India only nation on Earth which can put China in its place!

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Japanese firms choose Vietnam for production expansion

The communists forgot that those who give can also take away.

It was the multinationals that got Beijing into the WTO and shifted the global supply chain to China for the US market in particular.

While China emerged as the “factory of the world” for the global supply chain, other countries were pacing it.

Now, the pacers are poised to overtake China at the breast tape.

The communist party will collapse and implode when a large part of the global supply chain shifts out from China.

There may be civil war between north and south.

China may be reduced to China Proper, split into north and south. The communists will hold the north.

The only predictable property of the universe is chaos.

There must be chaos for a New Order to emerge.

Without chaos, there can be no New Order.

Having said that, India is in a state of perpetual chaos. There will be no Order in India. Indira Gandhi tried and failed. She paid with her life.

Indians lack discipline. Perhaps, the novel Corona virus pandemic will instill self-discipline in Indians.

India, as the largest and greatest democracy in the history of the world and extremely dysfunctional, is the biggest functioning anarchy in the world.

Beijing thought it could do a number on India in the wake of the pandemic.

Unlike the Chinaman, very disciplined, Indians are highly unpredictable. Two Indians will have three Opinions.

The Indians beat the shit out of the Chinaman in fisticuffs and hand-to-hand combat on June 15 in the border region with Tibet.

The Indians can go behind Chinese positions to the high points and dominate the landscape. Rockfalls will bury the Chinese. Indians don’t need bats, clubs with barbed wire, and stones like the Chinese on June 15.

The 1.2b Indians will bludgeon the PLA of little emperors, sissies and pondan, who spend 25 per cent of their time on studying Lenism-Marxism, into non-existence.

Unlike India, China does not have a professional standing Army.

The PLA owes its allegiance to the communist party, not the people of China.

The people of China will make mincemeat of the PLA.

India is the only nation on Earth which can put China in its place.

India is a geographical and cultural context behind high points and water . . . the Sulaiman Mountains, Hindu Kush, Himalayas, Arakan Yoma, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal.

India will choke China at the Straits of Malacca although the Melayu is into CTCP with China.

China can’t enter the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.

It can only enter the Indian Ocean with permission.

Australia will chase China out of the Southern Ocean.

America will pummel China in the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

India’s blue water navy is working with Singapore, Vietnam and Japan.

China is unlikely to go to war with India, for example, or the US.

It’s not because China will lose any such wars. It’s because China cannot win and it will lose face.

Beijing is petrified about losing face especially in Asia.

India is more likely to provoke China into war because it knows the latter cannot win. In fact, India will win any border skirmish with its neighbours.

The recent border skirmish between India and China was “provoked” by New Delhi’s infrastructure development to beef up its offensive defence capabilities.

The geography favours India.

China lies open and exposed.

India will eventually help Sinkiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Gobi, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria break away from China Proper.

New Delhi will also reduce Pakistan to a rump state in west Punjab but only on the west bank of the Indus, the river from which India took its name in English.

The US and even Australia will continue to provoke Beijing into war in the South China Sea. Beijing should drop its ridiculous claims in the waterway. The West is noted for standing up for principles.

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India only nation in the world which can put China in its place!

These high points are the natural land border of India in the north, it can be easily defended by both sides.

That’s land British colonialists stole from India.

Indians have been accumulating gold for at least 8, 000 years for cultural and economic reasons.

Why the CEOs of Microsoft, Google and Pepsi are Indians

India will not take sides.

It will not fight any nation on behalf of another.

The CEOs at the multinationals are picked by AI computers. Indians, by temperament, make good CEOs, COOs and Managers. They have leadership and communication skills.

America needs India more than vice versa. India probably needs no one.

Unlike the West, Indians don’t believe in living on debts. It’s a cultural thing.

Every Indian household, no matter how poor, has some gold.

Indians have the largest private collection of gold in the world. Yet, they refuse to invest in the Indian gov’t’s Gold Trust of India.

The Trust is a failure.

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Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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