KARMA, not lockdown, will end China virus in M’sia


National Lockdown, three in a row, will not end pandemic in M’sia.

There’s lack of leadership in M’sia, only endless politicking and corruption.

Sabah and S’wak are geographically isolated from Malaya. Also, unlike Malaya, there’s less crowding. There should only be local lockdown as the need arises, not blanket territory wide lockdown a la Malaya for no rhyme or reason.


MY TAKE . . . The latest spike in virus cases in M’sia, according to the New York Times, was caused by Ramadan-linked crowding.

Generally, Muslim in M’sia also refuse to stay away from Fri prayer gatherings at mosques probably lest the delusions created by the belief system wear off without constant brainwashing.

Muslim see the China virus as the greatest threat to Islam.

In a contradiction in terms, they believe the virus was created by Allah and not in a lab in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

“Fear Allah, not the virus”, they tell each other in virtually encouraging all to defy the China virus and Karma.

NZ neutralised their Karma on the China virus.

M’sia did not do that. Instead, it’s fighting Karma. The more it fights Karma, the more it will fight back.

The MySejahtera App tracks the virus in M’sia to reduce infection risks, besides the SOP (standard operating procedures) like hand sanitisation, mask-wearing and physical distancing, among others.

MySejahtera App usage isn’t universal.

Many premises avoid using MySejahtera. They fear being closed down by the App for two weeks at a time.

If the people are better educated on the China virus, the politicians and gov’t in cahoots with the media won’t be able to mislead them on the pandemic BS.

The gov’t is not educating the people on the China virus. Maybe they think the people are too stupid to catch them with their pants down.

If the gov’t does not educate the people, the number of China virus cases will go up.

The China virus simply means that KARMA has caught up with M’sia and the world.

Bad things must happen first for the good to follow. That’s Karma.

Malaya in Borneo since 16 Sept 1963 is Karma, Malay in S’wak squatting on Orang Asal since 1966 is Karma. PTI on the electoral rolls in Sabah is Karma.

May 13 in 1969 was Karma.

It was Karma when BN became the gov’t.

It was even worse Karma when MahaTHIEF became PM in 1981.

It was not Karma when Badawi became BN.

It was Karma when Najib became PM in 2009.

The China virus was Karma for M’sia and the world.

The PN gov’t has made the Karma even worse.

It was Karma when BN fell in GE14 on 10 May 2018, it was not Karma when PH formed the gov’t on 10 May 2018, it was Karma when PH fell in late Feb 2020, it was not Karma when PN formed the gov’t on 1 Mar 2020, it was Karma when Anwar BS did not become PM, it will be even worse Karma if he becomes Karma, it was Karma when the PTI Party seized the gov’t on 12 May 2018, it was not Karma when GRS formed the gov’t on Sept 26 last year.

Brahmin BS, supported by caste Hindu, placed an artificial prohibition on upward social mobility on the Pariah. Brahmin BS cited reincarnation, past lives, Karma from past lives and related BS based on many other superstitious notions. The artificial prohibition under the evil caste system was Karma.

The Pariah — also known as Dalit and Harijan (children of God) in north India — are casteless/outcaste i.e. untouchable, unlookable, unapproachable Hindu under the evil caste system. That’s Karma.

In law, there can be no discrimination. That’s Karma.

The Indian Constitution outlawed the evil caste system in 1947. That’s Karma.

The British used the evil caste system to divide and rule India for 150 years. That’s Karma.

Brahmin BS and caste Hindu claim that it was the British who created the evil caste system.

Hindu are great liars.

The British did not discover the law of Karma. They did not create the theories used to justify the evil caste system viz. reincarnation, past lives, Karma from past lives and related BS based on superstitious notions.

Karma is not what Brahmin BS, caste Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim believe.

Journalism is about bad news. That’s Karma.

Nothing is an issue unless it appears in the media. That’s Karma.

The people have a herd mentality, as a result of the media, and believe in following a fad. That’s Karma.

Politics is about public perceptions. That’s Karma.

The more we fight karma, the more it will fight us. In Karma, both sides “suffer” i.e. the person responsible for the Karma and the one on the receiving end.

This is not superstition.

It’s the guilty conscience that kills. Those who block the “clear energy” will be moved out of the way.

Karma is neutral. It needs to be neutralised. Karmic forces exhaust themselves sooner or later. That does not mean that it will go away anytime soon. It may be a very long time before karmic forces exhaust themselves.

Karma can be neutralised if we take everything that happens as a blessing in disguise, look for the silver lining in the clouds, count the blessings, and be thankful and grateful so that we will have even more reasons to be thankful and grateful tomorrow.

It’s not heads I win, tails you lose.

Keep the conscience clear.

When we have clear conscience, we are sin-free and enter a state of Grace for the blessings of God. Miracles happen.

These are eternal laws based on eternal truths.

Personal experience reveals eternal laws on eternal truths.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

We should look at the true definition of Karma, not superstitious notions which exist among Hindu, Buddhist, and even majority Muslim and others. The Holy Bible, the Word of God, has the True Definition of Karma.

Word of God refers to eternal laws on eternal truths. Karma is an eternal law based on an eternal truth.

Having said that, the gov’t in Putrajaya needs a permanent policy on LOCAL lockdown until the virus disappears. There should be no national lockdown. That’s political and economic suicide.

The local lockdown should be automatically triggered when hospitalisation for breathing difficulties related to the virus reaches a critical tipping point in red zones only.

That will prevent the public healthcare system collapsing and imploding.

The gov’t is belabouring in delusions if it thinks the virus will disappear after another three national lockdown.

It won’t because we are fighting Karma, not neutralising it.

The virus will come back stronger than ever when the national lockdown ends. That’s Karma!

Even if one person has the virus, there can be transmission, spread, cluster, surges and waves. There can be cluster after cluster, surge after surge and wave after wave.

If we are bogged down by the situation, we will never be able to connect the dots for the way forward.

Life comes in various shades of grey. There are qualifiers, exceptions, caveats, ifs and buts.

Never trust anyone who says that this or that is the be all or end all on anything.

Life is not black and white only, black only or white only. There are various shades of grey.

It’s not possible to
avoid some crowding at the local level. There have been repeated virus cases in the kampung, for example, when people go about their life in the town. They end up being repeatedly tested, the business or workplace closed for two weeks, and self-isolation and quarantine imposed.

It’s crowding at the community level that transmits and spreads the virus. Only local gov’ts, if empowered and funded, can help control crowding at the community level. The Federal, state and territorial gov’ts should cede political power to local gov’ts for bottom up democracy. Most taxes should be levied at the local level only since very little development takes place at the national and state levels.

Sabah, S’wak, should distance themselves from Malaya, the pandemic being a God-sent opportunity for more administrative powers, devolution, autonomy and a new form of self-determination.

On paper, a gov’t can do whatever it wants unless restrained by the court.

Parliamentary sittings should remain suspended until GE15. Otherwise, everyone who wants to be PM, will create political instability. Minority gov’t is lawful. Unfortunately, the wannabe PMs don’t accept that.

We should make the Moo gov’t works. I am not supporting him. I don’t support political personality cults, party politics and political parties. However, I support gov’t. We should know where politics ends and gov’t begins.

We can’t allow endless politicking between elections or attempts to bring down the gov’t. All activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy and tantamount to overthrowing lawfully established gov’t should be probed for sedition, even treason. The penalty for treason is death by hanging.

Away from that little digression on political power and gov’t, we should look at what the pandemic is all about.

It’s BS.

Nothing becomes an issue until it’s in the media. The “one size fits all” pea-brained Big Pharma is using the media, an unthinking animal, to scare the people into accepting mandated medicine — read vaccines — as our future. It’s just not about the China virus but medicine in future. Big Pharma has failed. It’s promoting mandated medicine as our future.

There are treatments for fungi, antibiotics for bacteria, but nothing can kill viruses except if they have no place to go and die out.

So, Big Pharma advocates vaccines as the ONLY way to help moderate the over reaction of the immune system to the perceived aggressiveness — CV-19 for example — of viruses in the body for acquired immunity.

Vaccination may be a good concept but only on paper. It’s a fake solution for fake problems.

The vaccination drive in M’sia is failing.

Lindung diri (protect self) may be true, lindung semua (protect all) is BS.

Vaccination will not prevent the China virus from entering the body of the vaccinated. It will not prevent the vaccinated from passing the virus to another person, even those vaccinated.

In reality, the products related to vaccination are faulty. There are allergies, side effects, longtime effects, permanent damage, fatalities and premature deaths which may come within hours and days, certainly within two years or perhaps later i.e. certainly within 10 to 20 years. Imagine, a 40 year old may die at 50 or 60 because of vaccination. Otherwise, he or she may have lived up to 70 years old or more. There’s science on premature deaths.

Immunity via vaccination may not be permanent.

The immune system loses memories as it ages and if it’s compromised or suppressed.

One tablespoon of refined sugar, for example, weakens the immune system by 50 per cent for three hours.

In nature, the immune system retains memories through exposures, infections and recoveries. Ninety nine per cent, and over, of those exposed to the China virus RECOVER and acquire natural immunity. That’s the REAL STORY on the pandemic BS.

BS is the biggest phenomenon in history. It’s based on ventilation of ignorance for packaged convenience, for a quick fix! Is McD, for example, food?

No one dies of the China virus. It does not kill. It needs the host body. The virus is not a living thing but a form of intelligence. It will only end when it has no place to go. Anything which has a beginning will have an end, Genesis tells us. Genesis is the first book in the Holy Bible, the Word of God.

The CV-19 does not exist in a test tube. It’s not a virus, bacteria or fungi.

The non-existent CV-19 does not kill. Something which does not exist cannot kill.

The human body of seven trillion cells harbours 380 trillion viruses, 60 trillion bacteria and some fungi.

“We” are not the gross human body. Let’s not go there. That’s another story.

Again, taking up the cudgels on the pandemic BS, the gov’t should ban the media from reporting on China virus cases and related deaths.

It should stop classifying deaths as CV-19 related but mention the symptoms, unleashed by the immune system, in the medical certificate of death. Don’t say 50 people died today of Covid-19. That’s BS!

The gov’t should urge all those aged 40 years and above to go for medical reviews. Those who succumbed to the China virus related symptoms had undetected underlying medical and health problems. If these problems are treated, managed and controlled, no one will die of the China virus related symptoms unleashed by the immune system.

800 people die DAILY in M’sia of various causes. Sixty per cent are due to medical errors. That’s the REAL PANDEMIC. No one talks about it.

If we talk about it, we have to question the medical course content and Big Pharma. Many doctors would be out of jobs. Perhaps only specialists and surgeons would survive a virtual bloodbath. We may have to look at the six systems of traditional Indian system and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Indian medicine is not about Hindu cowdung sniffing, drinking cow urine, bathing in cow urine and cowdung, and smearing cowdung on the forehead. Those are forms of mental illnesses arising from delusions.

The China virus, given its extremely lethal nature, appears to have been created in a test tube from the novel Corona virus.

Xijinping should be hanged for genocide and crimes against humanity.

There should be regime change in China to introduce the rule of law and bottom up democracy.

China, under the CCP, poses a grave threat to global security.

Health DG expects daily Covid-19 cases to increase to 13,000 by June 14 https://newswav.com/A2105_RGYeZQ?s=A_UIm3ng7

How many of the 13K will die of China virus related symptoms unleashed by the immune system?

The China virus itself does not kill.

CV-19 does not exist in a test tube.

800 die DAILY in M’sia of OTHER causes. Sixty per cent of these deaths are due to medical errors. Doctor is not God.

The DG should keep the pandemic BS in perspective.

Instead, he’s in cahoots with the media to mislead the people and cause public alarm.

Over 99 per cent of China virus cases will RECOVER and acquire natural immunity.

Those who die generally have UNDETECTED underlying medical and health problems.

The gov’t should persuade those aged 40 years and above to go voluntarily for medical review and get on a regime, if necessary, of treatment, control and management of underlying medical and health problems.

Stay Safe!

Use the MySejahtera App which tracks China virus related risk level.

Follow the SOP.

Avoid crowding. This is where the virus cases come from. It’s not rocket science.

Many people won’t be able to avoid some crowding.

Soon, every Malay family in Malaya will know someone who died of Covid-19.

If Malay deaths related to Covid-19 continue to increase, it will create serious political problems for the gov’t. There will be great public anger against the 2K Malay multibillionaires.

Malay are likely to take to the streets. They will demand the gov’t step down. They would want the 2K people, and the corrupt Chinese businessmen in cahoots with them, probed for abuse of power, conflict of interest, criminal breach of trust, nepotism, cronyism, collusion, bribery and personal benefits, corruption and money laundering.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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