BREAKING NEWS! . . . Vaccines giving false sense of security to people, they end up DEAD . . .

Vaccines giving false sense of security to people, they end up DEAD . . .

Stay at home, follow SOP in public, no science behind Covid-19 vaccines, it’s all about MONEY!

FB would probably remove the above post although they have toned down considerably on so-called fake news on the pandemic.

The Fake News phrase, which led to so-called fact-checking, is BS re-discovered in mid-2016 by Buzzfeed’s media editor, Craig Silverman, originating from 140 websites in Veles, Macedonia.

In fact, even before mid-2016, there have been stories like “Elvis is still alive”, “John Kennedy didn’t die in Dallas” etc etc

The court decides on Fake News.

In law, those who accuse must prove it.

There must be right of reply in response to so-called Fake News.

Trump, for example, does not get the right of reply on CNN although the network accuses him every day of spreading “the Big Lie” after alleging “the Big Steal”.

In law, Trump’s right. There was no electoral integrity in US 2020. Electoral integrity, electoral fraud and voter fraud are not synonymous.

The issue is electoral integrity, not electoral fraud or voter fraud.

Electoral integrity is about the system, the process. Everyone must play by the same rules.

In law, no election is free of fraud. What matters in court is whether the extent of fraud affected outcome in seats.

The Washington Post’s recent “Democracy Dies in Darkness” BS Article was the proverbial three monkeys syndrome on the very basis of the US Constitution i.e. electoral integrity. It was hailed as a masterpiece. Of course, it was a masterpiece on BS!

Democracy isn’t about voting every four years and going home and sleeping.

The Farmers Movement in India is an example. After months on the streets, they forced “no compromises, no surrender” Modi to withdraw three Agricultural Bills which favoured big business. It’s a setback for modernisation, but the farmers are in no mood for change.

Democracy only works if the people participate.

They should form movements on every issue and take to the streets if the gov’t refuses to enter into dialogue and/or the court behaves like the US Supreme Court on electoral integrity.

Jan 6 was a People’s Movement for electoral integrity, not an insurrection as depicted by CNN and the Democrats. Some people may have got carried away, or there may have been agent provocateurs in the gathering.

The people have a right to take to the streets.

In US 2020, the African-American community secured a disproportionate share of political power through the “Black Lives Matter” Movement although making up only 10 per cent of the population. The US gov’t, for example, reserves 60+ per cent of medical seats for African-Americans to make up for historical injustices. These seats are taken up by Africans from Africa, not Americans. The locals can’t rise to the occasion.

If Trump is a threat to American democracy, it’s because the people rooted for a political personality cult, party politics, hardcore card carrying membership in political parties and new forms of tribalism and feudalism under the guise of “democracy”.

The Founding Fathers created the electoral college system to prevent a person like Trump being elected President through the popular vote. Yet, Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by three million votes, and was elected President by the electoral college.

In 2020, Trump secured 74 million votes, higher than the 63 million in 2016. The 74m was the highest in history for a sitting president.

Trump lost 2020. Biden obtained an allegedly mathematically impossible 81m votes and secured the electoral college allegedly because there was no electoral integrity.

In law, a line must be drawn somewhere, lest Pandora’s Box opens. No court will allow the floodgates to open.

Yet, the US Supreme Court abdicated its responsibility on electoral integrity by maintaining that every vote, presumably whether properly cast or otherwise, must be counted and that the state legislatures must decide on how the US Presidential election is conducted.

If there’s civil war in the US on electoral integrity, blame the US Supreme Court.

Generally, FB does not impose censorship, deny the right of reply, violate the right of free speech and freedom of the Press. Yet, it has banned Trump permanently, although its own Oversight Board has queried the decision and ruled that the social media giant must justify the ban within six months or lift the ban. In law, there can be no discrimination.

FB’s Community Standards must be enforced by FaceBookers themselves and not the social media giant. Deja Vu!

An Editor told me a few days ago, “Ah! This I agree. I can use it.”

What does that mean? It means that he only publishes Articles if he agrees with the contents. He’s not alone in imposing censorship. Wither free speech bla bla bla!

In law, what Latheefa KoyaKutty Appalapu Mochakotta said about consent is true.

The gov’t will claim that they did not force vaccinate anyone.

They will further claim that only those who consented were vaccinated. As proof, they will point at the estimated five per cent in the country who remain unvaccinated.

Can anyone prove in court that vaccines for Covid-19 are not useless?

Where’s the science behind it?

I am keeping an open mind.

Labuan, which has been 100 per cent vaccinated, has become a Red Zone.

James Masing would probably be still alive today if he had not been double vaccinated and instead followed the SOP when not staying at home.

The gov’t claims that he recovered after being infected and tested negative.

He died a week later, according to the gov’t, of heart complications.

Another report claims lung complications.

Masing himself told Borneo Post that he thought he was safe after being double vaccinated. He suffered category 3 symptoms i.e. pneumonia.

Even those with cancer take years to die. Covid-19 symptoms kill within a week to 10 days.

Nothing can kill a virus.

There are treatments for symptoms . . . antibiotics when bad bacteria overcomes good bacteria and creams for fungal infections.

Again, James Masing would still be alive today if he had stayed at home, and followed the SOP in public, whether vaccinated or otherwise.

That’s proof that vaccination isn’t necessary. It did not protect James Masing.

The focus should be on staying at home, and following the SOP if in public, not on vaccination, double dose, booster dose bla bla bla.

Fauci now says that the number of shots to be fully vaccinated cannot be fixed.

What does that mean? Endless number of shots?

Vaccination gives a false sense of security to the vaccinated. So, they end up being infected because they don’t stay at home and don’t follow SOP in public. That’s how James Masing ended up DEAD.

No court in the world will accept vaccination. There’s no science behind it, only fake science or pseudo science. Vaccination is fake solution for fake problem.

Again, James Masing died because as he told Borneo Post, in his own words, “I thought that I was safe after being vaccinated. I have category 3, pneumonia. Let’s see how it goes”.

What does that mean?

He didn’t stay at home and didn’t follow the SOP in public.

“The case involved a man who worked as an officer at the Parliament, who has no record of any prior chronic illnesses. He had also completed his vaccination on July 11, 2021…

Vaccine useless . . .

Staying at home, SOP in public, the only protection.

Had my 3rd dose done at the QE1 today. No Sinovac so I make do with Pfizer. The medical personnels reassured me it’s OK n safe. So let’s hope I will be okay. And I was advised No Gym Training today. Hahaha

Peter Dicky Lee,

Will vaccination protect you without staying at home and SOP in public?


So, what’s the purpose of vaccination?

There’s no purpose if only staying at home and SOP in public can protect you.

Avoid crowding. Fibrosis i.e. hardening of the lung cells and fluid in the lungs are the two symptoms that kill in seven to 10 days.

There’s no hope if fibrosis is at 50 per cent.

Not everyone can recover from fluid in the lungs i.e. pneumonia (category 3), need for oxygen support (category 4) and need for ventilator support (category 5).

The patient will end up DEADER than DEAD once the brain is deprived of oxygen for three to four minutes. The blood pressure will drop and there will be cardiac arrest i.e. no electricity through the heart. The heart will simply stop.

Vaccination cheats the gov’t of billions in public funds.

Jean-Michel Piedagnel,

The Omicron variant of concern (VoC) in South Africa came from the Delta and Delta Plus VoC.

Delta and Delta Plus are present worldwide.

Does the world think the Delta and Delta Plus in their countries would not make errors in replication?

Errors will happen and these mutations will see the emergence of another VoC.

The issue isn’t the new VoC but whether they are deadlier and more contagious.

Delta and Delta Plus were not more deadlier than other VoC but they were more contagious.

It’s unlikely that Omicron would be deadlier than other VoC. The energy isn’t there.

It remains to be seen whether Omicron would be more contagious than Delta and Delta Plus.

We have to wait eight weeks, according to the WHO.

Gov’ts should stop misleading the people on vaccination. Vaccines will not protect. Staying at home or the SOP, when in public, will protect even the unvaccinated.

Those who don’t stay at home, and ignore the SOP in public may be infected by the virus, whether vaccinated or otherwise.

It’s not the vaccines that provide protection but staying at home, and complying with the SOP if in public.

Those who don’t stay at home and don’t comply with the SOP in public will be infected even if they are fully vaccinated.

What does this show?

Vaccines are BS! There’s no science behind the vaccines.

Vaccines are based on fake science. It’s fake solution for a fake problem.

Those who think vaccines protect against the pandemic should try ignoring the SOP in public.

That’s how James Masing ended up DEADER than DEAD.

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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