Zahid, Najib in jail, Bersatu ensures Umno in pitiful state

Zahid, Najib in jail, Bersatu ensures Umno in pitiful state

No mercy Bersatu hijacks Umno’s grassroots strength.

UMNO Falling Apart – Gangster Zahid Is Toast If He Fails To Topple Muhyiddin By Christmas

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UMNO has been seen as getting weaker since the return of Zahid, so much so that the grassroots believes UMNO kowtows to PPBM (Bersatu) every time.

Najib and Zahid would be sent to jail because they are political threats to Muhyiddin. Without both leaders, UMNO will be leaderless and rudderless.

Opportunists like UMNO deputy president Mohamad Hasan has also sharpened his knife against his boss, getting ready to take over the party leadership when both Najib and Zahid are behind bars. As long as Mohamad Hasan is subservient to PM Muhyiddin, UMNO’s greatest assets that PPBM lacks – grassroots and machinery – can be milked to make PPBM a dominant and powerful party.

That was the grand plan of Muhyiddin and Azmin.

First, they will send Najib and Zahid to prison.

Then, they will merge or rejoin UMNO, provided the majority of the warlords agree to kneel and bow before Muhyiddin as UMNO president.

If that is not possible, they will appoint a proxy. And there is a great supply of such nominees, thanks to 61 years of the party’s culture of corruption.

Disgraced warlords like Mohamad Hasan, Hishammuddin Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin are some of the candidates who are willing to play second fiddle to PPBM.

That’s why Najib desperately wants Zahid, a well-known UMNO gangster, to make the move to checkmate Muhyiddin, before the prime minister gets too powerful and his party becomes more dominant.

The fact that Sabah chief minster Hajiji, obviously an errand boy of Muhyiddin, had to make a U-turn to accommodate Bung Moktar’s demand for the portfolio of works ministry shows that PPBM is still weak and could not afford to go against UMNO unnecessarily, at least for now.

Therefore, the golden opportunity is now for UMNO to strike back before it’s too late.

At the same time, UMNO also realized that the national cooperation between the party and PAS Islamist party, glorified as “Muafakat Nasional” under the pretext of Malay-unity, is under threat. To put it mildly, the alliance is melting

The Islamist party prefers Perikatan Nasional, an alliance of UMNO-PPBM-PAS, as it creates a “Triangle of Power” to check and balance each other.

UMNO is extremely confident that if BN and PAS join forces, they can win the next 15th General Election without having to share the spoils of war with PPBM. But PAS knew it would play second fiddle to UMNO.

Without UMNO, however, PAS has no confidence of winning, even with Muhyiddin’s popularity.

Worse, it would create three-corner contests that could benefit opposition Pakatan Harapan.

The UMNO’s strong grassroots and powerful machinery are increasingly upset over Zahid’s lame and incompetent leadership, allowing a smaller party PPBM to insult and bully the big brother UMNO.

To teach Muhyiddin, Azmin and Hamzah a lesson, they are willing to work with enemy PKR president Anwar Ibrahim. They thought the desperate Anwar could be controlled.

Zahid has to decide fast and take advantage of the grassroots’ anger toward the ungrateful PPBM.

If Zahid fails to topple Muhyiddin by Christmas, allowing the PM to win the Budget Day on Nov 6, he is toast.

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Anwar belabours in the delusion that PM’s post is paternal grandfather’s ancestral and historical property.

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