If Agong had appointed DPM Wan Azizah as Acting PM, the PH gov’t would not have fallen

If Agong had appointed DPM Wan Azizah as Acting PM, the PH gov’t would not have fallen.

Instead, Mahathir demanded that he be appointed Interim PM.

Agong should not have told Mahathir that DPM Wan Azizah will be Acting PM.

What is there to mastermind? No such thing.

Anwar demanded that Mahathir step aside.

Mahathir resigned.

That’s all.

The others sensed blood and moved in for the kill.

No point talking about Agong being related to Johor sultan bla bla bla.

PM . . .

The Agong shall call upon an MP, who in his opinion is LIKELY to command the confidence of the Dewan Rakyat, to be appointed PM.

The Agong can consent to the dissolution of Parliament since he accepted the PM’s resignation.

If he dissolves Parliament, no court will question him.

The Constitution is silent on whether the Agong can sack the PM.

If the Agong sacks the PM, the court will not go against him.

Hijacking gov’t will be recurrent theme in Malaya and Borneo unless certain civilised norms are observed.

Everybody is equal under the law.

No one is above the law bla bla bla.

The reality is that some things are beyond the Constitution, the law and court if heads of state don’t remain above the fray.

It’s important that the heads of state — sultans, Governors, Agong — remain above the fray lest they be seen as being party to illegalities.

Illegalities exist when the head of state risks odium, ridicule, contempt and public disrepute.

Perceptions matter . . .

If anyone turns up at the Istana, clutching SDs, the heads of state should not open the gates, maintain a discreet silence, and point in the direction of the legislature.

Everything can be settled in Parliament and/or the state assemblies when gov’t Bills, the true test of confidence, are presented.

Once a gov’t has been formed, it’s no longer about simple majority, it does not exclude minority gov’t.

SDs are detrimental to parliamentary democracy, tantamount to overthrowing a democratically elected and lawfully established gov’t.

SDs are seditious, if not treason.

The court . . .

The court will not go against the heads of state.

It will not tell them what to do or what not to do.

Instead, the court will bend over backwards on what the heads of state did or did not do.

Having said that, conventions are about the working of the Constitution.

No court will hear applications on conventions since they are not law.

The court is only about law.

Anyone who goes to court as a result of actions and/or inactions by heads of state, would have to work their cause for action around the said actions and/or inactions.

Strategic error . . .

I have always felt, given Mahathir’s mindset, that Anwar and PH made a strategic error by claiming a change of premiership in May 2020.

PH would not have simple majority without Bersatu. It’s pointless harping on which party has more seats.

So, it would have been wiser to let Mahathir finish his term, i.e. if he can.

Mahathir used the demand for change of premiership to attempt a coup on Sun 23 Feb 2020.

Probably, he had been planning one all along.

Anwar Ibrahim snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, single-handedly brought down PH gov’t.

Anwar snatched defeat from the jaws of victory when Mahathir resigned as PM on Mon 24 Feb 2020 at 1pm. Mahathir preferred to resign and bring the whole house crashing down rather than hand over to Anwar.

Mahathir is happy. Again, he resigned to bring the whole house down and thwart Anwar.

Watch Bersatu, Kedah and Mukhriz.

Mahathir is the only one who can bring down the Muhyiddin gov’t.

He will do it simply because it can be done.

He loves creating chaos.

Mahathir will bring Muhyiddin gov’t down before GE15, and try to install Mukhriz as 9th Prime Minister.

Old habits die hard.

However, since Mahathir’s name stinks since Sun 23 Feb 2020, Mukhriz may never be Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim will never be Prime Minister as long as Mahathir is alive.

Anwar is the only one who will drag Mahathir, and his family of reported multibillionaires based on public listings, to justice for alleged multitude of sins.

Muhyiddin is actually a man without a party despite being Bersatu President. He’s party chairman illegally.

If Anwar Ibrahim wants to be the 9th PM, he should consult me, I am the Last Prophet on Politics.

PH, under Anwar, can win half the 165 parliamentary seats in Malaya in GE15.

Sabah and Sarawak, with 57 seats, will never support him.

At best, they will remain neutral in Parliament and support the gov’t in Putrajaya on a Bill to Bill basis.

It cannot be business as usual for Malaya in Borneo after over 50 years of bullshit.

Anwar Ibrahim has not been about policies but about who effed whose backside and who didn’t.

This is nothing but a big distraction, disruption, and cheap entertainment to remain in the public limelight for no rhyme or reason, for God alone knows what.

Rein in the emotions . . .

The people should not get emotional over politics, politicians and political parties.

Political parties with card-carrying members are not about democracy.

They are about a new form of tribalism and feudalism.

Focus on issues, not political parties.

Send at least 15 independents to Parliament.

These will help ensure good gov’t.

It does not matter who forms the Federal gov’t in Putrajaya.

What’s important is a strong Opposition in Parliament i.e. no two thirds majority for the gov’t party/coalition.

Before Sun 1 Mar 2020, BN, PAS, GPS of Sarawak and others made up a strong but divided Opposition.

Since that date, the rump PH has become the new Opposition, stronger than ever before and even more important they are united.

It’s to the eternal credit of the people that the changing of the guards on Sun 1 Mar 2020 has been peaceful.

The people did not get emotional over politics, politicians and political parties.

The earlier changing of the guards was also peaceful, albeit delayed by several hours, on 10 May 2020.

The only black mark on changing of the guards was the aborted takeover on 10 May 1969. Searing race riots broke out three days later on May 13.

Borneo . . . 3rd Force

Borneo MPs must form a 3rd Force in Parliament, represented in four Ministeries only, otherwise remain neutral, and support the gov’t or otherwise on a Bill to Bill basis.

Local gov’t elections must also be brought back since most development is at the local level.

Taxes must be levied only at the local gov’t level.

Parliament . . .

The majority in law is the number on the gov’t side in Parliament.

The majority across the divide in Parliament, in demography and in the streets is not the majority in law.

The minority in law are the losing votes in a seat during elections. These votes, taken collectively, can be represented in Parliament through non-constituency seats alloted to political parties which failed to win even one seat but collected two per cent of the votes counted nationwide.

While democracy gives the majority in law the right to rule, it also means the right of the minority in law to be heard in Parliament.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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