BREAKING NEWS! . . . South Indian converts to Hinduism . . . ‘religion’ brought by Brahmin BS from North!

Sabah and S’wak are not on the same page on Borneo rights.

The minority Melayu — Orang Laut or Kirieng — in S’wak have been squatting on the majority Orang Asal since 1966.

The Orang Asal in S’wak should vote AGAINST all incumbent gov’t lawmakers in the territorial assembly, if necessary every election. They will be united. They should neutralise Karma.

The Orang Asal in S’wak should vote FOR all incumbent gov’t lawmakers in Parliament, if necessary every election. They will be united. There will be political stability from S’wak.

Then, there will be BIG CHANGES in S’wak.

Only Indian, and Chinese, can save M’sia. They should neutralise Karma.

M’sia is ruled by corruption.

Chinaman is the most corrupt creature in history. They rule M’sia in cahoots with Melayu, PTI and bad frogs. Melayu are evil, greedy, racist and full of hate. They will destroy the country. It’s their Karma based on slavish wannabe Arabism driven by deep-seated inferiority complex as evident in the tudung culture and sheer hate for Indian, Chinese, Orang Asal, Christians and western civilisation.

Corruption is not confined to giving and taking. It’s the act of making everything one touches to go bad. Chinaman are all corrupt.

Corruption may be based on a criminal mind i.e. care a damn, do anything in the belief that it’s possible to get away with anything. Criminals think they can act with impunity.

Indian, Chinese, should get their votes right to avoid being pigeon-holed and reduced to begging for crumbs as Indian and Chinese.

Every election, they should vote AGAINST all incumbent gov’t lawmakers in Parliament. They will be united.

There will be Big Changes in Putrajaya. The riff-raff cannot continue to squat on the brightest, and best, and prevent them from leading the way for All.

Indian, Chinese, should not be reduced to representing only Indian, and Chinese, in gov’t. They should represent all.

At the state or territorial level, Indian and Chinese should vote every election FOR all incumbent lawmakers. They will be united. There will be political stability.

If we are bogged down by the situation, we will never be able to connect the dots for the way forward.

Indian, Chinese, should ignore whatever Malay say on politics.

Malay will destroy M’sia.

Everything is connected to everything else.

Hurt one, hurt all.

The consciousness in nothingness is one. It permeates everything and manifests.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, mentions the Holy Spirit.

Life comes in various shades of grey. There are qualifiers, exceptions, caveats, ifs and buts.

Life is not the be all or end all on anything. Money, for example, is not the be all and end all of life.

The PM’s post is not the be all and end all of life.

We must be able to move on, and never look back, no matter what.

M’sia is not the be all and end all of life. It’s not the only country in the world for Indian, Chinese in M’sia. They can move to any country in the world and sell Indian, Chinese, food. There are only three cuisine in the world viz. Indian, Chinese and French.

MahaTHIEF is probably mentally ill. He makes up new stories as he goes along.

All his children are multibillionaires. This is a first in world history. It should be in the Guinness Book of World Records and Forbes.

PKR was started to STOP MahaTHIEF getting away with anything. He defected to the Opposition before GE14 and became PM again after managing to scam STUPID DAP BS.

In late Feb 2020, MahaTHIEF resigned and masterminded the formation of an all Melayu, all Bumiputera gov’t that left STUPID DAP BS in the cold and political wilderness.

Never trust anyone that says anything is about black and white only, black only, or white only.

Law is about regulating human relationships. Anything that regulates human relationships is law. Human relationships can only be regulated by law, not by man, by rule OF law, not rule BY law.

The Holy Bible/Constitution is about the relationship between God/state and a people, between God/state and individuals and between individuals.

The rule of law is the basis of the Constitution. The letter of the law only is not the sum total of the rule of law. There’s greater emphasis in the rule of law on the spirit of the law. The spirit of the law can be seen in intentions, for example.

Only the court can interpret intentions.

The letter of the law only is rule BY law as in China. It’s rule by man, dictatorship, there’s no democracy. It’s not the rule of law.

Democracy calls for consent of the governed, legitimacy and sovereignty. Consent of the governed comes from free choices expressed through free and fair elections i.e. one man one vote in multiparty elections.

Law, ultimately, is about the power of language.

Law exists, and has always existed, based on common sense, universal values, and the principles of natural justice.

The court is only about law.

The court is not about ethics, moral values, theology, sin, God, justice or truth. Having said that, we can be dragged to justice i.e. the court of law.

Opinion is not law. Only the court can declare law.

The work of those who want to persuade the court is to look for the law and point it out. The work of the court is to find the law and declare it.

Only the brilliant can come up with novel developments in law for the court to declare them as law through landmark rulings.

Law is not confined to the Constitution, Parliament, case law, Adat and administrative laws. Again, law is about regulating human relationships.

The court can bring closure to issues in conflict between parties in dispute.

Law must have source to have jurisdiction, authority and power.

According to jurisprudence, God is not a source in law.

Sabar . . .

Sabar will be another BIG FAILURE like Sabah Talk which TALKED BIGTIME BS before GE14 in a ventilation of ignorance. Barisan Nasional (BN) was booted out of power in Malaya after 61 years.

Political issues must be settled politically, not in a court of law.

I suspected the “true intentions” of Sabar long before it was formed i.e. crowdfunding under the guise of Borneo rights.

Someone in America told me. He was taking his cue from someone who fled to New Zealand from Sabah.

Sabar remains another BS like Sabah Talk. The latter was actually initiated by Najib to shut up Good Frog Jeffrey Kitingan, King of Frogs, on Borneo Rights. Anifah Aman headed Sabah Talk.

Sabar hopes to generate herd mentality and become a fad in media space based on Borneo rights being a continuing controversy for which there’s no closure in sight.

Leadership . . .

There’s a lack of leadership in Sabah and S’wak on Borneo rights.

The focus in leadership on Borneo rights should be on neutralising Karma, for want of a better term.

The True Definition of Karma is in the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

Word of God refers to eternal laws on eternal truths.

Karma is the 1st eternal law, based on eternal truth, according to Sanatana (science) Dharma (duties). Sanatana Dharma is not synonymous with Hinduism.

The evil caste system, to disgress a little, which prohibits upward social mobility, draws on superstitious notions of Karma preached by Brahmin BS and accepted by caste Hindu i.e. reincarnation, past lives, Karma from past lives, and related BS.

In law, there can be no discrimination.

Under Karma, Pariah for example cannot be priests in Hindu temples. Pariah are casteless/outcaste i.e. untouchable, unlookable, unapproachable, reduced to doing dirty, difficult, dangerous and “polluting” jobs. Cleaning toilets, burying the dead and working with leather are examples. In north India, Pariah are also known as Dalit and Harijan (children of God).

Once Pariah, Pariah forever.

The Brahmin BS no longer confine themselves to being Priests in Hindu temples under the evil caste system.

The British colonialists took away the control of Hindu temples from the Brahmin BS. The Hindu temples are great custodians of land, gold and jewellery, all donated by gullible cowdung sniffers belabouring in delusions.

The current picture in India on the control of temples, since the British left, is murky. The colonialists looted the temples of gold and jewellery and carted them away to England. By one estimate, the British plundered US$400 trillion from India over 150 years.

All foreign rulers of India plundered the country.

Except for the British, and Alexander the Great, the other foreign rulers of India eventually became Indian. Alexander died in Iran on the way home to Greece. He was Macedonian, and conquered Greece.

The British continued to stay in India until they were kicked out. They wanted to plunder India forever for England.

Rape . . .

Despite the Pariah being untouchable, among others, Brahmin BS and caste Hindu rape Pariah women with impunity. This is a contradiction in terms since the Pariah are untouchable, among others. Their very presence is considered nauseating and polluting.

The police, all made up of Brahmin BS and caste Hindu, look the other way. The police are criminals in uniform. The Brahmin BS and caste Hindu raping Pariah women are criminals. Often, they kill the Pariah women after raping them. They don’t want to be responsible for their children borne by Pariah women. They don’t want Pariah women to bear their children.

They just want to use Pariah women as sex slaves including for sodomy, blowjobs, masturbation, massage, bathing them, and washing their backsides after the big job. Brahmin BS and caste Hindu consider it “polluting” to touch shit, even their own. Shit is undigested food. It’s waste product from the human body. It can be turned into edible food again.

Brahmin BS and caste Hindu consider it “polluting” to have the toilet in the house.

They either have the toilet far away from the house, in an isolated spot, or defecate anywhere in the open . . . in the fields, by the riverside, in the desert, on the beach or in public drains in full public view.

V. S. Naipaul wrote in the “India, an Area of Darkness,” that “the most compelling image of India is a man in a public squat, defecating, in the glare of the headlights of an oncoming car”.

The idea of India is a geographical and cultural context protected by Mother Nature, water and winter.

The borders between the Indian subcontinent and Iran, Afghanistan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan and Myanmar cannot be demarcated.

India is the rape capital of the world.

The police in India should be disbanded by the UN Security Council. A new police force should be set up. Pariah should make up half the police force.

Indian hate Pariah and Negro.

India is the most racist and colour-conscious country in the world.

Non-Pariah can be declared Pariah if they marry outside the caste. Brahmin BS can also be declared Pariah if they “cross the waters” since other countries are considered Pariah. Their very presence is considered “polluting”.

The Brahmin BS in America claim they are still Brahmin BS. They say they didn’t cross the waters but flew. That’s BS! In flying, the waters are still crossed. Besides, other countries are considered Pariah. Their very presence is considered “polluting”.

Brahmin BS make up 12m of India’s 1.3b people. We can be forgiven for thinking that Brahmin BS make up half the population in India since every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be Brahmin BS.

If the new Pariah are added, Pariah will make up 40 per cent of India. New Delhi claims Pariah make up only 20 per cent of the population.

The dung heap forms a pyramid. The bottom segment is the biggest.

South India . . .

Christianity in India long before the Faith entered Europe.

Christianity, which came 2K years ago, was the first “religion” of Kerala, southwest India.

Hinduism came to Kerala and South India, hundreds of years later, after sivalingga worship in the latter region was merged with it by Brahmin BS from North India.

The Brahmin BS declared the former priestly class of sivalingga worshippers in South India as Pariah after it was merged with Hinduism i.e. Brahma worship and Vishnu worship from North India.

In short, South Indian are converts to Hinduism from sivalingga worship. There’s no proof and evidence that sivalingga worship existed in Kerala.

South Indian must reject Hinduism, evil caste system, return to sivalingga worship.

Siva the Destroyer joined Brahma the Creator and Vishnu the Preserver in the Hindu Teen Murthi (Three Jewels) or Trinity.

Siva is AdhiYogi or the 1st Yogi.

Yoga is about union with the universe through yoga (union) or yogic practices to realise the slight gap between the gross human body and the undifferentiated consciousness, trapped in space and time in the gross human body, as differentiated consciousness seeking certainties in the comfort zone. Certainties may be based on delusions generated by brainwashing in belief systems or religion. Science has left out delusions from the list of mental illnesses.

Hindu are not believers but seekers with or without the help of Knowers or Guru.

Hinduism is a collection of local practices which vary from place to place.

Hindu, in seeking among others healing properties, are given to cowdung sniffing, drinking cow urine, bathing in cow urine and cowdung, and smearing cowdung on the forehead.

Hindu consider the cow holy, sacred, the Mother. Hindu don’t touch beef.

The cow can wander anywhere in India and drop their dung indiscriminately.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, is not a belief system. It’s not about delusions.

A Church does not mean the physical structure but a gathering of the faithful for readings from the Holy Bible, Word of God, in memory of Jesus.

The Indian Constitution outlawed the evil caste system in 1947.

Buddhism, taking the cue from Brahmin BS, advocates zombieism — living dead — based on warped, deviated, distorted and superstitious notions of Karma.

The Frog phenomenon . . .

The Orang Asal in Sabah are more concerned about Malay adding more PTI to the electoral rolls and giving late registration birth certs to those born outside the country. MahaTHIEF gave out late registration birth certificates to PTI not born in M’sia and added them to the electoral rolls to help them steal the country from the Orang Asal. There was no judicial oversight. Late registration birth certs can’t be issued outside the court.

MahaTHIEF believes in heads I win, tails you lose. MahaTHIEF has a criminal mind.

The RCI Report on Sabah refers.

So, the Orang Asal tend to frog to the gov’t to STOP the PTI. These are good frogs. They want to neutralise Karma.

The more we fight Karma, the more it will fight us.

Karmic forces exhaust themselves sooner or later.

Karma can be neutralised if we take everything that happens as a blessing in disguise, look for the silver lining in the clouds, count our blessings, and be thankful and grateful so that we will have even more reasons to be thankful and grateful tomorrow.

It’s not heads I win, tails you lose.

Keep our conscience clear. It’s the guilty conscience that kills.

When we have clear conscience, we are sin-free and enter a state of Grace for the blessings of God. Miracles happen.

These are eternal laws based on eternal truths.

Personal experience reveals eternal laws on eternal truths.

Bad frogs like Big Frog T went from gov’t to the Opposition, on 12 May 2018, to help the PTI seize power. As the Sept 1 majority decision by the Federal court last year shows, 12 May 2018 was unconstitutional.

Late registration birth certs are meant for locals. They go through checklists at the mobile court or High Court. They are automatically citizens under operation of law.

Citizens under operation of law do not have to be born in M’sia. There’s no jus soli, citizenship by place of birth, in M’sia. In the case of late registration birth certs, they prove jus sanguinis viz descent from a citizen under operation of law.

Anyone born in M’sia gets a birth certificate.

PTI born in M’sia are entitled to local birth certs as well. If they don’t hold the document, they can apply for it as well but through the court. They must go through a checklist. They would not be considered citizens automatically since they are not under operation of law.

Once PTI, PTI forever unless Parliament grants Amnesty. Even if Parliament does not grant Amnesty, there’s a long road to citizenship for the PTI born in M’sia and holding local birth certs.

Amnesty is needed for PTI holding late registration birth certs but born outside the country. The absence of check lists prove that they were born outside the country.

Read further here . . .

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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