Umno has more seats than Bersatu, implying the latter should fall in line

Chaos in Johor . . .

What’s happening in Johor may show that politics in Malaya has entered a new dimension but perhaps may not have come of age.

The old mindsets appear to prevail.

The sultan in Johor changed the gov’t almost immediately after the PH gov’t in Putrajaya fell.

The new gov’t had 28 seats after Bersatu defected from PH. Still, PH had 28 seats. The sultan said two PH state assemblymen were absent during a meeting at the Istana. It was 28 vs 26 + 2 (absent and not counted).

Bersatu is wagging its tail. Umno in Johor has pointed out that it has more seats than Bersatu, implying the latter should fall in line.

Bersatu, under Mahathir, earlier had problems in Putrajaya too with its other partners in PH — DAP, PKR and Amanah — and Mahathir resigned as PM.

The morale of the story: if a gov’t is in power because of even one or two seats, those seats will be the proverbial tail that wags the dog.

“Stability” can only prevail if those “tail” seats head the gov’t, take the plum jobs and let the others scramble for the rest.

Obviously, this newly emerging mindset has yet to be accepted by parties with many seats. So, just as Bersatu had problems with PH in Putrajaya, it has problems with Umno in Johor.

Hopefully, this is a temporary phenomenon.

GE15 . . .

Umno/PAS will not share seats, come GE15, with Bersatu. At the same time, Bersatu would not be accepted by PH. If PH accepts Bersatu back, history will repeat itself.

Bersatu will only exist after GE15 if either Umno/PAS or PH shares seats with it.

Malaysian Advancement Party (MAP), led by Waytha Moorthy, has latched on to Mahathir’s balls. It has pledged support for Bersatu in GE15.

Bersatu has no principles. If it has any ideology, it’s the communist thinking that “the ends justifies the means” and the Islamist mindset taqiyya (deliberately lying) and kitman (lying by omission) “to advance the” . . .

The current political situation in Malaya is the result of Mahathir outstaying his welcome from 1981 to 2003.

The only predictable property of the universe is chaos.

Order can only come from chaos.

The longer a gov’t stays in power, the longer and more prolonged the instability when that gov’t finally goes. Mahathir was in power 22 years the first time and added to the other years that BN was in power, the grand total was 61 years.

If Anwar Ibrahim had not harped on being the PM in Waiting, he would have been the PM before GE15, perhaps for six months to two years.

Mahathir’s resignation in Feb 2020 should have seen DPM Wan Azizah as PM but the Agong lost that opportunity when Mahathir, and some say Anwar too, was against the idea.

In any case, Wan Azizah made history as the first woman DPM. It’s double history because the husband was DPM too. Two DPMs from the same family.

The only way that a woman or a non-Malay would be PM in Malaysia is if society as a whole, and the Agong, seizes on freak opportunities to make history.

It was freak circumstances, for example, that saw Obama as US President. Under normal circumstances, the situation would be loaded against a Black being US President. Blacks form about ten per cent of the US population.

The Way Forward . . .

It does not matter who forms the gov’t in Putrajaya or the states.

It’s more important that there’s a strong Opposition in Parliament and the states i.e. no two thirds majority for the gov’t.

A strong Opposition is the best check and balance on the gov’t.

The Opposition cannot allow the gov’t to maintain the proverbial gravy train fed by plundering the public treasury under various guises.

Democracy . . .

Democracy is not about voting every five years and then going home to sleep for another five years until the next election comes.

Democracy needs constant engagement and participation by the people.

The people should form movements on issues and lock up as many politicians as possible.

Borneo MPs . . .

In Borneo, the 57 MPs should form a united, neutral bloc in Parliament.

Orang Asal are plagued by leaders who latch on to Malay balls in Malaya to fill their pockets under the guise of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

It’s an open secret since 1994 and even before.

King of Frogs Jeffrey Kitingan is an example.

JK claims to be a good frog i.e. frogging for principles, not pocket.

He may have decided, “if you can’t beat them (bad frogs) might as well join them”.

JK could have led the way to form a united, neutral bloc in Parliament and the Sabah state assembly.

Having said that, Sabah and Sarawak MPs can take Federal Cabinet positions — without reference to parties — provided they are confined to the Borneo-centric portfolios viz. defence, internal security, foreign affairs and Malaysian Common Market (Customs etc) without entering into a coalition or unity gov’t.

It’s not in Borneo’s interest to get involved in the politics of Malaya, and even worse take sides.

There’s nothing that can be gained by favouring one side or upsetting a side.

Both sides in Malaya, BN for 61 years and PH for nearly two years, cheated Sabah and Sarawak.

BN did not comply with MA63 from 1963 to 2018.

PH, under Mahathir, had no intention to comply with MA63.

Looking back . . .

DAP was stupid to lie to the people in Borneo on 50 per cent revenue, 20 per cent oil royalty and equal partnership with Malaya under MA63.

DAP should not have become involved in Borneo issues.

Instead, it should have reminded the people that the onus is on them to Invoke Article VIII of MA63 for a new form of self-determination.

Agi idup, agi ngelaban! It’s about human rights and international law.

50 per cent revenue, 20 per cent oil royalty and equal partnership under MA63 are outdated issues. Too little, too late.

Malaya refuses to allow Sabah and Sarawak to be about the brightest and best, leading the way for All.

Flogging a dead horse . . .

MA63 is history. There’s no point flogging a dead horse.

Politicians are using MA63 to mislead the people and get elected.

The issue is not MA63.

The issue is Invoking Article VIII of MA63 for a new form of self-determination.

Malaysia Day, 16 Sept 1963, was one form of “self-determination”.

Again, the Federal gov’t has been non-compliant on MA63 for over 50 years.

After over half century, the compliance issue does not arise.

Even the ICJ will ask the Sabah and Sarawak gov’ts, “why didn’t you ensure compliance?”

Political issues must be settled politically, not in a court of law.

The state assembly can Invoke Article VIII of MA63.

The Cabinet can direct the state secretary to write to the chief secretary about it.

The chief secretary, who is also the Cabinet secretary, will inform the Cabinet.

The PM can inform Parliament.

Parliament will take note.

There have been cases in court which referred to MA63.

The first was a case between Tuffile, Taib’s brother, and a company. MA63 was cited in favour of Tuffile.

The second was in the Federal court re Malayan lawyers who wanted to represent cases in the CoA and FC which originated from Borneo.

The Malayan lawyers were shot down.

The third was a case where the FC ruled that only what has been incorporated in the Federal Constitution, from MA63 for example, was law.

MA63 exists whether any of it has been incorporated in the Federal Constitution or otherwise.

The issue, the lawyers should have pointed out, was not law but force of law.

Even the Constitution is not law but as the ultimate political document, it has force of law.

Likewise, Adat being based on customary practices has force of law. There’s no need to incorporate Adat in the state constitution or enactments.

MA63, being the basis for Sabah and Sarawak to be in Malaysia, has force of law.

GE14 Election Manifesto . . .

Unlike Trump, Waytha Moorthy, PH and Mahathir made promises in GE14 they could not keep.

PH and Mahathir failed to institute reforms.

Mahathir himself is a BIG THIEF. DAP was STUPID to believe him.

Waytha Moorthy failed to help end the degeneration, deviation and distortion on the Definition of Malay in Article 160(2), Article 152, Article 153, NEP, local authorities and local gov’t elections.

I am talking about practising REAL law and ending the corruption of the system.

Waytha Moorthy probably thought he was on top of the world when he was invited to join the Mahathir Cabinet after GE14. He allegedly looked the other way when corruption reared its ugly head under his watch.

Orang Asal and Malays will never trust DAP . . .

The communists in Malaya have never condemned Beijing on the South China Sea, the novel Corona virus and other issues.

No one can claim international waters.

No one can build artificial islands in international waters to claim the waters around them.

The racists have convinced the Orang Asal the communists in Malaya should be on boats, like the Rohingya, to other countries.

DAP claims it’s democratic socialist.

Read further here . . .

DAP should have reminded Borneo the onus on them to Invoke Article VIII of MA63 for a new form of self-determination.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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