Church warns Jeffrey Kitingan on PAS in Sabah, insulting Holy Bible, the Word of God

Church warns Jeffrey Kitingan on PAS in Sabah, insulting Holy Bible, the Word of God.

PAS in state assembly violation of INTENTION on creating nominated seats.

PAS MP invited Christians to a Debate on the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

He claimed the Holy Bible was manipulated. He was referring to drinking in particular.

Pairin accepted the challenge.

The PAS MP not only kept quiet but his party stayed out of the snap Sabah polls.

Earlier, PAS announced that it would contest ten seats in Sabah.

PAS cannot dictate who should contest Batu Sapi in Sabah.

2 October 2020

YB Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Gapari Kitingan
The President
Solidariti Tanah Airku Rakyat Sabah (STAR)
Kota Kinabalu

Dear YB Datuk,

Re: Congratulation and inclusion of PAS into the Sabah state assembly

The Sabah Council of Churches representing the Christian community in Sabah would like to send you and your party our heartiest congratulation in forming the 16th Sabah state government.

It is our continuing prayer that God will bless our King and all those in authority to lead the country forward to a harmonious, prosperous and meaningful future for everyone.

We are very concern with the news that PAS (Party Islam Se-Malaysia) has requested to fill one of the six spots for the appointed assemblypersons in the state assembly.

PAS is an Islamist political party known to be divisive and holds little respect for other minority religions.

The recent derogative comment of the Pasir Puteh MP, YB Ustaz Dr. Nik Muhammad Zawawi Saleh during the 14th Dewan Rakyat Parliament session on 26th August 2020, saying that the Bible is distorted or changed (“kitab injil ini dipesongkan atau diubah”), and his subsequent refusal to apologize is a good example of the kind of political culture that PAS is promoting in a multi-racial society in Malaysia.

The cornerstone of the success and prosperity of Malaysia since independence is built on the
strength of the unity among the various races, ethnic groups and religious communities.

Mutual respect, honor, acceptance and valuing each other has been the hallmark of Sabah.

To have PAS in our state government is opening a door to division and polarization of the different communities in Sabah, causing discord and the eventual erosion of the racial and religious harmony that we have achieved so far. Sabah has been the shining light of Unity in Diversity in Malaysia.

Let not this be taken away.

Thus, it is our hope and prayer that YB Datuk and your party will strongly object to the inclusion of PAS in the Sabah state assembly.

The Sabah Council of Churches is committed to giving our full support and cooperation to the government of the day for nation-building and the advancement of the country.

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The six nominated seats may be left vacant, if filled, Hajiji won’t give any nominated state seat to PAS, Umno and BN.

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