India needs ‘Pariah Lives Matter’ realisation along lines of ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign

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It’s misleading for the “Black Lives Matter” campaign to say the issue is all about colour. It’s a bid to get more political power.

White Caucasians generally accept Indians for example, no matter how dark-skinned the latter, as one of them.

If even a dark-skinned Indian mates with a white Caucasian, their children will still look Caucasian, the pigmentation probably being weakened and washed away by the mixture.

There will never be a “Indian Lives Matter” campaign in the West.

The Anglo-Indians in India, for example, are not accepted by Indians because they don’t look Indian. So, many continue to flee the country.

There are three types of Anglo Indians: those who are a mixture of British and Indian; British born in India; and British staying in India.

Indians born or staying in Britain are called British. Those of mixed Indian and British parentage in Britain are also called British.

If a black mates with a white Caucasian, for example, their children are unlikely to be born looking like white Caucasians.

The main “issue” between blacks and whites in the US, for example, is that the former don’t look like the latter, and unlikely to be accepted by the whites as “one of us”.

Blacks, whether in the US or elsewhere, need to stand up for their rights and even go to court if necessary.

The Constitution is about the relationship between a state and a people, between the state and individuals and between individuals.

Taking to the streets and looting and burning, each time a black is killed by a white policeman for example, does not help advance the objectives of the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

The “Black Lives Matter” campaign can only help weed out institutionalised racism.

It may be “helpless” against social evil like whites openly hating blacks for no rhyme or reason.

Having said that, whether institutionalised racism or social evil, the blacks can fall back on law to secure their place in the sun and/or seek justice.

The following comment is about the related evil caste system in India, a social evil which still persists in the sub-continent.

India needs a “Pariah Lives Matter” realisation along the lines of the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

India, being ruled by the evil caste system, will never lead the world.

In fact, the Constitution of India has outlawed the evil caste system. However, India is still ruled by the evil caste system.

It’s only the supreme court of India which upholds the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

Under the evil caste system, even Brahmin (priest caste, the highest) become casteless/outcaste (pariah) if they cross the waters.

Non-Brahmin castes who cross the waters can still retain their caste.

All caste members become casteless/outcaste (pariah) if they marry outside the caste.

Read further here for related material . . .

Bahasa Kebangsaan is based on the Johor-Rhio-Lingga version of the Malay language, the lingua franca of the Archipelago before the advent of western colonialism.

Bahasa Melayu has since been replaced by Bahasa Malaysia which is based on the former and infused with local dialects and languages and English.

We no longer have bahasa kebangsaan.

Bahasa Malaysia not bahasa kebangsaan, Article 152 says bahasa kebangsaan means Bahasa Melayu.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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