Youth breath of fresh air to drain swamp of rotten politics, corruption

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The proposed Youth Party would not only cut across the existing system of parties, nothing more than old world politics based on new forms of tribalism and feudalism, rotten politics, corruption, but take race, religion and other “divisive” factors out of the political equation.

Just as babies naturally gravitate towards babies, Youth can interact with Youth in a way that Adults cannot reach out to the junior age groups. Let’s face it, the Youth would not feel comfortable with old geezers.

It would be a freak moment in history that Youth should not miss. Already, it’s clear that Youth would not touch race-based parties with even a ten foot pole and/or avoid them like the plague.

Again, the race-based political parties dominated by the Gen X are lepers among the Gen Y and Gen Z. They are virtually haram.

The media and so-called surveys can no longer dictate how the people should vote. Even so, CNN is in overdrive, shrieking, screaming, literally running amok on Trump.

The silent majority decides based on one to one messages beamed directly at them.

Trump is good at this. He continues to maintain the core support he gathered in 2016.

If Mahathir thinks that the Youth Party would not win any seats, so be it.

Keeping on the safe side in assuming Mahathir is correct — as usual, he would probably add — the fallback position for the Youth would be getting a hearing on matters of public concern and public interest.

Win or lose doesn’t matter.

The parties would be forced to respond.

Eventually, the voters would respond and send one or two youths to Parliament, for starters. That would be a real breakthough. There would be no looking back.

If Youth candidates risk losing in any seat, they must drop out from the race so that the Opposition can take on the outgoing gov’t party one to one. If votes are split, only the outgoing gov’t side would benefit.

The Youth would be weak in the Opposition, even weaker in gov’t. They should remain united, neutral and independent in the legislature. They can support the gov’t if necessary but only on a Bill to Bill basis subject to consensus on matters of public concern and public interest.

Here’s an initial 50-point rundown on matters of public concern and public interest:

the people of North Borneo and Sarawak are unhappy with Malaya in Borneo. The Federal gov’t has been non-compliant on the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), the basis for North Borneo and Sarawak to be in Malaysia with Malaya as Equal Partners. Sabah is that part of North Borneo — EssZone – which the Philippines claims. Malaysia refers to the whole of North Borneo as Sabah;

Najib promised to delegate greater administrative powers to North Borneo and Sarawak. Such devolution would result in the restructuring of the distribution of power and restructuring of the distribution of revenue and resources.

The Federal gov’t cannot keep money which belongs to North Borneo and Sarawak.

Instead of following up on what Najib promised, and in fact started working on, the clock was set back when the BULLSHIT Committee on MA63 was set up. Now, it has been placed under the OSA;

Borneo should have veto power in the Malaysian Parliament i.e. one third of the seats plus one;

the parti parti Malaya should stay out of North Borneo and Sarawak;

Parliament should declare Amnesty for illegal immigrants/stateless people who were in the country nine years before the Declaration;

the Senate should be elected separately two weeks before MPs for the lower house of Parliament;

sultanates in Malaya to have Governors as head of state;

Governorships should be open to all citizens born in the country;

Governors should not be appointed from among those born in the state concerned;

Definition of majority in the Constitution . . . reserve the position of head of gov’t for the leader of the symbol which gathers the largest number of seats in the legislature;

heads of gov’t should be citizens born in the country;

the practice of appointing DPM, DCM and DMB should be abolished;

outlaw political parties signing up card-carrying members;

outlaw seat-sharing and pre-election coalitions;

no legislative seat to have more than 50 per cent voters from the following communities viz. Orang Asal, Orang Asli, Malay, Chinese, Indian;

voters who don’t vote in two consecutive elections should be automatically purged from the electoral rolls;

reform the first past the post electoral system to mandate that the winner must have secured 51 per cent of the votes counted. If no candidate secures 51 per cent, the top two candidates can participate in a runoff;

reform the first past the post electoral system to create non-constituency seats in the legislature. Such seats can be reserved for political parties which failed to win a seat but gathered two per cent of the votes counted nationwide;

the country should bring back the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution. At present, it can be said that the country is ruled by corruption, not by rule of law or religion or the evil caste system;

lawmakers who violate their Oath to uphold, respect, honour and defend the Constitution should be stripped of their seats in the legislature and banned for life;

drop the Definition of Malay in Article 160(2) as the 1st and 2nd Prongs contradict each other; the case law on the Definition is a bundle of contradictions by agreeing it was not race but at the same time stating it was Anthropology;

withdraw the gov’t’s extension of the term Bumiputera to include Malay in Malaya, Malacca Portuguese; Chitty; and Siamese. These communities are not Orang Asal;

national insurance for education, mortgage protection, accident and personal/physical disabilities;

state pension for citizens and permanent residents who reach the minimum and/or mandatory retirement age of 60 years;

unemployment benefits;

reforms in law, law education and education;

open up the court system and allow “Friends” of litigants/Defendants to represent them in court if so decided by the litigants/Defendants;

reforms in judicial reviews whereby the court would first consider not whether gov’t procedures have been followed, but whether these procedures were fair, before considering the merits of Applications;

no gov’t funds should be given to any place of worship;

reforms to ensure the syariah court remains an inferior court with a status no higher than the Native Court;

reforms to make the High Court the 2nd and final Appellant court for the syariah court just as the High Court is the 2nd and final Appellant court for NCR land cases which begin at the Land Office;

reforms to ensure that non-Muslim would not have to convert to Islam to marry Muslim;

reforms to ensure that children of mixed, non-Muslim/Muslim, couples are not listed as Muslim;

facilitate Muslim who no longer want to be listed as Muslim;

medical education to eliminate the Big Pharma dictated format based on pharmacology 85 per cent and physiology 15 per cent. The format must be reversed to put the focus on immune system health aspects like retaining immune system memories, aging, stress, degeneration, inflammation, and wellness therapies, among others;

science must be based on scientific method, not scientific consensus — fake science — driven by grant money;

weed out corruption in medicine and insurance by outlawing medical and health insurance;

outlaw private hospitals and put the emphasis on the public healthcare system;

local gov’t elections to put the local community at the centre of development efforts and the taxation regime;

local gov’t elections to help weed out institutionalised discrimination in local gov’t;

confine Article 153 to the four areas listed i.e. intake into the civil service, intake into institutions of higher learning owned by the gov’t and training opportunities, gov’t scholarships, and opportunities from the gov’t to do business;

due diligence of gov’t contracts to weed out inflated arrangements and track that the works undertaken are completed, on time, to the standard required, and without variation orders;

the composition of the gov’t sector at all levels should reflect the diversity of the nation;

quotas instituted under Article 153 should not exceed the “reasonable proportion” principle;

the “reasonable proportion” principle would be redundant when the people are educated on cultural practices including the evil caste system which result in inbreeding. Inbreeding lowers the average intelligence level and energy;

there are also related issues like double standards in SOP, institutionalised discrimination if any, the glass ceiling put in place by the old boy network, nepotism, cronyism, collusion and corruption;

no quotas should be imposed by public universities in critical disciplines like law, medicine, engineering, technology, science and architecture, among others;

the public face at the top in university administration, police, armed forces, AG, AGC, judiciary, and Prime Minister’s Dept, among others, should reflect the diversity of the nation across on both sides of the South China Sea;

educate and train Malaysians and foreigners in Malaysia and abroad for Malaysia and the world;

ensure that the brightest and best in Malaysia and the world lead the way for All in Malaysia and the world.


Read further here . . .

‘Reasonable proportion’ Article 153, Malay Definition Article 160(2), reservation land, Islam, NCR land does not make anyone more special, Bahasa Melayu Article 152 no proof of race.

The book was allegedly banned because it contains a letter which Peter Mojuntin wrote to Tun Razak.

The onus on illegal immigrants in Malaysia to prove they qualify for Amnesty, if declared and offered.

‘Moment of Truth’ for Sabah, Sarawak on Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), Malaya kicks can further down the road.

Even social media losing clout when it comes to elections.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

13 thoughts on “Youth breath of fresh air to drain swamp of rotten politics, corruption”

  1. Build up the new party from grass root level. Require a compressive set of policy and strategy. Need good and genuine loyal members to support. Need strong ideological publicity , education and guidelines to organise party members. In the long run, you shall succeed.


  2. Why can’t we have a Malaysian Malayalee Makkal Party? Why cannot you be the leader of it? You have all the qualities for that. Hindraf and other Tamil dominated groups are holding the narrative in their hands.


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