Corona virus . . . Malaysia can re-open economy in white grids, as three territories

Corona virus . . . Malaysia can re-open economy in white grids, as three territories

Emulate S’pore, Japan, South Korea to end Corona virus pandemic, work on new economy.

White grid . . . zero cases including recovered

Red grid . . . active cases

Territories . . . Sabah, Sarawak, Malaya

We need to focus on making ventilators available and tracing contacts for testing to break the transmission chain.

Testing those with symptoms only would not break the transmission chain. There are some 5, 000-odd Tabligh gathering participants out there hiding from the authorities based on the flawed premise, “Fear Allah, not Corona virus”.

Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

Fear the laws passed by Parliament, and declared by the court.

Immune system . . .

Malaysia needs to promote immune system health besides social distancing, and staying at home. The Corona virus does not kill. It’s the compromised immune system that kills by over-reacting to it.

How long the gross body goes on depends on the immune system.

It’s important to build up the immune system . . . Get out in the sun, take fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins A, C and D in particular, keep hydrated, avoid refined white sugar and junk food and processed food, get enough night sleep and daytime rest, manage stress.

It’s not enough to watch the diet and exercise. Fast for three hours before the first meal of the day which should begin with fruits, and fast once a week for 16 hours. That will help remove fat from the liver and pancreas, remove toxins, clean the stomach and build up the immune system.

Household safety net . . .

Households should build RM50K reserve at home for emergencies:

save all coins,

keep all RM1 notes,

save a RM5 note and a RM10 note from every RM50 note broken,

if RM100 or more are withdrawn from the ATM, save a RM50 note.

New economy . . .

shopping would go online.

food deliveries including by drones and takeaways would increase.

universities would go online.

working online from home including the civil service would increase.

teleconferencing would increase and that would include courts.

industries and agriculture would opt for computerisation, automation, robotisation, drones and AI. There would be no need for foreign labour.

logistics would become important because of the global supply chain. Cargo airlines, cargo shipping, pos laju and air courier services would increase services.

the social media, online media services, and blogging would increase. Online media would focus on in-house processing of material.

Briefly, there will be greater technology and greater globalisation but very little flow of refugees and unskilled labour.

Highly skilled workers and highly educated people will move where it’s best for them.

Those with the necessary experience will no longer think of their countries first for employment.

Many people will also work from their countries via the Internet for employers in other countries.

Culture of discipline . . .

Lessons from Japan . . . received by whatsApp

Japan is normal when the entire world is in shutdown mode!

The following is the experience of an Indian student in Japan.

Japan was the first country to be affected in Jan by Corona virus because of the luxury ship Diamond Princess from China. By now, it should have gone to stage 4 like some European countries.

When Japan was hit by the virus, my parents asked me to return to India for a few months.

However, life is normal in Japan.

We are going to offices daily and all essential services are running. No restaurants are closed. No malls are closed. There’s no lockdown.

Metro trains are running.

Bullet trains are running.

The border is open.

Like Italy, Japan has a high percentage of elderly people.

Tokyo has a number of foreigners. It’s one of the best tourist attractions.

Only schools and public events have been stopped.

I have been reading all theories on breaking the transmission chain.

It’s hoped the lockdown will kill the transmission chain in India.

Tokyo is a dense city. How has the Corona virus been controlled?

The rules suggested to prevent the Corona virus spreading is in Japanese culture and practiced from childhood:

1) About 60 per cent of the Japanese wear masks when they travel or go out.

2) Frontliners like nurses, station masters, train staff, police, janitors etc wear masks daily at work.

3) During winter, children wear a mask daily so that they dont bother others when they catch cold.

4) At home, there’s a kodomo mask box and a normal mask box. Kodomo masks are for children.

5) The Japanese dont bother others. They dont litter anything. They use dustbins only to litter or spit. Cleanliness is part of the culture.

6) They don’t do handshakes to greet. They bow.

7) Hand washing is part of the culture. There are soaps and sanitizers in public toilets, office entrances and usually in every public space.

8) Hand sanitizers are common: before entering the office and elevators.

9) In restrooms, people not only wash their hands but also clean and wipe the sink area for the next person.

10) The Japanese carry wet tissue packets when they go out; and

11) The Japanese observe social distancing.

Read further here . . .

14-year-old predicted Corona virus pandemic eight months ago.


Higher Risk (41 cases and above)

Hilir Perak 48
Kinta 41

Petaling Jaya 167
Hulu Langat 132
Gombak 53

Kuala Lumpur:-
Lembah Pantai 167
Titiwangsa 49

Negeri Sembilan:-
Seremban 78

Johor Bahru 68
Kluang 54

Kota Bharu 48

Tawau 49

Kuching 45

Medium Risk (20-40 cases)

Kuala Muda 28

Pulau Pinang:-
Seberang Perai Tengah 23
Timur Laut 20

Klang 35

Kuala Lumpur:-
Kepong 38

Negeri Sembilan:-
Rembau 20

Batu Pahat 29

Kota Kinabalu 24
Lahad Datu 34


Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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