STRANGE BUT TRUE . . . Subscribers avoid malaysiakini stories, uploads at all time low!


Pradigm shift taking place in M’sian media.

Malaysiakini has now gone so far from its core area that it’s unlikely it will ever find its way back.

MY TAKE . . . There seems to be a paradigm shift finally taking place in M’sian media especially at malaysiakini after subscribers openly posted, for many years, that they don’t read the stories before commenting.

Apparently, they just respond to comments by other subscribers who may be just reading the headlines.

Subscribers keep complaining about the English and grammar.

The pace of change appears to have quickened after Mar last year when M’sia used a sledgehammer to swat the pandemic fly.

Don’t take my word for it. Just visit the online news portal and count the number of stories they upload daily and at what intervals.

Patently, Malaysiakini uploads only a token number of stories every day to keep subscriber comments going. That translates into the proverbial and magical hits to bring in the Ad dollars.

Malaysiakini has now gone so far from its core area that it’s unlikely it will ever find its way back.

Another online news portal, a “kurang ajar” — ill-mannered — upstart whose figures are nothing to brag about, recently claimed that they were now the leading English website in M’sia. Unlike malaysiakini, they don’t have a commenting mechanism to make views public.

We have to take such claims on readership figures with more than a pinch of salt. If true, it’s difficult to believe that malaysiakini’s readership figures dropped by a whopping 80 per cent since the pandemic began.

If I were to blog on malaysiakini, I would write the headline and strap as follows:

STRANGE BUT TRUE . . . Subscribers avoid malaysiakini stories, uploads at all time low . . .

KARMA catches up with malaysiakini, M’sia’s premier online news portal has seen better days.

I am still mulling over the above piece, the temptation is great.

It’s not good to kick a man while he’s down. Still, the public have a right to know.

We should have malaysiakini around, for better or worse, otherwise we will lose a convenient punching bag. This online news portal has since degenerated into “all the news that matters” after earlier publicly swearing in the good old days to help “make a difference”.

I am a malaysiakini subscriber. However, I was banned from posting comments after it was alleged that I attacked a columnist, “in personal terms”, on “Malay” citizenship. There was no due process. I can no longer exercise the Right of Reply. I can no longer react on anything uploaded in malaysiakini.

The errant op-ed was no Opinion. It was merely a compilation of known “facts” created by any number of katak di bawah tempurung (frogs under the coconut shell). It was a ventilation of ignorance made to appear like an op-ed.

The English could have been better. Shakespeare must be turning over in his grave.

I had complimentary malaysiakini premium subscription since 2008 or thereabouts. Last year, they suddenly cancelled it and asked me to subscribe. I had to pay RM150 for a year at the senior citizen’s rate.

Malaysiakini claims that I am going around “badmouthing” them, whatever it means. This is the “guilty conscience” at work. It’s the “guilty conscience” that kills.

According to Karma, those who block the “clear energy” will be removed. That’s how Hindu civilisation collapsed and imploded and Muslim and British ruled India.

I asked malaysiakini to produce proof on “badmouthing”. They couldn’t offer anything. They blacklisted me anyway from contributing Articles.

If the Editorial Dept mistakenly upload my Article, I would not be paid. Malaysiakini didn’t pay for an Article they uploaded not so long ago after taking down a second Article.

Steven Gan went around the Editorial Department. He demanded to know who uploaded my Articles. He was met with ominous silence. The Editorial Dept advised me to keep a discreet silence.

Malaysiakini keeps changing its stories all the time. In fact, like Mahathir, they make up new stories all the time, as they go along.

Originally, I was blacklisted until I agree to pay half of lawyer Rakhbir Singh’s Fees for handling a RM75m defamation suit. I must be the first journalist asked to pay half the publisher’s legal fees. The fees would have been much higher if I had not helped prepare the case.

Many malaysiakini Editors, for example, are not that skilled. I know. I ended up in court because of malaysiakini. Steven Gan, Sohon Singh and I faced the RM75m law suit. Anyway, that’s another story, for another day. Let’s not go there.

The malaysiakini BOD had no choice but concede in a letter to the High Court that I was not the Author of an errant story uploaded by the online news portal although it was under my byline.

The most important person before a story is uploaded is the sub editor. The reporter is at the mercy of the sub editor. He or she has the last word, virtually a tinpot dictator.

In a contradiction in terms, although I was blacklisted, malaysiakini uploaded four or five RCI Sabah stories and paid me.

The gov’t is only concerned about subscriber comments, not malaysiakini reports. The gov’t even said that. The recent Federal court case refers. Malaysiakini had to fork out RM500K in fines. The story going around town is that a tycoon paid the fine. It has been reported that this tycoon is in trouble with the US gov’t and needs media support.

The public perception is that Malaysiakini is pro-DAP. That’s dangerous territory. It’s tantamount to gross interference in Orang Asal and Malay politics.

Malaysiakini reports are clearly going from bad to worse. Again, they routinely compile known facts and pass them off as OPINION. The same boring columnists hog the space.

The news stories ignore the inverted pyramid format.

Malaysiakini avoids investigative journalism like the plague. Yet, they hypocritically hold workshops in investigative journalism for the paying public. This is nothing but based on the, “do as I tell you, not do as I do” brand of hypocrisy in marketing.

Malaysiakini is too petrified to re-produce the investigative reports on M’sia uploaded by the Sarawak Report, Asia Sentinel and Murray Hunter.

I write on malaysiakini from time to time to focus on what’s wrong with the media. Malaysiakini is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The other alternative media are dead like the print mainstream media. If they keep going, it’s because of bigtime sponsors who need them for their politics. There’s no independent media.

If no one is reading malaysiakini, certainly no one will read these other online news portal. Malaysiakini is the best of the worst.

The social media has taken over.

There’s a revolution taking place via one-to-messages by whatsApp and instagram. That’s how the gov’t party lost the Kimanis parliamentary by-election in Sabah.

The political Divide on both sides were equally shocked. The loser could not believe he lost. The winner could not believe he won.

The sharing tool has become the most powerful tool in media. The like tool in FB is even more powerful than sharing.

NOTE: If readers find any loopholes in the above take, on connecting the dots, they can email me at or visit my Blog at https://fernzthegreat. and post a comment. Thanks

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Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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