Malaysia ruled by corruption, not Constitution, religion or evil caste system

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The reforms in law education, effective Sept in England and Wales, may be the way forward for Malaysia.

LLB would no longer be compulsory to be Advocates and Solicitors.

Non-law degree holders are allowed to attend a short, i.e. 12 months to 18 months, law conversion course before moving to the Bar or graduating as a Solicitor.

Malaysia is far behind in law education.

I wrote to de facto Law Minister V. K. Liew, the Bar and AG Tommy Thomas on reforms in law education. They never replied.

I briefed Liew about the Memo when I ran into him at the Airport before he was appointed. I said that he would probably be appointed de facto Law Minister.

He was supposed to continue with legal reforms.

The only good thing that TT said was about members of the public submitting draft laws for the AGC to consider. “Don’t wait for us,” he said.

I wanted to draft the anti-hop law but decided against it. After all, all laws are just “plagiarism” to the extent of cut and paste.

I feel heads of state should remain above the fray to put people like King of CTCP Frogs Jeffrey Kitingan in their place.

I hope Liew is not appointed de facto Law Minister again. He can be unity minister for orang Malaya or hold some other portfolio.

On the plus side, the Malaysian gov’t has set up many Tribunals which on paper does away with the need for lawyers. Lawyers still manage to muscle their way into Tribunal hearings with the flimsy excuse that points of law — from the High Court — are involved.

The gov’t should plug this loophole.

English language experts can probably practise law informally by assisting Clients Acting in Person. Generally, on paper, they can confine themselves to exercising oversight on the language aspects for Clients or lawyers.

Perhaps, this may be just euphemism.

The reality is that they can probably do a better job than lawyers. Unfortunately, there are not that many English language experts in Malaya and Borneo.

Law, ultimately, is after all the power of language.

The High Court should allow English language experts to represent Clients in court on a case to case basis. The Client has a right to choose who represents him or her. They should not be forced to engage a lawyer who has been admitted to the High Court.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

After all, the LLB does not prepare anyone for courtroom work.

The best way to read law, as advised by the University of London, is to attend court cases, and read the Constitution, jurisprudence, case law, statutes, media reports on court cases, and law journals and discuss with highly-skilled lawyers.

We are not ruled by the Constitution, religion or the evil caste system but corruption as seen in inflated gov’t contracts and plundering of the public treasury.

English language experts should be allowed to practise law, help strengthen rule of law.

[22/08, 6:04 p.m.] Jack Situn:

It’s hard to become a millionaire as a practising lawyer.

[22/08, 6:06 p.m.] Jack Situn:

Lawyers are not trained to take but to give. The mock up money pouch at the back of the barristers robe typifies this.

[22/08, 6:13 p.m.] JF:

Tell that to the fellow who said, “good lawyers make between RM100K and RM200K a month”.

He proudly told me that has a Client who has been in remand ten years.

This was after someone in remand for two years was released after I kicked up a fuss in court with his lawyer. The lawyer asked, “are you on my side or his (the Client)?”

The judge probably heard.

Later, the lawyer said, “make sure you collect the fees before returning his IC “.

I gave back the IC. I didn’t remind the Client about the balance fees.

Read further here . . .

If a reporter can write straight for publication, we don’t need Editors.

Read further here . . .

World with a View — Memories from Borneo, British Malaya and beyond.

to be continued, next 30K words were written years ago and forgotten until recently.

A RCI should focus on why Malaysia was not subject to the rule of law — the basis of the Constitution — and the Malaysia Agreeent (MA63), the basis of the unwritten/uncodified Malaysia Constitution.

‘Malaysia Boleh’ covers multitude of sins.

Former Central Bank Malaysia Deputy Governor Dr Sukudhew Sukhdave Singh, from Sandakan in Sabah, took to the social media amidst the pandemic to share his thoughts on where the country was coming from and where it was heading.

He mentioned Titles handed out by the sultan, Agong . . . he appears unaware that Titles are given for positions and not to the individuals holding them: heads of gov’t depts get Datuk almost as soon as they are appointed, obviously having nothing to do with contributions, achievements and successes; all university VCs, whether public or private, get Tan Sri.

The thesis statement in Dr Singh’s Article could only be about the country being polarised on the one hand between the Majority (i.e. non-Malay and the bulk of Malay plagued by the dependency syndrome) vs the Minority (i.e. the evil and corrupt ruling Malay elite/Orang Asal hangers-on, both allied with the corrupt Chinaman) on the other hand.

The country was being ruled by evil and corruption, political Islam, mad mullahs usurping the role of the sultans on Islam and ruining the life of non-Muslims, the Syariah court carrying on as if it’s equal to the superior courts, Fatwa, the gov’t sector dominating half the stock market, 90 per cent of the civil service being from one community, the court not going beyond gov’t procedures when hearing judicial reviews and thereby making it impossible for Applicants to win, Musa Aman waiting for more than two years for justice from the court when the case could have been settled in two weeks, weekly burnings of squatter settlements in Sabah from 12 July 2018 to 26 Sept 2020 and the NRD turning up at these still burning spots where the people sat by the roadside with all their worldly possessions but no documents, lawmakers being declared winners although they get less than 51 per cent of votes counted, frogs dictating to the heads of state on who should be head of gov’t and form the gov’t, the Cabinet not being based on the consensus principle and thereby allowing the PM to be a tinpot dictator, the EC not being linked online to NRD to weed out dubious ICs, non-Muslim being forced to convert when they marry Muslim, fugitive from India Zakir Naik hiding behind Mahathir’s sarung from Kerala in southwest India, Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband in hiding with her daughter when custody rights was with the mother, the riff raff being allowed to enter public universities under the quota system even in critical disciplines, all 20 VCs in 20 public universities being from one community, children born in Malaysia being denied birth certificates, gov’t avoiding responsibility for underaged illegal immigrants, child rape, and the 2nd Prong and 1st Prong of the Definition of Malay in Article 160(2) not being read together.

Zahid Hamidi and so many illegal immigrants mayhave Malay MyKads. These documents don’t exist in law.

What is EVIL? It’s lack of empathy.

Again, the great majority of Malay may be subscribing, albeit inadvertently, to evil under the race and religion mantra.

Further Proof: deviation and distortion of Article 153, NEP, Quota system, filling critical disciplines with Malay, 2500 kangkung Malay Professors, CLP, suitability certificate, suspension of local gov’t elections, rampant discrimination at local gov’t level, May 13 killings, Kampung Medan riots, 350K stateless people in Malaya alone, disenfranchisement of Indians to eliminate Indian seats, claiming Malaysia is tanah Melayu, calling Indians and Chinese by the derogatory term “pendatang”, the impossibility of winning judicial reviews, temple demolishings, Tamil and Chinese schools in pathetic state, denying citizenship to the children of Malaysian women married to foreigners, date rapes not prosecuted, forced conversions in so-called inter-faith marriages, denial of birth certificates to those who don’t want Islam inserted in the document, converting Orang Asli to Islam before allowing them to breathe, promoting only Orang Asal who convert, not allowing anyone to leave Islam, allowing PTI to flood Sabah and entering them in the electoral rolls, dividing Orang Asal and non-Malay among as many parties as possible while trying to unite Malay, plundering the public treasury, non-compliance with the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), the country ruled by Evil and Corruption, violations of the Constitution, courts swearing by the letter of the law, not spirit of the law.

The public perception is that Bapa Projek IC Mahathir was never about Malay but a small Malay capitalist class accumulating capital by plundering the public treasury to keep up with Chinese money.

May 13 “Sino-Malay” race riots in 1969 was allegedly created by Malay capitalists led by Mahathir, Harun Idris and Razak after the Opposition took Penang, and half the seats in Selangor and Perak in the May 10 General Election. Election in Sabah and Sarawak were suspended, Parliament suspended, the oil and gas reserves in Borneo were seized, under Emergency decree.

The list goes on and on . . .

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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