Sabahans, Sarawakians, happy LGE arrested, hope will be locked up, keys thrown away

Listen to soft instrumental music for 15 to 20 mins before bed to calm the emotions and have a restful night . . .

SPRM has no credibility. It’s part of the DEEP STATE, MALAY DEEP STATE and ISLAMIC DEEP STATE.

I wrote once in malaysiakini to expose that SPRM was just BIG BULLSHIT.

I gave all the reasons.

The SPRM daren’t respond.

Sabahans and Sarawakians are happy that LGE has been arrested, hope that he will be locked up and the keys thrown away.

LGE and DAP lied to the people of Sabah and Sarawak in the run up to GE14.

They promised 50 per cent revenue, 20 per cent oil royalty and Equal Partnership of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia with Malaya as per MA63, the basis for the three Territories coming together on 16 Sept 1963.

After GE14, LGE and DAP said that Mahathir from Kerala, southwest India, does not agree on the promises made.

LGE said the Federal gov’t has no money to keep the promises made.

Sabah ini kita punya.

Sarawak ini kita punya.

Malaya has no business in Borneo.

DAP has also been silent on Beijing encroaching into Sabah and Sarawak waters and the EEZ. Hishammuddin the Coward lied and said Beijing didn’t encroach.

DAP has been silent on Beijing’s involvement in the 1MDB Scandal.

DAP has been silent on the IGP’s statement that Beijing is hiding Jho Low and others involved in the 1MDB Scandal.

DAP, being a parti Malaya, has no business in Sabah and Sarawak.

If it’s sincere, it will stick to Malaya.

Alternatively, the parti parti Malaya in Borneo should contest under local symbols.

Politics is about public perceptions.

The people are against the parti parti Malaya being in Sabah and Sarawak.

Again, if it truly believes in multiracialism, DAP will contest win or lose all seats in Malaya, and not just Chinese seats.

DAP can help demolish ketuanan Melayuism once and for all and bring change to the long suffering so-called Malays as well. Anwar Ibrahim complained, just a few days ago, that the so-called Malays are poorer than ever after over sixty years of independence.

The so-called Malays in Malaya are the victims of rotten politics by their own kind including Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir.

Mahathir’s children are all multibillionaires according to their holdings in publicly listed companies.

This is a first in world history.

It should be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Read further here . . .

No MA63, no Malaysia . . . MA63 basis for Sabah and Sarawak to be in Malaysia with Malaya as Equal Partners.

The man in the street in Malaya does not think Sabah and Sarawak are in Malaysia.

The onus on illegal immigrants in Malaysia to prove they qualify for Amnesty, if declared and offered.

Sovereignty resides in a people.

King of CTCP Frogs Jeffrey Kitingan, detained under the draconian ISA for nearly four years without trial over MA63, has a lot to explain.

I resurrected Jeffrey Kitingan for MA63, taroh Anwar Ibrahim and PKR kaw kaw!

Britain finally seized Malaya from Siam in 1909.

Both can be snowy white like Michael Jackson, instead of Azeez continuing to display prejudice in Parliament.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

2 thoughts on “Sabahans, Sarawakians, happy LGE arrested, hope will be locked up, keys thrown away”

  1. Why? It’s always DAP only and not the HARAPN GOVERNMENT that was in power during the 22 months.Please don’t pick and choose for your convenience to run down a party only because it was a collision of party’s that was voted to manage the country and the blame should be shared by the party’s involved in the collision not just DAP.


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