National lockdown sheer hardship for Sabah, S’wak!

National lockdown sheer hardship for Sabah, S’wak!

Brunei sandwiched between Sabah, S’wak, Borneo territories geographically isolated from Malaya by South China Sea.

The cause of death will be in the medical certificate of death and the kad pengenalan mayat.

The National Registration Dept will issue the certificate of death based on the medical certificate of death.

It’s crowding at the community level that transmits and spreads the virus.

Again, crowding may no longer be necessary to transmit and spread the virus.

It appears the virus has transmitted and spread everywhere.

It can emerge anytime, anywhere, and form clusters, surges and waves.

Those who have not been vaccinated should stay at home. Vaccination appears a must for those working outside the home. No choice!

The vaccine can only be taken by those in good health. Otherwise, the risks are uncertain.

Anthony Fauci should be locked up, the keys thrown away.

Now, he’s claiming
the virus was made more dangerous to predict future diseases.

That’s creating fake problems for fake solutions.

It’s somewhat mystifying that Sabah, which had less than 190 virus cases at presstime, has also come under the national lockdown imposed by Putrajaya for an initial two weeks from June 1.

Sarawak had 500+ virus cases at presstime but may have wisely decided against complying buta buta (blindly) with the national lockdown.

These are contradictions in terms.

Sabah and S’wak, being geographically isolated from Malaya, should probably never come under any national lockdown. It imposes unbearable hardship on the people. Almost no one is heeding their cries. Luckily, AirAsia Farm came to the rescue of the rural people in Sabah. Their produce can still find markets amidst the pandemic although the local tamu (fair) are closed to prevent crowding.

In Brunei, sandwiched between Sabah and S’wak, there’s no national lockdown. It’s not possible to play politics with the pandemic in Brunei. In M’sia, the pandemic will probably never end until GE15 in 2023. Already, a PKR member in S’wak has been nabbed for “insulting” Agong. It may not be an isolated case. This appears as the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Diehard Sabah fan Tony Fernandes of AirAsia once said in LinkedIn that the SOP alone would suffice to manage and control the pandemic. The MySejahtera App, which not all have downloaded, can track and monitor pandemic risks especially crowding. It’s crowding at the community level that transmits and spreads the virus.

Tony F favours vaccination.

Lindung diri (protect self) may be true, but lindung semua (protect all) may be taking liberties with the truth.

The jury is not out on what the vaccine can and cannot do. It does not prevent the variant from the novel Corona virus from entering the body of the vaccinated. Vaccination does not prevent the vaccinated from passing the virus to another vaccinated person.

There’s a case for Sabah and S’wak against buta buta following Putrajaya and Malaya. The top down approach does not work in the two Borneo territories. The bottom up approach, spearheaded by local gov’ts, is better placed to manage and control the pandemic.

There must be leadership in Sabah and S’wak on the pandemic. This is where both states fall apart. The lack of leadership, coupled with the absence of political will in Putrajaya, has also denied both states on Borneo rights. Anyway, let’s not go there. That’s another story, for another day when there’s nothing much on Astro.

Patently, in two weeks, virus cases in the Land Below the Wind will be down to double digits. Then, in the absence of the much discussed herd immunity acquired by 40 to 70 per cent of the population being vaccinated, the cases could flare up again. Some crowding cannot be avoided. There may be new clusters, surges and waves. Deja vu! This has happened many times in Sabah, and S’wak, since the pandemic began.

Even one infected person can result in a new lockdown. Even one infected person anywhere in the world can keep the pandemic going. CV-19 is a contagion.

Vaccination merely helps buy more time. Hopefully, the variant of the novel Corona virus said to have been made in a test tube will have no place to go. In that case, it will die out. Apparently, the variant appears more lethal to the immune system. It unleashes a multiplicity of symptoms labelled as CV-19. There are many treatments available for these symptoms. According to current figures, depending on the viral load, more than 99 per cent of those with the symptoms recover. This doesn’t make headlines in the media. Journalism is about bad news.

Unfortunately, an average 50 people have been dying daily in M’sia of symptoms attributed to CV-19. In keeping things in perspective, 800 people die daily in M’sia of other causes including medical errors. No media mentions this. 30K people die daily in China, 24K in India and 8K in the US. One shocking worldwide study found that medical errors cause 60 per cent of deaths. Again, that’s another story, for another day.

Lockdown has only one purpose viz. prevent the public healthcare system collapsing and imploding in the wake of clusters, surges and waves brought about by the pandemic which began early last year although labelled Corona virus disease Year 2019.

It’s not rocket science that the three lockdown underway, one after another, will help bring down the number of virus cases reported, even if Emergency didn’t. It will certainly prevent the public healthcare system collapsing and imploding.

In any case, the hospitalisation phenomenon has only been feared but never been experienced by any country before or after the pandemic began. The public healthcare system even in India for example, which recorded 400K cases a day two weeks ago, did not collapse and implode. The hospitals in certain red zones may have experienced great distress but they never gave up and went home. In India, the issue was not the shortage of oxygen as widely reported. The country ran out of cylinders although it has an enormous number of them. Apparently, India may have the largest oxygen production capacity in the world.

This raises a question: Can the public healthcare system in any country ever collapse and implode in the face of even a pandemic.

My thesis statement, as a former senior Biology teacher among others, is that it cannot.

My sub-thesis statement is that the economy and politics can collapse and implode if we don’t have a way forward on the pandemic. There must be thinking on the subject for a final solution which will embrace future pandemics as well. If we are bogged down by the situation, we will never be able to connect the dots.

Hospitals, and the public healthcare system, it stands to reason, will always adjust as the patients come in. I am told that even those with breathing difficulties caused by CV-19 for example, can be sent home to recover provided they have two oxygen cylinders with them all the time. According to the medical literature, CV-19 is a respiratory illness, the like of which has never before been experienced. It’s a contagion as well entering the body through the mouth, nose and eyes from the hands. That’s where regular hand washing and sanitisation comes in.

Other CV-19 patients, doctors agree, can recover at home with or without the treatments currently available at hospitals for various symptoms unleashed by the immune system.

Let’s focus on economic recovery and live, for want of a better term, with the pandemic. The living should not envy the dead.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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