Jho Low ‘suspect’ in murder of Hussain Najadi, jury still out on fugitive 1MDB Thief

Jho Low ‘suspect’ in murder of Hussain Najadi, jury still out on fugitive 1MDB Thief.

Bank Founder was gunned down after he informed Bank Negara Governor Zeti Aziz on ‘money laundering activities’ at AmBank.

Tow truck driver may have been contracted by someone hired by Jho Low. This person may have been on Interpol’s Red Alert list before being removed for reasons which remain unclear.

If the tow truck driver is hanged, he will take secrets with him to the grave, the trail will get cold on the Najadi killing.

Go to FB and search for Pascal Najadi. The above link will open up.

Justice4Najadi #assassination


The Najadi family protests in strongest terms over the Malaysian Federal Court decision to hang Koong Swee Kwan, the assassin of AmBank founder Hussain Najadi.

“This man is the absolute key witness. The motive of the assassination has never been established. The investigation is consequently not complete!”, says Pascal Najadi, son of late Hussain Najadi who was assassinated on July 29th 2013 in broad daylight in downtown Kuala Lumpur outside a Chinese Temple of faith.


On Wed, 3 Mar 2021 at 2:50, P a s c a l N a j a d i
pnajadi@gmail.com wrote:

Hi Joe,

Can you please help to get the latest press statement published?

, Thank you.


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My COMMENT . . .

I was on the management panel of merchant banker Najadi & Co in Moscow for two years.

I handled strategic communication.

Pascal and his mother from Switzerland fled Malaysia the day after Hussain was gunned down. The mother returned to Switzerland.

Pascal left for Moscow and tried to continue the merchant banking business started by his father in Malaysia. Hussain, an Iranian with a Bahraini passport, founded Arab Malaysian Development Bank. It has since been re-branded as AmBank.

Pascal may have had “problems”, unknown, with Najadi & Co in Moscow. I believe the fingers of suspicion pointed in a certain direction. He sold Najadi & Co’s merchant banking business two years after I joined the Management Panel. It was all so sudden.

Read further here . . .

AmBank founder’s son explains why he doesn’t want his father’s killer sentenced to death



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Hi Joe,

The Facebook link is unaccessible. Is there any way to get in touch with the family to find out more?


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