SadhGuru noted for saying he would never step into a Hindu temple

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Deity could only be undifferentiated consciousness, trapped previously in space and time in a gross human body as differentiated consciousness i.e. as individual/person/ego, which moved on and returned to being undifferentiated consciousness in nothingness and can be revealed knowledge and/or inspiration for human beings.

We have to be aware of the gap, slight, between the trapped differentiated consciousness and the gross human body. That’s the only way to access revealed knowledge and/or inspiration.

The gross human body is not “us”. It’s heritage which went on to gather the energy of the sun through Mother Nature and will have to be returned to Mother Earth when its time runs out.

The gross human body is physical with emotions, sentiments and memories which will vanish.

The consciousness in nothingness, all around us and the universe, is spiritual.

To be aware of the gap between the gross human body and the trapped differentiated consciousness, we have to sit still cross legged yoga style in silence, in calmness, think nothing, and empty the mind of all thoughts.

I don’t get into mantra and meditation whatever they mean.

How long we sit in the manner above depends on us.

We (i.e. differentiated consciousness) will become aware of the gap with the gross human body and attain union (yoga) with the undifferentiated consciousness in nothingness. It’s a personal experience.

That’s how Buddha attained enlightenment and had revealed knowledge and/or inspiration.

Google Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar, the man who saw eternity, for deity which was the source of revealed knowledge on mathematics.

God cannot be an individual, person, ego, I but undifferentiated consciousness in nothingness.

God as an individual, person, ego, I — as promoted by the belief systems in religion — is based on delusions i.e. the brain/mind deceiving.

Buddha saw no God but nirvana — heaven — or eternal bliss.

There’s no God the Creator in Hinduism. Hindu are seekers, not believers. Hinduism is not a belief system. “India is the only godless nation in history,” said SadhGuru. “God is a foreign idea.”

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, mentions the Holy Spirit. This is undifferentiated consciousness.

Hindu feel there’s a great spirit — paramatma — which permeates everything. Again, this is undifferentiated consciousness.

Allah was a deity in the Middle East.

Jesus mentioned God the Father which may be his personal and family deity.


I focus on practising sitting still daily for some time for my version of yoga (union) with the universe but no meditation, no mantra.

Also, I focus on revealed knowledge and inspiration, and the spiritual nature of truth on the Word of God i.e. eternal laws on eternal truths, on being a jurist, journalist, writer, blogger, public exam expert, economist and management consultant.

I have no Bible for anyone, I am no Messiah.

Life is not black and white but mostly various shades of grey. There are ifs, buts, qualifiers, caveats, and exceptions.

I am the Lord Protector, by Divine Mandate, of America in the court of public opinion.

I will Defend the Orang Asal, Christians and the Holy Bible, the Word of God, on the spiritual nature of truth.

Under the global security framework helmed by America, India protected by geography is the only nation on Earth which can put China in its place.

There must be regime change in China. The country must accept the rule of law as the basis of the Constitution.

Buddha (revealed knowledge, inspiration, and nirvana or nothingness); Jesus (healing, spiritual nature of truth, personal deity God the Father); SadhGuru (spiritualism, mysticism, yoga or union with the universe, mantra, revealed knowledge and inspiration).

SadhGuru is more noted for saying that he would never step into a Hindu temple since he feels nothing. “I don’t have to step into a Hindu temple to savour anything,” he said.

Hindu have been tainted by the evil caste system, based on warped and distorted interpretations of Karma, which prohibits upward social mobility, inter-caste marriage and Brahmin crossing the waters.

Brahmin (priest caste, the highest) who cross the waters are declared casteless/outcaste (Pariah, Dalit, Harijan).

Caste Hindu, including Brahmin, who marry outside the caste are declared casteless/outcaste (Pariah, Dalit, Harijan).

The casteless/outcaste (Pariah, Dalit, Harijan) are untouchables, unlookables and unapproachables. This is the most degenerate approach in the world.

India should compel the 12m Brahmin to cross the waters, they will be declared casteless/outcaste ((Pariah, Dalit, Harijan).

That will be the end of the evil caste system which has lasted for thousands of years.

SadhGuru has pointed out that Hinduism is not religion and that there’s no God the Creator in their way of life. “Hindu are seekers, not believers.”

“India is the only godless country in history,” said SadhGuru. “God is a foreign idea.”

Having said that, Hindu feel that there’s a great spirit — paramatma — that permeates everything. The Holy Bible, the Word of God, mentions the Holy Spirit.

Hinduism and Sanatana (science) dharma (duties) are not one and the same thing. Sanatana dharma may be about eternal laws on eternal truths.

The Word of God in the Holy Bible refers to eternal laws on eternal truths. These have a spiritual nature.

American scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, an untouchable from India, is in a league by himself on systems biology and systems engineering. He wants everyone to be like him. He believes that we are our own best doctors.

Dr Shiva argues that Big Pharma’s “one size fits all” mantra was based on R&D promoted by scientific consensus — i.e. not scientific method but pseudo-science — driven by grant dollars.

Big Pharma’s “one size fits all” is based on gravely flawed premises.

The virus should make us take a long look at the present content of medical studies which focus 85 per cent on pharmacology and 15 per cent on physiology.

The CV-19 vaccine may provide immunity but only for six months since it was developed in an great hurry. After that, we need the vaccine again or risk being re-infected. The CV-19 is like the Flu virus and extremely contagious.

At best, the vaccine can only help us buy some time while we eliminate it by avoiding crowding.

Since the vaccine, promoted by dropout Gates, was brought out in a great hurry, more people than usual will have side-effects.

Vaccine-related deaths are unusual. It normally takes up to 20 years to develop a vaccine. By that time, the virus would have either mutated to become “harmless” or gone out of existence.

It’s the immune system that decides whether a virus is harmless. The immune system will unleash symptoms that may kill the human if it perceives the virus is aggressive.

The stark reality . . . the vaccine will not kill the novel Corona virus blamed for CV-19 or prevent it from entering the body.

It will merely point the direction for the immune system, having lost memories, to ensure it does not over react to the perceived aggressiveness of CV-19 in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes and go on to unleash various symptoms.

The novel Corona virus will continue to remain in the human body along with 380 trillion other viruses, 60 trillion bacteria and some fungi.

Self-taught Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar, the man who saw infinity, may be a difficult act to follow. He had a personal and family deity on mathematics.

He was no mathematician but the University of Cambridge hailed him as as “one of the greatest mathematicians of all time”.

He wrote the mathematics for the black holes before anyone knew they existed. Normally, the concept comes first, then theory, and finally the law and mathematics. In Ramanujan’s case, the mathematics came first. It was the last step. It was like putting the cart before the horse.

Ramanujan told his Professor at Cambridge, G. H. Hardy, that “an equation has no meaning for me unless it expresses a thought of God”.

At Cambridge, Ramanujan had to learn to work his way back from the last step to the first and from the first step to the last step which came to him first, revealed to him by the personal and family deity.

Though he had almost no formal training in pure mathematics, according to wikipedia, he made substantial contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions, including solutions to mathematical problems then considered unsolvable.

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Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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