M’SIA BOLEH! . . . Local gov’ts, empowered, funded, can end pandemic BS!

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sip lukewarm water while seated. The water must be still. Look at it for a few moments before sipping. Don’t store water in plastic bottles.

Putrajaya releases list of 150 premises considered as Covid-19 hotspots

Putrajaya keluarkan senarai 150 premis hotspot Covid-19


Sabah, S’wak, have their own plans on the pandemic. Malaya punya plan tidak boleh pakai.


It’s interesting that three malls in KK are considered the only CV-19 hotspots in Sabah.

The MySejahtera Application would have picked up the sizeable crowds at the three malls.

What about the Imago Mall in KK and similar places elsewhere in Sabah? . . . Kudat, Sandakan, Lahad Datu, Tawau and Keningau?

Most of the virus cases in Sabah are along the eastern seaboard which attracts illegal immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia.

The Sabah gov’t has its own version of MySejahtera. Both Applications should talk to each other. Unfortunately, there’s no inter-operability.

The lack of inter-operability is also an issue with the block chain technology which otherwise inspires supreme confidence in users.


Population= 1,391,271,798
Total cases= 20,275,543
1 case out of 68.6 person

Population= 32,710,014
Total cases= 417,512
1 case out of 78.3 person

According to this 👆🏼 we are already like India.

Follow the SOP and avoid crowding.

M’sia’s response to the pandemic BS . . . gov’t disrupting economy, Big Pharma using media to scare the people on pandemic BS to sell vaccines!

A man in the kampung tested positive for the China virus.

The wife tested positive.

The ambulance came to the house and took the couple to the hospital and placed them in isolation.

The man’s office was ordered to close for two weeks.

The Health Dept descended on the kampung like a ton of bricks.

Everyone was tested. Some were taken to the hospital.

Others were given wrist bands and ordered to stay at home for two weeks.

The kampung was placed under lockdown. It made national news.

The police placed roadblocks at both ends. Barbed wire fencing was put up.

The man was discharged a few days ago. He had no virus. He was treated for cough.

The wife was released yesterday. She had no virus. She was put on oxygen a few days. She had a lung condition which was treated.

She was admitted to hospital looking a picture of health. She was discharged looking thin and dried up in the face. She looked sick.

None of the kampung people who were hospitalised had the virus.

Some of them were found to be with other ailments or dehydrated. They were put on drips, treated and discharged.

The kampung has been disrupted for two weeks. The man’s office was closed for two weeks.

I have blogged many times that the gov’t was barking up the wrong tree on the China virus.


25 daily CV-19 deaths in M’sia are equal to 1075 daily CV-19 deaths in India.

India had average 425 CV-19 deaths in the last 14 months. 24K people die DAILY in India of OTHER causes, 30K in China, and 8K in the US. 800 people die DAILY in M’sia of OTHER causes.

About 60 per cent of deaths in the US are due to medical errors. The percentage must be higher in other countries.

In the last few days, CV-19 deaths in India went up to nearly 4K a day, mostly due to shortage of oxygen cylinders.

The Corona virus, novel Corona virus, China virus, CV-19 and pandemic are not one and the same thing.

Novel Corona virus is a strain that exists in the family of Corona viruses linked with respiratory illnesses.

China virus was created in a lab from the novel Corona virus to appear more aggressive to the immune system.

Corona virus disease 2019 or Covid-19 or CV-19 is the immune system’s perception of the China virus being more aggressive in the epithelial cells and lymph nodes.

The immune system over reacts and unleashes various systems because of its perception.

The CV-19 does not exist. You can’t see it in a test tube.

CV-19 only exists in the memory of the immune system as perception.

The China virus does not kill.

The pandemic is BS. More people die DAILY of OTHER causes, the majority being due to medical errors.

The China virus may be around for a very long time like the Flu virus.

There’s no vaccine for the Flu virus. Only Flu shots.

The so-called vaccine for CV-19 may give immunity for only a few months. The vaccine from China is the biggest BS. It’s a copy paste version due to technology theft.

It’s not possible to avoid crowding. It’s crowding at the community level that transmits and spreads the virus.

Only local gov’ts can help prevent crowding and deal with crowding.

The Federal and state gov’ts refuse to empower and fund local gov’ts on crowding. It’s politics. The Federal and state gov’ts fear losing political power to the local gov’ts for bottom up democracy.

In China, local gov’ts are dealing with the virus. China has only one party. It does not fear losing political power to local gov’ts. It will just kill local gov’ts that go against Beijing’s top down control freakism.

There must be regime change in China to remove the top down control freakism in Beijing.

Follow the SOP. Sanitise the hands.

Hopefully, the China virus will have no place to go and will die out.

Work from home.

If you are over 40 years, go for medical review. The gov’t is ignoring this aspect.

It’s those with UNDETECTED underlying health and medical conditions that the immune system kills.

If underlying health and medical conditions are treated, managed and controlled, the immune system may not be able to kill them and blame the China virus.

Read further here . . .






And beyond espionage, the Chinese Communist Party has become increasingly belligerent globally—from fueling riots in America to encroaching in Nepali territory to celebrating COVID-19 deaths in India.

What is the Chinese leadership hoping to achieve, and why do they believe—according to Chang—that they are running out of time?


Lockdowns should be local, at the community level. There should be no national lockdown.

Only local gov’ts can prevent crowding at the community level. It’s crowding that transmits and spreads the virus.

The central gov’t and state gov’ts should empower and fund local gov’ts on the pandemic.

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Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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