which are not allowed to be challenged despite judicial review applications.

Mahathir’s fate . . .

There’s no cure for protracted illness because it lowers the oxygen level, causes irrevisible brain damage and puts the patient in a coma.

It strikes suddenly, lasts a month or so, and ends in death because of complications and systemic organ failure.

Anything can cause a protracted illness. One thing leads to another.

It’s brought on by the immune system being weak. The gross body, gathered from the energy of the sun through Mother Nature on Earth, will eventually run out of time.

If Mahathir does not go suddenly because of a heart attack, heart failure or stroke, he will probably suffer from protracted illness. The DPM, Wan Azizah, would have to take over.

In any society, women take charge when the men fail. These are usually grandmothers. Other women are preoccupied with family.

Mahathir refuses to go and Anwar is unable and/or unwilling to seize power. He expects power to be handed to him on a silver platter.

Power is not something to be given but seized. Those with power will never give it up willingly.

It’s not only Mahathir that the nation faces. He’s surrounded by a small group of Malay capitalists, led by Daim, who want him to stay on for as long as possible.

They are not thinking of the people and country but only what they can get for themselves under various guises.

We have to keep the Corona virus issue in perspective.

The reality is that the flu virus, for example, and the Corona virus are the same, except the latter is like having a very bad cold.

The majority, especially the young, recover. Those who die, generally the elderly, usually suffer from other medical conditions as well. This puts a great strain on the immune system.

The scare and panic on the Corona virus will end once the media loses interest in the outbreak.

The media, for example, does not report the flu virus or the number of deaths on the road although they cause far more damage.

WHO, by calling it Covid-19 (Corona virus disease 19), has already made the media lose interest. Corona virus is not a disease, it’s a syndrome.

Discipline is necessary to overcome the respiratory system being attacked by fluid build-up, the blood temperature increasing and the contagion that sets in.

Only isolation, quarantine measures, curfew, and lockdowns help.

Degenerative conditions are not disease but a symptom of aging and something that gets worse over time. It takes a lot of discipline to treat and manage for control.

Disease can be cured.

UPDATED 1 . . .

Umno would want all cases against its leaders to be dropped in return for supporting Mahathir against PH.

Likewise, Hadi would not want to be dragged to court for the 90m and abuse of the RM400m.

Latheefa Koya, still admiring herself in uniform, has yet to go after PBB leaders. Mahathir needs their support against PH.

Likewise, no action was taken against Azmin Ali and Anwar Ibrahim in line with rule of law a la Mahathir.

Action was taken against DAP leaders for ostensibly trying to revive the defunct LTTE of Sri Lanka.

DAP has kicked Pitchay Khan to Johor after earlier forcing Maszlee to resign and crawl under a coconut shell.

UPDATED 2 . . .

The Prime Minister must command the confidence of the majority in Parliament. That’s what the Constitution states. The Agong follows the Constitution.

Parliament can even choose Waytha Moorthy as Prime Minister. Unfortunately, he’s not an MP.

Parliament can even choose an Opposition MP as Prime Minister. Then, he or she would have to work with a Cabinet composed of gov’t MPs and maybe two or three Cabinet posts for Opposition MPs.

At least three candidates should run for the PM’s post. The winner should get at least 51 per cent.

If no one gets a simple majority, there should be a runoff between the top two candidates.

All three candidates should be tested through three public debates spaced a week apart.

Anwar Ibrahim is trying to hijack the Prime Minister’s post by unconstitutional means. DAP should take note.

The people care two effs how long he has been waiting to be PM.

Power is never given, as Anwar might have discovered by now. It has to be seized.

That shows that Anwar Ibrahim doesn’t know what politics is all about.

He likes to surround himself with Yes Men and dunggu.

Having said that, conventions are about the working of the Constitution. Mahathir’s party won only 13 seats but he was appointed PH Chairman and thereby became Prime Minister. Likewise, Anwar cannot become Prime Minister unless he becomes PH Chairman. PH works on consensus i.e. no one must oppose.

Conventions are not law. No court will hear applications on conventions. The court is only about law. The Constitution is not law, but as the ultimate political document, it has force of law and thereby is the supreme law of the land.

If Anwar becomes PM, the media will go to town on sodomy.

His family will be hurt even more.

Confidence . . .

Parliament has no provision for confidence motions.

There’s certainly no such thing as a motion of confidence.

Every Bill in Parliament can in fact turn out to be a motion of no confidence.

In fact, the gov’t has to resign if defeated on any Bill.

But it seems no longer so after the Amendment to Article 1(2) didn’t make it and Theresa May’s three defeats on BrExit. We have changed like Westminister.

Opposition motions will be tucked at the bottom and will never see the light of day.

Gov’t business comes first. That’s why the hudud Bill never made it.

Any Motion must meet three criteria: specific; of public concern and public interest; and urgent.

If even one of the criteria is not met, the Motion will be thrown out.

The proposed PAS Motion does not meet two of the criteria.

A motion of no confidence against Modi in the previous Parliament never made it. The Speaker adjourned Parliament after gov’t business was concluded.

Read further here . . .

Bersatu should get rid of Mahathir to save itself, the party cannot survive without the support of PH.

Social media very unforgiving, only really extraordinary posts will generate hits.

We should not continue to be a quasi-communist state under the ‘glamourous’ facade of ‘democracy’.

To have a gov’t with a simple majority, Borneo should be allowed to take the PM’s post and lead it.

Anwar’s paternal grandfather was a Tamil Nesan reading Tamil Hindu.

Anwar was sent to the nearby stall by his paternal grandfather daily to buy the newspaper for him. The paternal grandfather spoke to him in Tamil.

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