BREAKING NEWS . . . CinaKwai virus does not kill, Russia says CV-19 does not exist!

Media lying about India!

The media is an unthinking animal. It can be manipulated.

Journalism is about bad news.

Those affected by the media have the right of reply.

If the media denies space, the matter can be taken to court.

The matter can also be taken to court even if the media gives the right of reply. This would be for an apology, a promise not to defame again, compensation for psychological and emotional hurt and trauma, general damages, aggravated damages and exemplary damages.

CV-19 (Corona virus 2019 or Covid-19) is the immune system’s perceived aggressiveness of the CinaKwai virus (novel Corona virus or China virus) in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes.

CV-19 only exists as perception in the memory of the immune system.

CV-19 is delusion. It does not exist.

CinaKwai virus does not kill, according to spiritualist, mystic and yogi SadhGuru who started the Isha Foundation for Inner Engineering.

There are 380 trillion and 60 trillion bacteria in the human body made up of seven trillion cells.

Big Pharma has discovered that BS brings in the most amount of money.

Politicians have also discovered that BS brings in the most amount of money. They are already making tons of money from the vaccine for CV-19. The pandemic is BS.

Vaccine is a fake solution for a fake problem i.e. making the CinaKwai virus appear more aggressive to the immune system, according to untouchable from India and American Scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD from M.I.T.

Follow SOP, and avoid crowding, to make sure the CinaKwai virus has no place to go and dies out.

Again, the CinaKwai virus, which lies in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes, does not kill.

It’s the symptoms unleashed by the immune system, in response to the perceived aggressiveness — CV-19 — of the CinaKwai virus that may kill.

Those who have difficulties in breathing may have fibrosis — hardening — of the lung cells. Those with 50 per cent or more fibrosis of the lung cells will suddenly collapse and die.

The brain will be damaged if deprived of oxygen for three minutes.

Normally, fibrosis is caused by coughing, even suppressed and gentle coughing. Those with a cough which lasts more than two weeks should visit the doctor.

In the case of CV-19, the immune system causes more than 50 per cent fibrosis of the lung cells in two weeks. There may be no coughing.

TB causes more than 50 per cent fibrosis of the lung cells in two years if not treated. There’s medication for fibrosis.

Oxygen will not help if the fibrosis is more than 50 per cent.

Ventilator, or no ventilator, there will be instant death.

Fibrosis is present if a person can hardly walk from the sofa to the fridge, for example.

Again, the CinaKwai virus was made to appear more aggressive to the immune system.

That was done in a lab as pointed out by the former CDC Director in an interview with surgeon Sanjay Gupta of CNN.

Gupta agreed with the former CDC Director.

CNN got mad with him and took him off the air for a few days.

Then, they put him back, after warning him not to talk about the interview with the former CDC Director.

CNN is bankrolled by Big Pharma.

India has the largest oxygen production capacity in the world. It ran out of cylinders when there was a surge in demand for oxygen.

Those with suspected fibrosis should seek treatment. They should not wait until they are gasping for air.

It was grave strategic error for India, which has brilliance coming out of its ears, to allow the Hindu Kumbh Mela Festival to be held.

10m people attended.

Hindu should stop sniffing cowdung. That’s where the problem, created by the evil caste system, starts.

Bathing in cowdung and smearing with cowdung ash is the height of lunacy.

India does not need more oxygen cylinders. It probably needs more loony bins to lock up people who swear by the evil caste system which prohibits upward social mobility.

No country in history had such a system, not even the Nazi, fascists, apartheidists, colonialists, communists, Islam, evil Melayu and white supremacists.

Under the evil caste system, Pariah for example can’t be priests in a Hindu temple. Only Brahmin, who created the evil caste based on crackpot theories like reincarnation, past lives and Karma from past lives, can be priest.

Hindu reject the secular Constitution of India.

They want to turn India into Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation) based on the evil caste system.

All non-Hindu have to become Hindu or they will be killed.

Karma is neutral. It’s human perceptions that see Karma as this and that. The true Definition of Karma is in the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

Karmic forces exhaust themselves eventually.

So, there’s no reason for artificial prohibition on upward social mobility.

The communists eliminated the evil caste system in China.

Japan still has the evil caste system under which the Burakumin (Pariah) remain at the bottom of the dung heap.

Malay, who were Pariah when they were Hindu, became Muslim. However, Muslim are even more superstitious than Hindu on Karma. That’s why both don’t do charity.

Sikh, who were Pariah when they were Hindu, abandoned Hinduism.

Both Malay and Sikh in Malaya call the Tamil Pariah. This is like the pot calling the kettle black.

The majority of Tamil Hindu belong to a caste including Brahmin (priest caste). About 20 per cent are casteless/outcaste (Pariah, also known as Dalit, Harijan in north India) i.e. untouchable, unlookable, unapproachable.

The Pariah among the Tamil were the former priestly class of sivalingga worshippers who were declared casteless/outcaste by Brahmin of Brahma Vishnu worship.

Brahmin merged sivalingga worship with Brahma Vishnu worship i.e. the original Hinduism.

Buddhism has no evil caste system but still swears by deviated, depraved, warped, degenerate notions of Karma to turn people into zombies i.e. living dead.

[28/04, 17:52] +60 11-2569 xxxx (Jonathan):

You better stop insulting chinese people here you this joe.. I be obliged to beat the fuck out of your insulting

[28/04, 17:53] JF:

When did I insult the Chinese?

Kwai is the word the Chinese use to call all non-Chinese.

It’s like Muslim using Kafir to describe non-Muslim.

CinaKwai virus is a reference to the China virus.

We were called MangaliKwai.

The Chinese couldn’t figure out that we were not Mangali.

Tamil say Vangali.

Both are wrong. Sikhs are not Bengali.

Many Sikh mistake me for Sikh. I don’t wear a turban.

Hey! I won, I won!

I am called racist because I am against the riff-raff squatting on the brightest and best.

Hey! I won, I won!

I believe the brightest and best from around the world must lead the way for All.

Say NO to Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation) based on the evil caste system.

Say NO to non-Hindu being killed if they don’t declare themselves Hindu.

India is a secular nation subscribing to the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

Say NO to cowdung sniffing, bathing with cowdung and cow urine, drinking cow urine, and smearing cowdung ash on the forehead.

Read further here . . .

Many people are afraid that I will exercise my right of reply.

So, they don’t exercise their right of free speech and speak up, and speak out, on matters of public concern and public interest.

It was grave strategic error to remove me from malaysiakini, other media.

The plotters now realise that I was more restrained in malaysiakini, completely free outside.

Modi Govt’s vaccine diplomacy unravels—within India and abroad

There are very few facts in this so-called op-ed. It’s a diarrhoea of words.

India produces 70 vaccines, China only five including two to help moderate the immune system to face the pandemic BS.

India does not have a vaccine for the immune system but can produce for others if the raw materials are provided.

The vaccine for the immune system is a fake solution for a fake problem. The immune system needs no BS vaccine.

The pandemic is BS.

Follow the SOP to make sure the CinaKwai virus has no place to go and dies out.

Local gov’ts should prevent crowding. No kenduri BS and Fri prayers.

Hindu were extremely STUPID to hold the Kumbh Mela festival gathering of 10m people.

They should stop listening to Brahmin BS and sniffing cowdung.

Stop bathing with cow urine and smearing with cowdung. It does not help ward off the CinaKwai virus.

The CinaKwai virus does not kill.

Those who have UNDETECTED underlying medical and health problems may die of CV-19.

CV-19 won’t kill if any health and medical problems are being treated, managed and controlled.

India with 1.3b people can afford to lose up to twenty per cent of its population to CV-19.

That means 260m people.

At the very worst, probably 65m or 5 per cent will die.

That’s a long way off from the 200K in India who have died so far of CV-19 in the last 14 months.

24K people die DAILY in India of OTHER causes including medical errors. Medical errors worldwide cause 60 per cent of medical errors.

Medical errors include negligence, malpractice, allergies, side effects, longterm damage, and lasting damage.

The pandemic is BS as the CV-19 deaths so far have only been a mere fraction of deaths by OTHER causes i.e. 10.8m last year in India.

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Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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