China other side of high points furthest from India in the north

There’s an internal power struggle going on right now in the communist party over the handling of the novel Corona virus pandemic.

So, they decided to provoke India.

India has finished constructing a bridge over the Galwan River in the valley. China tried to stop construction of the bridge.

Now, they are chewing on their balls. Indians will beat the shit out of the Chinese if they come near the bridge.

Beijing’s biggest mistake was to start a war it cannot win. It thought India was preoccupied with Covid-19.

China proper is a long way off from the India-Tibet border.

Tibet will be free once India completes its infrastructure development and connectivity along the international border in the north.

China encroaches now and then simultaneously into Indian territory in five places, for example.

Then, it will pretend to negotiate and offer to withdraw from four places only.

So, it thinks it can repeat the scam every few years.

Indian forces should go behind intruding Chinese forces, occupy the high points, and cut off the enemy’s supply lines to starve them into submission.

India should give China a dose of its own treatment every few years.

Encroach into five areas in Chinese-held territory, pretend to negotiate, offer to give back four, and retain one.

All “Empires” which came about artificially, i.e. as a result of expansionism, know that they can only delay the inevitability i.e. eventually collapsing and imploding even if they continue the policy of expansion.

China will eventually be driven out from Sinkiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South China Sea, Africa and elsewhere.

It will degenerate into civil war between north and south in China Proper.

No talks on disputed border areas is not an option.

A prosperous China will be good for the people and the world.

Beijing should keep that in mind.

China has a huge population to feed. They need jobs.

War will be bad for China. Beijing should not emulate the US’s approach on geopolitics.

If the economy fails in China, the people will turn on the Communist Party.

India should formally engage in talks with China on disputed border areas. Otherwise, China will seize five areas for example, offer to give back four, and keep one.

The international border in the north should be along the high points furthest from India.

This can be easily defended by both sides.

China should be on the other side of the high points furthest from India in the north.

These high points are the natural land border of India in the north.

An Indian General has written the true history of the 1962 Border War between India and China.

The war proved that the high points in nature along the border are areas which can be easily defended by both sides. China is a long way off from the high points.

China discovered this at enormous cost after 200K Chinese troops intruded deep into India in 1962, were cut off from their supply lines in Tibet, and found themselves surrounded on all sides by a united, hostile population.

Indian troops had cut off their exit and winter had already come to finish off the Chinese through cold and starvation.

Nehru prevailed on the Indian Army to allow the trapped Chinese to escape to Tibet.

Chinese Generals in Beijing were quaking in their boots.

Their shame and humiliation was complete but covered up for decades by communist party propaganda.

If not for the protection of the Indian Army, the people would have descended on the Chinese in waves and slaughtered them with their bare hands.

The winter cold and starvation would have finished off those who escaped.

New Delhi must also use every excuse to steadily extend the line of control in Kashmir northwards.

The ceasefire line no longer exists. The line of control is not a ceasefire line.

India, each time, should seize territory it can hold and defend.

Soon, Pakistan will be pushed out of territory north of the line of control.

India should also push westwards to make the Indus the Indus River the international border with Pakistan.

The rest of Pakistan should be dismembered.

Pakistan is already sitting on land the British colonialists stole from India, and not to create a homeland for Muslims, but to divide the great Indian Army.

The Army was on the verge of slaughtering its British officers and the 100, 000 British and their families in India.

Mahatama Gandhi and Nehru participated in the British illegalities in India.

British colonialists plundered US$400 trillion from India over 150 years.

The people of India should file class action suits in all jurisdictions where the British gov’t has assets. These assets can be frozen once the class action suits are filed, and later seized and forfeited.

India is already going after China for the novel Corona virus pandemic.

Read further here . . .

The skinny, scrawny, short Chinese cannot win in hand-to-hand combat with the tall, burly, and big Indians.

America has no choice but emerge as another India except it will still lead the world.

India, being ruled by the evil caste system, will never lead the world.

Under the evil caste system, Brahmin (priest caste, the highest) who cross the waters become casteless/outcaste (pariah).

Non-Brahmin castes can still retain their caste if they cross the waters.

All caste members become casteless/outcaste (pariah) if they marry outside the caste.

It’s only the supreme court of India which upholds the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

China will never lead the world as long as it does not subscribe to the rule of law.

The West will always oppose a communist China.

Look at the South China Sea, the novel Corona virus pandemic, and Beijing being in cahoots with Najib on the 1MDB Scandal.

Dokhlam and Galwan proved to the world that India is the only nation which can challenge China alone.

Takeaways from Indo-China stand off

Why the CEOs of Microsoft, Google and Pepsi are Indians

India will not take sides.

It will not fight any nation on behalf of another.

The CEOs at the multinationals are picked by AI computers. Indians, by temperament, make good CEOs, COOs and Managers. They have leadership and communication skills.

America needs India more than vice versa. India probably needs no one.

Unlike the West, Indians don’t believe in living on debts. It’s a cultural thing.

Every Indian household, no matter how poor, has some gold.

Indians have the largest private collection of gold in the world. Yet, they refuse to invest in the Indian gov’t’s Gold Trust of India.

The Trust is a failure.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

5 thoughts on “China other side of high points furthest from India in the north”

  1. The principle in international law, in this case, is that the international border should be along the high points furthest north from India.

    Such a position can be easily defended by both sides.

    There’s no reason for China to come over the high points towards India. They can’t defend such a position with their supply lines being a long way off. Their balls will freeze in sub zero temperatures and they will starve to death.

    The Indians will beat the shit out of them even in formidable territory.

    The idea of India, named after the Indus River, is a geographical and cultural construct brought together by the Sulaiman Mountains, Hindu Kush, Himalayas, Arakan Yoma, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.

    China proper is a long way off from India’s border with Sinkiang, Tibet and Yunnan.

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  2. . . .

    this Article does not say how the 20 Indians and 45 Chinese died.

    They mostly ended up in the icy cold Galwan River and died, at night, some swept away.

    On both sides are formidable heights.

    The skinny, scrawny, short and small Chinese cannot win in hand-to-hand physical combat with the taller, burly and big Indians.

    The Indians wanted to demolish a “temporary structure, a hut, constructed by the Chinese at a pass in Indian territory. The Indians were prevented from entering Indian territory by the Chinese at the hut.

    China may have since removed the hut but the Chinese are still in Indian territory beyond the hut.

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    Why take them?

    Indians pushed 45 Chinese soldiers into the Galvan River after beating the shit out of them.

    Chinese pushed 17 Indian soldiers into the river.

    Chinese can’t win in physical combat, hand to hand, with Indians.

    A shooting war is not possible in the formidable terrain.

    India has air superiority in the region and they are matched with the Chinese in troop numbers. The Chinese are a long way off from Yunnan, the nearest major base, and their supply lines are extended.

    Indian connectivity in the region is catching up with the Chinese. The Chinese were trying to stop this.

    India has stationed its blue water Navy at the entrance of the Malacca Straits.

    India has urged Indonesia to impose toll on Chinese shipping entering the Straits.

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