KNOWN FACTS . . . World mortality figures show 687 people die daily in M’sia!

Someone staying at Pin B, an apartment block, ordered food from Pin C via Grab Food, while parked just outside Pin A, a shopping complex.

He gave Grab Food the delivery address, Pin B, and added notes to the driver in the App.

He didn’t message the driver directly.

Normally, he would order food from Pin B and message the delivery address directly to the driver via the App when Pin C says the food is on the way.

The Grab App sent the driver with the food from Pin C, pass Pin B, to Pin A where no one was waiting.

The driver called the customer from Pin A. The customer sent him the Pin B address.

Robots . . .

The great majority of human beings, like AI, are robots. Like animals, they work on instincts most of the time. They are robots in bio-chemical form.

By the time you finish reading this comment, you will be convinced that the great majority of human beings, just like AI, are not intelligent. The hardware and software remain inferior. They are certainly riff-raff, criminals, frauds, liars, corrupt and incorrigible.

In intelligent countries, like America for example, the brightest and best lead the way for All.

In M’sia, the riff-raff squat on all. That will continue until eternity unless Indian, Chinese, get their votes right instead of being misled by DAP BS and race-based parties.

India, another example, isn’t as intelligent as America the Beautiful.

In India, although the law says no discrimination, the Pariah can’t be priests in Hindu temples.

Hindu still look at the Hindu evil caste system and astrological charts when marrying. If they marry outside the caste, they will be declared Pariah under the Hindu evil caste system.

Brahmin BS and caste Hindu claim that there’s no evil caste system in Hinduism and that the British created it.

It was the Hindu who discovered Karma, not the British. The Hindu evil caste system is based on a depraved, distorted, degenerate and deviated form of Karma.

Buddhism, a variation of Hinduism, follows the same version of Karma although there’s no evil caste system in the Faith.

Buddhism promotes a form of zombieism based on their take on Karma. In China, where there’s no freedom of conscience, only Buddhism is recognised and accepted. The communists don’t understand Karma.

Word of God . . .

The complete, and true, Definition of Karma is in the Holy Bible, the Word of God. It’s about the spiritual nature of truth.

Word of God does not mean that God came down and said something.

Word of God refers to eternal laws based on eternal truths. Mathematics and physics are the nearest to God.

All the laws of science are Word of God.

Jesus explained Truth and Faith.

Word of God and God are synonymous. There’s no God separate from Word of God.

Rule of Law . . .

India, and China, for all their claims as great civilisations, never discovered the rule of law, the basis of constitutional law.

Hindu evil caste system . . .

India pays lip service to the rule of law. It’s ruled by the Hindu evil caste system.

Law of the Jungle . . .

China is ruled by the law of the jungle. The spirit of the law is missing.

Most racist, colour-conscious . . .

India remains the most racist and colour-conscious country in history. Don’t take my word for it. Just read the matrimonial ads in Indian newspapers.

Greatest liars . . .

The Brahmin BS, who created the Hindu evil caste system, are the greatest liars in history.

They are criminals and incorrigible.

Many Indian run away to America because of the Hindu evil caste system. In America, Indian avoid Negro like the plague.

Even Kamala Harris, half Jamaican, avoid Negro like the plague. She contributes to two Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu, southeast India. Her mother was Brahmin Tamil. Brahmin, who cross the waters or marry outside the caste are declared Pariah under the Hindu evil caste system.

Negro worse than Pariah . . .

No people in history hate the Negro as much as Indian. Under the Hindu evil caste system, Negro are worse than Pariah.

Intelligence . . .

Intelligence can be defined simply as the ability to learn from mistakes.

Always begin with Definitions.

There’s a strong element of calculated risk-taking, leadership skills, free speech, freedom of conscience and respect for human rights in intelligence.

All these cannot be found in China for example. That’s why it copy pastes, plagiarises, indulges in copyright infringement, and theft of technology and intellectual property rights.

Chinaman are the most corrupt creatures in history. They make anything they touch go bad.

I haven’t come to what’s genius, magic and miracles. That’s beyond intelligence.

I haven’t touched on consciousness.

I won’t mention delusions. Science has left out delusions from the list of mental illnesses.

I won’t mention insanity i.e. doing the same old things which previously failed, in the same old way, and expecting different and better results, as in M’sia where Malay take extreme positions.

Malay were Pariah, not so long ago, when they were Hindu.

The unthinking gov’t, bogged down by insanity, is trying to educate the Malay beyond their intelligence.

The quota system covers even critical disciplines under the guise of Article 153, NEP, ketuanan Melayu and bangsa agama negara and derma.

MahaTHIEF, the visitation from Hell, makes up stories on ketuanan Melayu as he goes along. STUPID DAP BS fell for it in GE14.

Rote learning . . .

The lack of intelligence can be seen in rote learning where students learn past years questions and answers by heart and score all As in public exams. The Chinese are the number one rote learners in history.

Universities, another example, take out the brains of fresh school leavers and send them out into the world brainless. Universities only fail to work their mischief with mature students.

Shades of Grey . . .

Unlike a tiny minority of human intelligence, AI hasn’t the ability to see life as various shades of grey. In grey thinking, there are exceptions, qualifiers, caveats, ifs and buts. It’s abstract, complex and sophisticated.

Grey thinkers are not bogged down by situations. They can connect the dots for the Way Forward.

The great majority of human beings, like AI, think black only or white only or black and white only. S’pore balls carrier of China Kishore Madubhani isn’t a grey thinker.

Black and white only thinking can be found among lawyers, for example. They belabour in the delusion that the letter of the law is the sum total of the rule of law. The spirit of the law is missing.

Senior lawyer Ganesan, for example, gave a brilliant explanation in the unthinking malaysiakini on what the Agong and/or the Federal Court should do or not do with MainHiding. It was all based on the letter of the law which isn’t law at all. It’s the law of the jungle since the spirit of the law is missing.

Ganesan never mentioned that the parties named do not have to do anything.

He never mentioned that the Federal Court isn’t like the Supreme Court of India.

In India, politicians, unions, civil service, NGOs, the police and the press shiver before the Supreme Court of India and the Elections Commission.

In M’sia, the Federal Court, Elections Commission, unions, civil service, NGOs, the police and the press shiver before politicians.

The Agong isn’t like the President in India and the US. No court will go against the Agong. Ganesan didn’t mention that in the unthinking malaysiakini.

Malaysiakini BIG BS . . .

Unthinking malaysiakini remains cakap bukan serupa bikin, indah khabar dari rupa.

It’s not true that freedom of speech is a space that the unthinking malaysiakini protects. Don’t believe it’s promotional ads for subscriptions.

Unthinking malaysiakini denies the right of reply, blocks phones and email addresses and permanently suspends subscription accounts while begging for public donations and holding workshops on investigative journalism.

It avoids investigative journalism like the plague.

There’s a lack of intelligence in unthinking malaysiakini as in M’sia.

Fake science . . .

Just look at Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah trying to scare the people with the Delta and Lambda variants. Fake science isn’t science.

Lambda is a variant of interest. It causes no symptoms or mild symptoms. Other variants of interest are kappa, theta and eta.

According to the WHO, there’s no proof that Delta brings more severe illness than the other variants of concern viz. alpha, beta and gamma.

There’s no gamma in M’sia, according to MoH charts.

Fauci is a criminal and a fraud as alleged by untouchable from India and American scientist Dr Shiva Ayyadurai and Dr Rashid Buttar who came to America from England.

Americans should beat Fauci to death for misleading them.

I would rather give up journalism than lie like CNN everyday.

Stay at Home . . .

RM0 Bermula 10 Ogos, aktiviti solat sahaja dibenarkan di masjid & surau bagi Jemaah yang telah menerima vaksinasi lengkap.

RM0 Mulai 10 Ogos, penganut selain Islam yang telah mendapat vaksinasi lengkap dibenarkan sembahyang di rumah-rumah ibadat.

Labuan Disaster Management Committee chairman Rithuan Ismail said travellers from Labuan need a police permit, negative PCR test results and interstate travel approval from the Sabah government to enter the mainland.

If you are not vaccinated or do not want to be vaccinated, stay at home. Go out, but only briefly, once a week or once in two weeks. Wear the triple mask.

The Holy Bible, the Word of God, says, “stay behind the doors until the fury of the Lord has passed”.

Keep the curtains closed, the virus particles are in the dust-laden breeze.

The virus in the open will die within four hours.

If you are 40 years old and above, go for medical review to detect underlying medical and health problems. If any are detected, get on a regime of treatment, management and control.

CV-19 finishes off those who have undetected underlying medical and health problems.

The gov’t should advise those aged 40 and above that medical reviews can help beat the pandemic. There’s a lack of intelligence in gov’t. It’s unthinking!

If you vaccinated and catch CV-19,  it will not progress beyond category 2 (mild symptoms). At the worst, category 4 (oxygen support).

Category 3 pneumonia.

Catgeory 5 ventilator.

Category 1 no symptoms.

Only 1.2 per cent of daily virus cases in M’sia are categories 3 to 5 and need hospitalisation.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin gave the above figures from MoH data on Fri 6 Aug 2021.

The Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz said on Sat 7 Aug that the gov’t in future will only announce hospitalisation figures.

The Finance Minister cited S’wak as an example. Although daily virus cases in the territory average 400 daily, only 2 per cent or less than 10 patients are hospitalised in categories 3 to 5.

Yet, despite less than 10 people being hospitalised daily in S’wak with CV-19 related symptoms, the territorial gov’t sought an extension of the Emergency for another six months from Mon 2 Aug.

Covid-19, or no Covid-19, people die daily . . .

In 2019, according to the unthinking malaysiakini, 476 people died daily in M’sia. According to world mortality figures, 687 people die daily in M’sia, 8K in US, 24K in India, and 30K in China.

At 7.6 persons per 1K, 687 people are dying daily in M’sia.

According to MoH, CV-19 is finishing off an average 200+- people daily in M’sia. Most of them have co-morbidities i.e. undetected underlying medical and health problems.

Read further here . . .

While Jaimin Samitah was reported to have received his full vaccination against Covid-19, it was not stated when he had completed his vaccination.

I believe that you have to wait 21 days at home after the 1st dose. Don’t go out.

Then, you can take the 2nd dose.

After the 2nd dose, stay at home for 21 days before going out.

Moderna vaccine is single dose. You have to stay at home 28 days. Then, you can go out.

Nicolas Anil,

M’sia will lie at the bottom in sports and everything in life for a very very long time to come until it realises there’s a Way Forward. That’s Karma! No one can escape Karma.

The brightest and best must lead the way for All. The riff-raff cannot continue to squat on All.

Karma is neutral. Keep the conscience clear.

Karmic forces exhaust themselves sooner or later provided neutralised. Those who block the clear energy — read riff-raff — will be moved out of the way. GE14 on 10 May 2018 was a beginning.

It’s the guilty conscience that kills.

Karma is the 1st Law in Sanatana (science) Dharma (duties).

Karma is an eternal law based on an eternal truth.

The complete Definition of Karma can be found in the Holy Bible, the Word of God. It’s about the spiritual nature of truth.

Word of God does not mean God came down and said something. Word of God and God are synonymous. There’s no God separate from Word of God.

Word of God refers to eternal laws on eternal truths.

All the laws of science are Word of God. Mathematics and physics are the nearest to God.

Jesus explained Truth and Faith.

Law remains about regulating relationships including human.

Law, ultimately, remains the power of language.

Law Professor Who Survived COVID-19 Sues George Mason University Over Vaccine Mandate

By GQ Pan

August 9, 2021 Updated: August 9, 2021

A George Mason University law professor is suing the school over its vaccine mandate, arguing that he has already acquired immunity after recovering from COVID-19 and therefore shouldn’t have to get vaccinated.

Todd Zywicki, who is about to begin his 24th year teaching at George Mason in Virginia, said he contracted the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus last spring. He had multiple positive antibody tests since his recovery, and they suggested a high level of immune protection against the virus.

Zywicki said he volunteered to teach in person last year, but the university’s vaccination policy makes it difficult for him to do so this fall.

“My employer, a state institution, is requiring COVID vaccines. In my case, vaccination is unnecessary and potentially risky,” he wrote in an op-ed published on Wall Street Journal. “My only other options are to teach remotely or to seek a medical exemption that would require me to wear a mask, remain socially distanced from faculty or students during, say, office hours, and submit to weekly testing.”

At George Mason, all students were required to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination by Aug. 1, except for online-only students and those who have an approved medical or religious exemption.

Faculty and staff must have at least one COVID-19 shot by Aug. 15 and submit proof of full vaccination by Oct. 1.

According to the university’s website, students and employees can meet the vaccination requirement by receiving any vaccine approved by the World Health Organization. That includes China-produced Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines, the effectiveness of which remains under question.

“Whatever the university’s reasoning for endorsing these low-quality vaccines while slighting natural immunity, it clearly doesn’t stand up on public-health grounds,” Zywicki said.

Zywicki further argued that not only COVID-19 vaccination is unnecessary for him, but it could be potentially dangerous.

“COVID-recovered individuals have been mostly excluded from the vaccine clinical trials, rendering any claims about the purported safety for this group largely speculative,” Zywicki wrote, citing a March 2021 study that suggests that COVID-19 survivors are more likely to experience severe side effects from vaccination than those who have never been infected.

In an emailed statement, George Mason University said it has no comment on the specifics of Zywicki’s lawsuit, adding that its decisions have been guided by “currently available medical and scientific information” and guidelines issued by federal and state public health agencies.

“Based on this information and guidance, we believe that the steps we are taking will best protect the health and safety of the Mason community and allow the Mason community to engage in a vibrant in-person campus experience,” the university said.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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