Novel Corona virus pandemic blessing in disguise, will force self-discipline!

Listen to soft instrumental music for 15 to 20 mins before bed to calm the emotions and have a restful night . . .

Whose fault is that she became infected? Modi’s? Trump’s?

The novel Corona virus pandemic is a blessing in disguise. It will force Indians to be self-disciplined. Self-discipline means timing. Do things at the right time in the right way.

Just look at the death rates from CV-19. They are only a FRACTION of the non-CV-19 deaths.

Focus on the deaths, not infections.

Infections do not mean death.

Keep things in perspective. The pandemic is about every man for himself. It’s not about the collective, it’s not about the gov’t. The pandemic has demolished the idea of central control.

India’s strength comes from its unpredictability as a dysfunctional society, but taking pride in being the largest and greatest democracy, albeit as a functioning anarchy on a massive scale.

That unpredictability, based on lacking in discipline, helped the Indians to beat the shit out of Chinaman on June 15 in the high country in Ladakh. Chinaman did not know what hit him and what to make of it.

The novel Corona virus, however, is not like the Chinaman. It can only be defeated by self-discipline.

Indians are notorious for lacking in discipline.

V. S. Naipaul wrote about it in one of his books. He observed, “the most compelling image of India is a man in a public squat, defecating, in the glare of the headlights of an oncoming car”.

It looks like nothing has changed in India on self-discipline. I don’t know whether communist-run Kerala and West Bengal are exceptions.

VS Naipaul’s 1964 book “An Area of Darkness” was banned in 1964 for “negatively portraying India”. The book is still on the “banned list” 60 years later.

The book, which was in the form of a travelogue, looks at India through the eyes of an “outsider”. The book looked at India’s caste system, poverty and “nostalgia” for the British Raj which did not go down well with Indian authorities in the 60s.

Even so, I found Naipaul to be a diehard Indian, immensely proud of India, despite having been born in Trinidad and staying in Britain since the age of 20.

We met in Kuala Lumpur years ago and spent three days discussing everything under the sun but mostly about Malaya, Malays, Anwar Ibrahim, India, the West and a little on the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

He wanted to know why Malays were “so lazy”. I referred him to Mahathir’s, “The Malay Dilemma”. On the plus side, he thought Malays were “honest” and was “impressed” by Anwar.

We met because Naipaul was curious about my surname which he said was common in Venezuela. He introduced me to Palak Paneer (spinach with cheese).

He hated the “Negro politicians who made a mess of Trinidad”. He dismissed Islam as “all that drivel which can be put down on half an A4 page”.

Away from that digression, the onus is on people in India and everywhere to make sure the virus has no place to go and dies out.

No gov’t can any longer afford to shut down the economy. The economy must be kept open no matter what.

The shut down was grave strategic error considering the so-called surges of various shapes and the 2nd and 3rd waves and any number of waves. The economic stimulus packages were sheer waste of money.

There’s also talk of the economy following various parterns given the surges and waves.

There has always been clarity on the phenomenon.

The way forward is clear.

Observe physical distancing, and avoid crowds and large gatherings. Carry the hand sanitiser. The virus mostly resides on the hands.

Don’t turn up in Church. God does not interfere in human affairs. However, God does help those who help themselves. God is about the individual, the personal, not the collective. Don’t scatter the thoughts. Focus, concentrate and gather the consciousness and be powerful.

Watch the livestreaming of mass every Sun. Don’t forget to contribute to the Church collection by phone banking or at the ATM.

Sneeze and cough into the inside of your T-shirt whether you wear a mask or otherwise. Rub hand sanitiser on the chest after sneezing and coughing. The virus is mostly spread by respiratory droplets carried in the air from sneezing and coughing. Those who have no symptoms can carry and spread the virus.

The mask in fact only prevents the wearer from touching the mouth and nose. The virus, which resides on the hands, can enter the body through the mouth, nose and eyes. Mask or no mask, don’t touch the eyes. Sanitise the hands.

The jury is not out on mask wearing. Gov’ts cannot make it mandatory. However, retailers can impose mask-wearing by policy.

The jury is still out on whether respiratory droplets in the air can infect a person who observes physical distancing.

The jury may not be out for long on testing and contact tracing.

These tests have not been validated.

They can deliver false positive results (infected, but no virus present) or be false negative (not infected, but virus is present).

It seems that anybody who had the Flu or currently has the condition could test positive for the novel Corona virus. The Flu virus, SARS, MERS and the novel Corona virus all come from the same family of Corona viruses.

Once testing and contact tracing has been stopped, the focus can be on the death rates from CV-19, already a fraction of those not related to the pandemic.

Antibody tests are generally inconclusive.

There’s no proof of immunity, or if there’s immunity, how long it lasts. Some reports say immunity fades after two months.

There’s also the possibility of re-infections. In that case, it’s like the Flu.

Covid-19 is the over reaction of the immune system to the perceived aggressiveness of the novel Corona virus in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes.

It’s the over reaction that kills, not the novel Corona virus. There may be runny nose, sneezing, cold, fibrosis (hardening) of the lungs through coughing, pneumonia, low oxygen, blood clots, strokes, kidney failure, fever, sepsis, complications, and systemic failure. Fibrosis kills once it reaches 50 per cent.

At present, there are no antiviral drugs which can moderate the immune system’s over reaction to the perceived aggressiveness — Covid-19 — of the novel Corona virus in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes.

Two other issues are the replication of the virus in the host body and the viral load (the number of viral particles) present.

Hydroxychloroquine, a cheap drug for Malaria, can be used as an antiviral treatment to stop replication.

Big Pharma, backed by the allegedly corrupt and communist-influenced WHO, has been running a campaign against the drug because it threatens efforts to develop and produce an expensive vaccine for mandated medicine.

Remdesivir, an expensive antiviral treatment which failed to address the Ebola virus in Africa, has so far faced no resistance from Big Pharma and WHO as a drug for the novel Corona virus.

Apparently, both hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir reduce hospital stays.

The novel Corona virus pandemic is not the most serious virus and pandemic to plague India as it will end sooner or later.

The biggest virus and pandemic which has plagued India, indeed for thousands of years, has been the evil caste system, a social evil, a social virus, a social pandemic which refuses to go away.

Read the following on the evil caste system in India and Malaya . . .

America godsend for Indians plagued by evil caste system at home.

If we observe physical distancing, the virus will have no place to go and will die out.

The virus means it’s every man for himself.

India was offered a permanent seat in the UN Security Council but STUPID Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai Nehru gave it to China instead. It was held by Taiwan and later Beijing.

Opportunism, nepotism, quota system, sapu bersih, greed, cronyism, bribery, corruption, plundering, and money laundering under the guise of caste system, apartheid, Nazism, white man’s burden, white supremacy, colonialism, communism, Article 153, NEP, bumiputeraism, ketuanan Melayu, Melayu Melayu Melayu, Islam Islam Islam, anti pendatangism and Black Lives Matter should not be described as racism, xenophobia, prejudice, extremism, fanaticism, militancy, terrorism and rotten politics.

India should expel the 4m Brahmin to demolish the evil caste system.

The long list continues . . .

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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