Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin faces uncertain future, prognosis may not be good

Listen to soft instrumental music for 15 to 20 mins before bed to calm the emotions and have a restful night . . .

Interestingly, Jacobson’s team also suggests vitamin D as a potentially useful Covid-19 drug.

5,636 daily deaths WORLDWIDE from symptoms ALSO related to CV-19.

Note the 5K above is less than the 8K daily deaths in the US from non-CV-19 causes.

24K people die daily in India from non-CV-19 causes.

30K people die daily in China from non-CV-19 causes.

800 people die daily in Malaysia from non-CV-19 causes i.e. one a day at the most and yet the gov’t shut down the economy.

In fact, the prognosis may not be good for backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

He has survived so far because of Mahathir who was in cahoots with him to set up an all Malay gov’t in Putrajaya. Mahathir knows that such a gov’t is unsustainable. So, the old geezer will pull out the carpet from under the backdoor PM at the right time.

Mahathir is one who doesn’t know when to quit. He can only be considered mentally ill. He may have lost his mind. So far, there appears to have been some method from time to time in his madness.

Having said that, the gov’t sector will be against multiracial gov’t in Putrajaya. That was one reason the PH gov’t fell in late Feb 2020.

Another reason was that Bersatu wanted to continue holding the PM’s post. Mahathir achieved that through Muhyiddin.

Anwar Ibrahim too has assured Muhyiddin of his support to drive a wedge between Bersatu and Umno/PAS. He was emulating PAS which not so long ago assured Mahathir of their support when he was Prime Minister the second time.

God alone knows what’s going to happen in Putrajaya before GE15. Mahathir belabours in the delusion that he’s God. Umno wants to play God.

PAS is the Devil.

It’s certain that Umno will not share seats with Bersatu. The party will be history if it shares seats with anyone except BN. It may agree that Muhyiddin continues to remain PM after GE15 provided the ruling Alliance and he wins.

Umno will whittle down Bersatu to nothing. It will demolish Azmin Ali and Company.

A snap election may only be possible if Umno pulls out from the Muhyiddin gov’t. It may also happen if Mahathir pulls out the carpet from under Muhyiddin’s feet.

The Agong, once bitten twice shy, will remain above the fray. He will withhold consent on the dissolution of Parliament to pave the way for snap elections. I know that he read my blog piece, “If I was Agong . . .” my response to the Istana’s statement on the “Royal Coup” op-ed in The Guardian in UK.

If push comes to shove on the snap election, Muhyiddin can step down or risk continuing as a minority gov’t with support from Anwar in Parliament. DAP and Amanah will go along with Anwar.

re CV-19, it was grave strategic error to shut down the economy to keep a lid on hospitalisations. The pandemic should have been tackled with the economy open.

The economic stimulus packages, based on future incomes and the generations unborn, was sheer waste of money.

Muhyiddin’s goose is cooked because he’s presiding over a grieviously damaged economy. Even before the pandemic, Malaysia’s economy was unsustainable, being based on the low end sector using cheap foreign labour. Malaysians were forced to flee abroad.

Muhyiddin definately won’t be remembered for his handling of the pandemic. He will be reviled for running the economy into the ground for no rhyme or reason, “buat tak tahu”, “berlagak seperti kera dapat bunga” and “bodoh sombong”.

I have always said the so-called Malays in Malaya can’t count. Malays should never be given any job where they have to go beyond their fingers and toes to count.

Nothing has changed. The Chinaman can buy Malays at a loss and sell them at a profit. It was ancient India which invented the zero, to add to one to nine, and taught the Arabs and Chinaman to count.

The West abandoned the Roman numerals.

Watch the fate of AirAsia, Petronas, the GLCs, the palm oil market, and whether foreign workers return. All these are clues to the state of the economy.

It’s important to keep the pandemic in perspective. The onus is on the people to make sure the virus has no place to go and dies out.

The gov’t doesn’t have the virus.

What was the reason to shut down the economy when only one person, at the most, was dying daily of symptoms ALSO related to CV-19? Note it’s ALSO! About 800 people are dying daily in Malaysia of non-CV-19 related causes.

The virus, given the risk of re-infections, has turned out to be a very bad Flu. That means vaccines won’t work. If available, they are likely to cause more harm than good. So far, clinical trials have not been promising. The side effects may be severe. The virus mutates all the time. It’s not a living thing but a form of intelligence existing as a physical illusion at a certain intensity of vibrations. It should be disrupted and shattered into non-existence. That’s what hand sanitisers do.

In fact, the virus does not kill. It’s the over-reaction of the immune system to CV-19, the perceived aggressiveness of the novel Coronairus in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes, which kills especially in the case of undetected underlying medical conditions.

The gov’t has not understood the virus.

The reality is that the so-called doctors and so-called scientists, swearing by Big Pharma’s pharmacology, have failed the people on the pandemic.

Just watch Anthony Fauci and Sanjay Gupta getting hysterical on CNN and misleading the people. They have no solutions. They can’t explain anything. They hide behind the terms Data and science. They don’t explain these terms.

The US gov’t has disowned Fauci as a public alarmist. That’s putting it mildly. It’s the understatement of the century. Fauci should be locked up and the keys thrown away.

Gupta should be sent back to India in disgrace.

Again, the so-called doctors and so-called scientists don’t have any solutions because they have been swearing so far on pharmacology dictated by Big Pharma. They have become corrupt and sold their souls to the Devil — read Big Pharma — and hoodwinked themselves that scientific consensus — fake science — for grant dollars doled out by Big Pharma can be passed off as real science.

Real science is based on scientific method.

In the wake of the pandemic, the gov’t must direct medical colleges to reverse the present format in medical courses i.e. 85 per cent pharmacology promoted by Big Pharma, and 15 per cent physiology.

Medical courses must be based 85 per cent on physiology including the traditional Chinese medicine and the six systems of Indian medicine.

Also, instead of the 15 per cent being devoted solely to pharmacology promoted by Big Pharma, also include the Indian and Chinese systems.

The hospitality sector is dying because international flights are not coming in. Flights from India and China are crucial to the Malaysian economy. We can’t depend on the West. They won’t come. Increasingly, even before the pandemic, westerners have been staying away from Malaysia.

The Arabs are broke. That’s why the UAE was forced to eat humble pie and reach out to Israel. They have abandoned the Arabs in the West Bank.

Read further here . . .

AirAsia strongest clue on which way economy headed, doesn’t look too good.

Youth not bogged down by race and religion.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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