BREAKING NEWS! AirAsia Group, money laundering, PROOF court system needs REFORMS . . .

AirAsia Group, money laundering, PROOF court system needs REFORMS . . .

The letter of the law isn’t sum total of rule of law!

AirAsiaX, probably never in the best of health from the beginning, remains reportedly bogged down by nearly RM65b in debts. The rest of the AirAsia Group seems to have emerged relatively unscathed despite the loss of passenger support in the wake of the pandemic. I am not sure about AirBus and the banks in Europe.

There should be due diligence and forensic accounting on AirAsiaX and the rest of the AirAsia Group.

It will probably help rule out another financial Scandal in the making. I stand corrected.
Instead, based on the special circumstances created by the pandemic, AirAsiaX will reportedly be home free after paying out RM200m to settle the RM65b debts. If creditors accept the settlement, the court will not oppose it. 

Money isn’t the be all and end all of life.

Principles matter. Man does not live by bread alone.
Fomca failed to note that, rightly or wrongly, there has been closure in court. 
It can be said that the court failed the people on AirAsiaX refunds.

It didn’t query AirAsiaX on the refunds just as it puts on blinkers and fails to query the source of suspect funds. The DoJ at the same time, in a contradiction in terms, can get back billions for M’sia in “open and shut” cases based on the Definition of money laundering in international law.

If the court takes a wide latitude in interpretation, based on the spirit of the law, the people will regain their faith in the court system.

Instead, the court like the legal fraternity, allegedly belabours in the delusion that the letter of the law remains the sum total of the rule of law. Google CJ Richard Malanjum’s farewell address on the rule of law, the basis of the Constitution.

The toothless ang pow hungry MaVCom isn’t court. It can only probably enforce something, for want of a better term, if the matter had not gone to court and ang pow isn’t at risk.
I advised Tony F in LinkedIn more than once that he won’t win if he fights the passengers, the reason he exists. 

Tony F has probably become arrogant after taking the AirAsia Group beyond aviation. He had always been humble, albeit previously, with passengers. Now, he has become kurang ajar, and openly accuses them of being “haters”, along with the social media.

Passengers are not creditors.

AirAsiaX can give full refund in the form of credits valid for an extraordinary three years given the special circumstances created by the pandemic. 

However, in fairness, passengers would have to purchase tickets at the prevailing price which may be higher than the credits held.
Many people will not fly for the next two years despite the hype feverishly worked up by Tony F in LinkedIn. It’s not rocket science.

The money mad Big Pharma, control freak politicians and the unthinking media have used the pandemic since 2019 to scare the people and zap public confidence. 

The people have neutralised Karma — cause and effect — by accepting the reality of living with the virus. Time will exhaust the Karmic forces.
Big Pharma, the politicians and the media won’t be able to use the pandemic to scare the people forever. 

The self-correcting social media, after having killed the print media, will bury the online media for denying the right of reply, exercising self-censorship, imposing censorship, blocking and banning people; facilitating, based on ignorance, contempt of court; avoiding the concept of free press and the 4th Estate, avoiding investigative journalism like the plague, compiling known facts and passing that off as OPINION, practising ang pow journalism, and generally ignoring matters of public concern and public interest while shamelessly collecting funds from the public under one guise or another and from political parties, the US State Dept and CIA, among others.

The proof lies in the reality that no online media in M’sia is breaking even. Yet, they can employ so many people, and go on for years and years.

One online media was set up after a coup attempt, masterminded by politicians at another site, failed. Deja vu!
Again, the AirAsia Group will perhaps survive since it has gone beyond aviation and emerged as a Company driven by innovations — i.e. new way of doing old things — brought by technology.

The gov’t, plagued by Malaysia Airlines, was waiting for AirAsia to DIE! This remains an open secret.

Now, they probably would have to close down Malaysia Airlines or risk throwing more good money after bad. It’s a bottomless pit fuelled by incompetence, self-serving unionism promising votes for the gov’t, institutionalised racism, rotten politics, corruption under the guise of “business” and political interference.

In an earlier Blog piece before the pandemic, after German CEO Christoph Mueller was unceremoniously sacked on national TV, I said the gov’t has three Options on Malaysia Airlines:

hand over Malaysia Airlines to Tony F to merge it with Singapore Airlines. This was based on Tony F himself saying that his dream was to run Singapore Airlines;

hand over to me since it’s a question of leadership, not management . . . (I was not joking. I spelled out in a Blog piece my plans for Malaysia Airlines in full. The gov’t adopted some measures); or
close it down Malaysia Airlines after a General Election and get the workforce to replace some of the foreign workers in the country or enter the Gig Economy like others who are willing to suffer and come up in life. 

Encouraging the Dependency Syndrome for votes, based on womb to tomb policies and the quota system, isn’t sustainable after the last half century and more since the British left Malaya.  

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[20/11, 01:15] Toffee: 

How can your views be “BREAKING NEWS?” After sometime people don’t look at it

[20/11, 14:36] JF: 

So far, only two people have asked about BREAKING NEWS. The first was a lawyer who has since stopped criticising or challenging me.

BREAKING NEWS isn’t based on my Views. Opinion isn’t law. Only the court can declare law.
BREAKING NEWS is based on looking for the spirit of the law and/or connecting the dots, and pointing it out.

Surprisingly, many people who read are those who can’t speak English but understand it and foreigners.

A lady in China just wrote to me on Messenger. She has a western name.

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Vaccine and vaccination fake solutions for fake problem.

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