Chinese descendants of Indians, but not related to present day people of India

China cannot fight a fullscale war with India and win.

China is no match for India because of geography.

Also, India has a highly trained professional standing Army.

India is no vassal state for the US. America needs India more than vice versa.

China is no match for India because of geography.

Also, India has a highly trained professional standing Army.

China does not have a professional standing Army. The PLA owes its allegiance to the communist party and not the people of China.

Beijing has no legitimacy because there’s no consent of the governed.

The people of China have lost their sovereignty to a handful of communist party leaders in Beijing.

That’s why Xijinping crowned himself President for Life and Emperor.

India, protected by geography and controlling its waters, is the only nation on Earth which can put China in its place.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

The border in the north between India and Tibet and Yunnan, culturally an extension of the former, cannot be demarcated because of the High Points i.e. the Himalayan territory which is Indian and the further High Points extending beyond northwards.

While India has no wish to incorporate Tibet and Yunnan, not wishing to bite off more than it can chew, Chinese occupation of not only these territories but Sinkiang as well should end. China has bitten off more than it can chew and risks indigestion, diarrhoea, poisoning, and dehydration.

Extrapolating from that by logical deduction, China should exit as well from Gobi, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria to assure the international community on global security.

Instead, Beijing is unilaterally trying to create facts on the ground from time to time to move the line of actual control further towards India.

This is a suicidal mission.

Beijing will never be able to hold and defend the new facts on the ground.

India can always go behind Chinese positions and occupy the High Points to cut off the supply lines to Chinese positions.

The High Points cannot be battle grounds because of the geographical terrain.

China cannot use India to train its ill-trained troops in this manner for battle readiness elsewhere.

Beijing can always ask New Delhi to train its troops, but not be used against India, provided it subscribes to the rule of law.

No democratic country would help train the troops of a communist country.

There must be regime change in China.

China, open and exposed, must confine itself to the three great river basins along the east Asian waters. This is where the people who became Chinese lived for 4K years, albeit not always peacefully since it has always been invaded and ruled by foreigners.

On a plus point, China always overcame the invaders when they became Chinese.

There are parallels between India and China on the history of human occupation.

In paintings of the Kublai Khan era in China, two of the ten tribes are shown as still dark-skinned.

The dark-skinned Dravidian (archaic Caucasoids) from south India made their way to south India and mated with the Mongoloid tribes there. These Mongoloid tribes were descended from Dravidians who entered the region from

So, in a sense, the people of China are in fact the descendants of Indians but they are not related to the present day people of India.

Another Dravidian branch in Afghanistan entered India.

The people of southeast Asia are descended from the mixture in south China. So, they are in fact the descendants of Chinese.

The jury is still out on whether the Mongoloid tribes in the eight states in northeast India and Ladakh, both within the geographical subcontinent, are the descendants of invaders or original people.

Having said that, except for the Negrito in the mountains of Kerala in southwest India, other Indians are the descendants of invaders.

The Negrito in Kerala entered Malaya as the first people and are still there in the mountains. They came 40K years ago. The Negrito in Kerala, who are still there, came from east Africa 70K years ago.

There are no longer any pure Dravidian and pure Aryan (new Caucasians) in India. Aryan, descended from albino Dravidian in north India, were white skinned, blonde haired and blue-eyed.

Even the white-skinned, blonde haired and blue-eyed people in present day Kulu, Manali, Hunza and Gilgit, all mountain valleys in the north, are no longer pure Aryan. They have some Dravidian from elsewhere in them.

The Aryan in north India spread to the rest of India and also entered Afghanistan, Iran, and Central Asia. From Central Asia, the Aryan mixed with some wandering Mongoloid tribes, entered Europe. In fact, only three Aryan families went to Europe from Central Asia. The people of Europe are descended from these three families.

The people of Europe, before the coming of the Aryan, were still dark skinned. The continent was first populated by people who came directly from Africa.

The Aryan in Central Asia also made a reverse trek to Iran, Afghanistan and India. Other people in Central Asia, more Mongoloid than Aryan, entered the Americas as the first people to populate the continent. So, in a sense, India is truly the origin of the American Indian.

Indians from India in America, about 4m, are known as Indian American.

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Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

3 thoughts on “Chinese descendants of Indians, but not related to present day people of India”


    Guru Sandrakasan, All 23 genetic variations of homo sapiens are present in east Africa. The further from east Africa, the fewer the number of genetic variations. Chinese, for example, are descended from only two genetic variations.

    Besides the distance from east Africa, the environment and climate plays a role in the mutation of human beings.

    Mutation happens all the time.

    It’s mutation that causes the aging process. That leads to degeneration, inflammation, sickness and death.

    Ravin Krishnan, I am not writing a scientific paper for peer review but connecting the dots for the layman based on publicly available compilation of known facts.

    The facts on the ground will show, for example, that the Negrito are still there in the mountains of Malaya and Kerala.

    Before the Negrito, no one was living in India 70K years ago, and no one in Malaya 40K years.

    Any scientist who wants to challenge my blog piece is free to do so.

    Ravin Krishnan, what has racism got to do with it?

    I have never denied anyone the right to a place in the sun.

    If you were in court, the judge will refer you to the nearest hospital for an evaluation and institutionalise you for life to keep the public from harm. The keys will be thrown away.

    The Chinese, for example, never accused me of racism.

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  2. Nice stories about the origin of Chinese. I would love to tell my grandchildren during bed time, of how God created us in the garden of India from Kerala. My grandmother told me, we came from Mars. It would be good to have new imaginary stories of our origins besides Mars. Thank you Joe for entertaining us always with stories.


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