BREAKING NEWS . . . Survey proves MAP promoted by Waytha Moorthy irrelevant!


Following the formation of the backdoor govt in Malaysia, a study gathered statistics on the support and the need for racial representation.

Here are the results!

This is what I have been telling people.

This is proof that MAP promoted by Waytha Moorthy is irrelevant.

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Apr 3, 2020 at 12:05 pm


Dear Readers,

Comments which are personal and offensive will be deleted.

Stick to the issues.

Don’t send comments claiming to be Malaysiakini reader, Hindraf activist, Waytha Moorthy supporter.

Read further here . . .

Race-based MAP wants to emulate MIC leaders latching on to Melayu balls to fill their pockets a la cium tangan, cium pantat syndrome at the expense of the people.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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