Malaysiakini loses plot, does not know whether it’s coming or going

Do’s and don’ts when posting comments in Malaysiakini.

How can I comment on this when I continue to be banned?

Malaysiakini may even be violating its own commenting terms by allegedly blocking right of reply emails.

Except for one, my right of reply emails were never uploaded since after the RCI in Sabah.

Another was removed after being uploaded. These are standalone pieces i.e. not tucked below a story.

Steven Gan told the sub editors that he won’t pay for the contributions if my Comments were uploaded.

Malaysiakini said in an email from Steven Gan that I will be “blacklisted” until I pay half the fees that lawyer Rakhbir Singh billed them for handling a case in the High Court of Borneo. That’s a separate story. It’s in my blog. We won after we cited the other side for contempt of court. The case was struck off after three days by Judge David Wong.

Malaysiakini has a commenting mechanism which prevents certain unemailed comments from being even posted. The mechanism can prevent contempt of court even without the embedded reporting feature. Subscribers are unlikely to report contempt of court. Based on public perceptions, they are more likely to be party to illegalities.

Unemailed Comments posted can also be removed within minutes.

Malaysiakini banned my Account just days ago within minutes of my unemailed Comment on Malay citizenship.

The Comment included “errant” two paras i.e. the last two paras.

Malaysiakini claimed that I launched a personal attack on two columnists i.e. one contributor and another who may have been re-hired recently. Why should malaysiakini defend these losers and deplorables?

It’s self-evident that malaysiakini compiles known facts and passes them off as OPINION. These are not opinion pieces but newsfeatures or features. These are very low skill areas.

Opinion pieces must connect the dots i.e. including predicting the future based on what has happened so far.

Otherwise, if they can’t turn to deities, even more delusional people will turn up on the doorsteps of astrologers, palmists, numerologists, card readers, tea leaf readers, mediums, psychics, yogi, spiritualists, mystics, prophets and messiahs from Kuala Lumpur to the Himalayas.

Malaysiakini has a congenital inability to connect the dots.

Readers want to know how the future would look like on matters of public concern and public interest.

They also want analysis that’s as accurate as possible.

They don’t want to read propaganda, including pro-DAP and pro-Opposition, disguised as analysis. That’s promoting personality cults and new forms of tribalism and feudalism based on BS.

The people are about democracy in action. The people are being denied space in the media. They have the right of reply.

Instead, the people are also being plagued by censorship, self-censorship and fake news i.e. news that denies the right of reply.

There’s no such thing as disinformation, Fake news bla bla bla if there’s right of reply.

If there’s no right of reply, then it’s judge jury hangman Fake news.

Judge jury hangman Fake news CNN, for example, is about news manufacturing, with an eye on the bottomline, to get people addicted to delusions.

Caucasian, ranging from white skinned Nordic to dark skinned Tamil, Gulf Arab, Palestinian, Jew and Ethiopian — are not sincere when they speak out against prejudice and racism against the Negro and others.

They are just interested in the votes of the Negro and others to come to power.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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