America continues battle for world supremacy, dominance . . .

Such videos are put out by the Americans themselves, in a massive show of strength, to show their capability and to deter other countries.

The big picture is missing.

The US worked with the KGB under Putin to break up the USSR.

Washington imposed economic sanctions against Russia over eastern Ukraine and Crimea, the latter a popular destination for M’sian Indian medical students at one time. MahaTHIEF withdrew M’sian gov’t recognition for medical degrees from Crimea. Indians have been voting against BN since 2008.

The Russian rouble has become worthless outside Russia. Moscow has been forced to accumulate gold and convert it to US$ to keep its economy going.

Washington has been propping up Pakistan after the UK, which created it, transferred responsibility to the US Treasury.

China has also entered the picture as the US is unhappy with Pakistan in Afghanistan. China fears that Pakistan will, at US bidding, continue to stoke latent hatreds in Xinjiang.

The US has tilted towards India as an important member of the global security framework. Other members are Japan, China and Russia.

Besides the US, India and Japan, the Indo-Pacific Theatre includes Singapore, Australia and Vietnam. Indonesia has given India a base in Sabang, northern Sumatra but does not want to antagonise Beijing. The UK is handing over its Indian Ocean assets to India. India’s blue water navy has also been in Vietnam since 2011. Vietnam broke off with Beijing after the Paris Talks which ended the Vietnam War.

Pax Americana may be about stoking latent hatreds to gather intelligence and ensure global security viz. prop up regimes and/or make for regime change.

The US propped up Mubarak in Egypt for 30 years, Marcos in the Philippines for 20 years, Suharto in Indonesia for 33 years, and Saddam Hussein in Iraq for several decades before bringing them all down. Saddam was used in the seven year war against Iran after the Shah fell. He may have been misled into marching into Kuwait.

The US invaded Kuwait to save it from Iraq and later embarked on a second Gulf War to depose Saddam. CNN became world famous by providing live coverage of the War.

The jury may not be out on what brought down the Shah in Iran.

Washington’s belief is that ensuring global security will maintain the confidence factor in the US$ as the international reserve currency for cross trading purposes, and for investment, ensure prices and values and help determine credit risk, credit ratings and interest rates.

The US$ is not backed by anything, not even by hot air. The US economy is not only the largest in history but it has the largest market. China and India are the 2nd and 3rd largest economies in the world in PPP terms in US$ GDP. China is also the 2nd largest in token US$ terms in GDP, India the 5th largest.

Five hundred years ago, before the advent of the West, India and China were the largest, richest and most developed countries in the world. The Indian economy was 27 per cent of the world economy, China 24 per cent.

India, although dysfunctional as the largest democracy in the world and the greatest functioning anarchy, is politically stable with or without the anti hop law.

The English language, journalism, the rule of law, deities, daydreaming, inspiration, revealed knowledge, the resistance against rote learning, the ability to connect the dots, and innovations, mathematics, science, medicine and technology give India a great edge over China and the world.

Chinese in America cannot compete with Indians. They are weak in the English language, can’t fit into American society, feel uncomfortable, and generally return to China when not confined to Chinatowns which have become prisons for them.

The only way that Chinese can compete with Indians in America is by China adopting English as the official language alongside Mandarin, if not the national language as well.

English is an official language in India at the national level along with Hindi.

Hindu temples are in Sanskrit.

The regional languages also have official status but only in the states.

Eight states in India, with half the population, don’t have regional languages. They use Hindi.

Writing is the most important language skill.

Speaking is key to mastering a language.

The Church, all over the world, has kept local dialects and languages alive.

Services are conducted in local dialects and languages.

In Sabah this has seen the Dusun dialects, including Kadazan, and Murut being kept alive.

It’s the same in Sarawak.

We say the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bidayuh every Sun at home and in English on other days.

We attend mass every Sun in BM when not in the kampung. Mass is in Bidayuh in the kampung.

Attending Sun mass is the best way to learn a language.

Listen to the sounds of the language, immerse in the prayers and hymns.

Grammar, comprehension and speaking skills will improve.

India today has a large domestic economy. Unlike China, India’s economy is mostly internal. India exports only 20 per cent of its goods and services to facilitate imports, peg the currency against the US$, and fix the credit risk, and credit rating for bonds and loans, and investment, interest, prices and values and determine interest rates.

China, as the factory of the world, exports to survive. It has a US$70b trade with India in its favour. India has imposed tariffs on imports from China to cut down the deficit and open the Chinese market.

The strength of the US$ is underwritten by American military might which provides a steady flow of business to the military industrial complex.

After the 30 year Vietnam War to save southeast Asia from communism, America opened up to China as a manufacturing base to feed its large consumer economy. US multinationals were encouraged to move to China. It was the US multinationals that got China into the WTO and lift some 600m to 800m out of poverty by bringing them into the money economy. They had factory jobs which put money in their hands and the rural villages from where they came.

Now, in the wake of the South China Sea and the China virus, the global supply chain and logistics are being encouraged to move out of China and into other countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Africa. The jury may still be out on who unleashed the virus.

Xinjiang has also become a flashpoint along with Hong Kong and Taiwan.

If push comes to shove and there’s war between China and the US, Beijing will not win. War will end in the CCP collapsing and imploding.

The people of China will rise up against the PLA and the court in a new civil war for regime change, democracy and the rule of law. The PLA and court swear their allegiance to the CCP.

China, unprotected by geography and having no water which it can call its own, lies open and exposed. No part of the country can be defended.

The people in several countries along the border with southern China have been encroaching into Chinese territory for farmland. Beijing, embarassed at not being able to do anything on the virtual loss of territory, looks the other way.

The partition of China into north and south will ensure continued American supremacy and world dominance.

Beijing’s cardinal sin was seen as challenging US supremacy and dominance especially by indulging in technology theft, biowarfare and the use of technology in warfare and accumulating gold to undermine the US$. Beijing, like Japan and the UK holds over US$one trillion in US Treasury Bills. Over 90 per cent of US national debt is domestic and held by institutions.

Several countries occupied by Beijing will break away and become free and independent states. These include Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, Gobi, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria.

Xinjiang, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia were added to China by Jenghiz Khan.

The Manchu added Manchuria during their rule in China.

The CCP marched into Tibet, ostensibly to save it virtually from slavery.

The border between India and Xinjiang, Tibet and Yunnan cannot be demarcated. Beijing cannot understand why they cannot be demarcated.

Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan, and Myanmar are in fact extensions of Himalayan country.

Eastern and southern Afghanistan are extensions of the Hindu Kush.

India, protected by geography, winter in the high country and having its own water, would like to keep the border with Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan and Myanmar undemarcated.

India has prevented Beijing’s unilateral attempts to demarcate the border. India can go behind Chinese positions and occupy the high points. Rockfalls will bury Chinese positions. The Chinese supply lines will be cut off and winter will starve them to death as nearly happened in the 1962 border war.

200K Chinese troops fled after entering India in 1962. Their supply lines in Tibet had been cut off and they were surrounded on all sides by hostile villagers who were ready to pounce on them with their bare hands.

The Chinese were only able to exit under the protection of the Indian Army which shared their rations with them.

Beijing belabours in the delusion that India is made up of many countries and was put together artificially by the British.

British India only occupied a part of the Indian sub-continent. About 500 princely states were not part of British India. The largest were Kashmir and Jammu and most of Kerala.

The Indian Union was a merger of British India and the princely states after the British left.

There have been many Empires in India larger than British India. The Mughal Empire, which preceded the British Raj, was much larger.

Ashoka the Great, who turned to Buddhism after destroying the Kalinga Empire, ruled the entire Indian subcontinent and Afghanistan.

If the PLA steps even one inch into Indian territory, the 1.3b people of India and make mincemeat of it with their bare hands.

Tibetans and Gurkha play an important role in the Great Indian Army. Sikh make up 14 per cent of the Army although they form only two per cent of the population. Sikhs, at one time, formed 30 per cent of the Army.

Half the Great Indian Army was taken by Pakistan in 1947.

The Army is not a British creation but remnants of the Mughal Empire and Empires that preceded it. The British provided the officer corps during colonial rule for 150 years.

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Sun mass BEST Way Forward on grammar, comprehension, speaking skills!

Sun mass BEST Way Forward on grammar, comprehension, speaking skills!

The Church, all over the world, has kept local dialects and languages alive.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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