Muhyiddin gov’t may fall before Parliament sits if Agong does not remain above the fray

Muhyiddin gov’t may fall before Parliament sits if Agong does not remain above the fray.

Alternatively, if foreign gov’ts still refuse to recognise his gov’t, Muhyiddin is likely to quit before May 18 or return to PH, not risk no confidence motion in Parliament.

Heads of state should not be party to illegalities on the part of politicians who come to the Istana armed with SDs.

Illegalities exist when heads of state risk coming into odium, ridicule, contempt and public disrepute.

If heads of state don’t remain above the fray and continue to entertain political SDs, they will call the shots in politics and gov’t and rob the people of their sovereignty.

The social media has become completely hostile to the Agong, Muhyiddin gov’t, Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim since the PH gov’t fell on Mon 24 Feb 2020.

Some political pundits point out that Mahathir was the real winner in the change of gov’t on Sun 1 Mar 2020. Bersatu, which except for the Gen Y was rejected by Malays, and won only 13 seats in Parliament, still retains the PM’s post.

It’s inconceivable, as Mahathir claims, that the Agong refused to see him on Sat 29 Feb 2020 to present the list of MPs supporting him.

No one has been taken in by Mahathir’s crocodile tears and claims that Muhyiddin betrayed him.

Mahathir will push for Mukhriz to take over Bersatu and go on to be the Prime Minister but that can only happen in PH.

The gov’t side in Parliament will continue to be weak because there’s not enough gravy in the pot for All.

The gov’t has no business being in business.

Gov’t involvement in business results in nothing but monopolies at the expense of the people, inefficiency, nepotism, corruption, political patronage and cronyism.

Gov’t contracts are going for double, triple, even up to ten times what it should cost the taxpayer. The difference goes into the pockets of politicians and cronies. The national debt burden goes up exponentially. There are further liabilities in the form of gov’t guarantees, contigencies, and lease arrangements.

There should be due diligence on gov’t contracts to ensure there’s no abuse of power, conflict of interest and criminal breach of interest.

The Opposition, being strong, will keep a check on the gravy train and expose scandals. That will bring down the gov’t.

The Orang Asal have been plagued by leaders who latch on to local Muslim balls to fill their pockets.

Muslims in Sabah and Sarawak latch on to Malay balls in Malaya to fill their pockets.

The rot more recently started in Perak in 2009, spread to Sabah in 2018 and hit Putrajaya on Sun 1 Mar 2020.

It’s like a virus. No cure.

Laws should be enacted to ensure that heads of state remain above the fray. At present, there are loopholes and/or lacunas in the law.

Political SDs are detrimental to parliamentary democracy. It’s tantamount to sedition, if not treason, when democractically elected and lawfully established gov’t is overthrown through political SDs.

After a gov’t is established, based on SPR list of results, it’s no longer about simple majority, does not rule out minority gov’t.

The true test of confidence in a gov’t is the passage of Bills in Parliament.

There can be no truer test.

The Muhyiddin group is nothing but tribalism and feudalism of the syiok sendiri bodoh sombong katak di bawah tempurung syndrome.

No cure. It’s a virus.

Political Islam is dead.

Zaid Ibrahim wants more Malays to join DAP so that it becomes a Malay party. This has petrified the Malay parties.

That’s why I told Indians to reject the idea of Indian parties. It’s a cium tangan cium pantat scam by a small group to fill the pockets.

Bersatu’s relevance depends on PH.

Umno and PAS are just waiting to gobble up Bersatu for starters.

Muhyiddin will emulate Mahathir and divide the Cabinet posts equally among his half of Bersatu, BN and PAS i.e. on an all parties are equal basis.

That will force Umno to pull out from the Muhyiddin gov’t.

GPS of Sarawak won’t get anything in Putrajaya since it’s not in the Muhyiddin coalition but only supporting him in Parliament.

Gov’t positions are likely to be divided proportionately among Muhyiddin’s half of Bersatu, BN and PAS based on the number of MP seats each party holds.

This will create a great deal of unhappiness among Muhyiddin’s half of Bersatu.

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Mahathir’s name stinks since Sun 23 Feb 2020, Mukhriz may never be Prime Minister.


Two weeks to form Cabinet.

Muhyiddin will probably form a unity Cabinet of MPs, not parties, from both sides of the political divide.

If Anwar Ibrahim was appointed PH Chairman by consensus, just like Mahathir, he will have the numbers to be PM.

Anwar will have the same majority in Parliament that Mahathir had

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