BREAKING NEWS! . . . M’sia can’t explain position on ‘Palestinian cause’ . . .

M’sia’s position on ‘Palestinian cause’ based on collective amnesia . . .

Many Arab nations recognise Jewish state concept for the Way Forward in the Middle East.

International customary practices, the basis of international law, is all about human rights.

Malaysia, by denying visa to Israeli athletes, has violated their human rights.

The international community must act against M’sia and declare it a loony bin, a first in history which will enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

If M’sia wants to punch above its weight like “living in the colonial past” Britain for example, to the amusement of the world, it won’t get away with anything. It’s not possible for the ant, no matter how ambitious, to mount the elephant. Repeating past mistakes, in the hope of getting different and better results this time, is the Definition of Insanity.

Britain, it must be noted, only gets away to the extent it’s allowed to do so. Except for curry the national dish, England does not have locus standi on anything including English. It has become an Indian language after Hinglish thoroughly mauled it and added headshakes and Namaste as well.

India is an English word which comes from the Greek Ind, a reference to the Indus River.

Indonesia is an English word from the Greek Indos (Indian) and Nesos (Islands).

English . . .

The English language will only return to England with headshakes and Namaste included along with iddli, upumau, dosai, chapati, naan, sambar, chutney, thokku, palak paneer, poddhi, rasam, tairu, morru, lassi, halwa and kayseri in the national cuisine along with roast beef and fish and chips.

Rasam is good for blood glucose control and immune system health.

Already, Prince Charles has adopted the no touching Namaste form of greeting in the wake of the pandemic, in preference to ridiculous looking elbow bumps, fistbumps and foot tapping. Next, bum bumps or feeling the youknowwhat may follow. Nose rubbing won’t return since the virus enters through it as well.

Again, re locus standi, the Supreme Court of India, based on novel developments in law, is a far superior institution compared with the Supreme Court in the UK, for example, and the US where it disgraced itself on US 2020 by abdicating responsibility for electoral integrity, the very basis of the US Constitution arising from the inherent basic features Doctrine.

Rule of Law . . .

It’s unfortunate that the Supreme Court in the US has seen better days. It was the rule of law begun in the King’s palace that saw England, a tiny nation with 10m people, on the path to world domination and Britannia ruling the waves. The British Empire, at its height, ruled a quarter of the globe. The sun set, although it was said that the sun will never set, and the Empire last one thousand years. Deja Vu! (et tu Hitler).

Again, if M’sia punches above its weight, it will pay a heavy price, and there’s no evidence that it can afford to do so and live to tell the tale.

Spoonfuls . . .

“Spoonfuls of blood (Indian)” Mahathir in a Malay moment, it may be recalled, tried New Delhi on Kashmir and paid a heavy price as the bottom fell out of the market. The Saudi King also told Mahathir’s “comrade in shame” Imran Khan, “Kashmir is Hindu land. Islam came from outside” in rejecting an OIC meet on Kashmir. India was also accorded Observer status.

It’s a Catch 22 situation . . . (To get a job, one needs work experience. To get work experience, one needs a job).

It’s a Zero Sum Game . . . (For one side to win, the other side must lose. If the other side does not lose, one side cannot win).

M’sia has painted itself into a corner on the Middle East in more ways than one and finds itself forever out of events, functions and Forums where Israel is present. No Arab and Muslim nation may be in this predicament.

M’sia remains on the same page as Israel on the “no pork” Mantra. However, unlike in M’sia, there’s no mass hysteria in Israel on pork eating.

Malusia moment . . .

It’s telling that the Palestinian Ambassador complained in the media, not so long ago, that except for one NGO, others in Malaysia which collected donations for the “Palestinian cause” did not hand them over since, according to Hadi Awang, “corruption isn’t a sin in Islam”. It may not be halal (permitted) but harus i.e. neither halal nor haram (sacred and protected and therefore not permitted).

The Chinese say “the fish rots from the head”.

This is a malusia moment i.e. for putting the face in the toilet bowl. (Malu is Malay for shame). Of course, there’s no shame . . . (Malu apa BossKu! as “Cash is King” Najib said . . . No need to be ashamed Boss).

In Japan, they would have committed hara kiri, even if they were not caught with the pants down. It may be recalled that Mahathir, a shameless creature himself from Kerala in southwest India, advised Malay to have a sense of shame as in Japan and commit hara kiri.

Of course, his protege Najib begs to differ . . . Malu apa BossKu! must be included in the Kamus Dewan and the Oxford English Dictionary.

In BolehLand (from M’sia Boleh or M’sia Can) it’s a strange new world where the inbreeding shows and the recessive characteristics come to the surface. In the land of the lowest common denominator, the one-eyed Jack gets crowned King.

The gov’t never investigated the Ambassador’s complaint. It indulges in wishful thinking and living on hopes that the errant NGO will hand over the donations for the “Palestinian cause”.

Beyond Definition . . .

What’s the “Palestinian cause”?

This remains a cause which may be beyond definition except in the kampung in Malaya where the wannabe Arab run amok in serban, jubah, face veil and tudung. Only the stinking camel and desert mirages are missing from the delusions in equatorial Malaya, humid and very warm.

M’sia continues playing “politics” with the “Palestinian cause” for votes in the kampung. History cannot be based on collective amnesia, whether driven by taqiyya (deliberately lying) and kitman (lying by omission), or otherwise.

What does the Malaysian gov’t know about the “Palestinian cause?”

Wisma Putra, the Foreign Ministry, should release any position paper it has prepared on the phenomenon. Critics will have a field day poking it full of holes. Wisma Putra no doubt has nightmares on this possibility. The people in the Borneo Territories, Sabah and Sarawak, oppose the Malaysian gov’t on the “Palestinian cause”. They see the character of the Biblical Holy Lands as Christian and Jewish. They recognise the plight of the Arab in the Biblical Holy Lands as quite a number are Christian.

Partner for peace . . .

The issue in the Middle East is the Israeli gov’t not having a partner for peace. The Arab leaders in the Gaza Strip and West Bank are not elected. The people have lost their sovereignty to a handful of “corrupt” leaders who are allegedly more interested in pocketing the taxes collected by the Israeli gov’t in the West Bank and aid monies from America, the European Union and Japan.

The people have a right in international law to self-determination. Israel vacated the Gaza Strip, now run by Hamas, several decades ago. The West Bank is under Israeli Military Administration but run by the Palestine Authority (PA) which has been taken over by Fatah.

Hamas chased out Fatah from the Gaza Strip and the latter retaliated equally brutally in the West Bank.

In international law, it’s the responsibility of the international community to restore sovereignty to a people who have lost it. In recent history, we have the invasion of Iraq launched by the coalition of the willing in 2003.

Mad mullahs . . .

What does any Malay or mullah for that matter, mad or otherwise, know about the “Palestinian cause”?

How many Malay have met a Jew or Arab Christian? This question has been raised often by Malay writers in the media.

In the New Straits Times, some time ago, a group of visiting Arab Christians complained about kampung Malay calling them murtad (apostates) when they politely declined an invitation to perform prayers at the village mosque.

Before Israel was recognised in 1948 by the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council as a Jewish State, both Jew and Arab in the Biblical Holy Lands were known as Palestinian, a term coined by the Roman Empire, later the Holy Roman Empire.

When we were young, the Palestinian Special Constables and Palestinian Guards accompanied the planter families in British Malaya. They were units in the British Army. These Palestinian were Jewish.

There’s no Palestinian language.

There has never been a Palestinian nation throughout history.

Nationalism has been defined by what it opposes. Palestinian nationalism, mooted by Cairo-born Yasser Arafat, opposes the Jewish character of Israel and Israeli gov’t acquisition of land settled by the Arab in the Biblical Holy Lands.

Supreme Court . . .

Israel has no written/codified Constitution.

Despite the absence of a Constitution, the Supreme Court of Israel acquired the power of Judicial Review.

Only the Supreme Court of Israel stands between the Tel Aviv gov’t and Arab who farm land in the West Bank. The court invariably takes the side of the farmer if the land isn’t needed for public purposes or other non-farmed land could be acquired.

If Arab in the West Bank don’t farm the land they occupy, no matter how many generations they have settled there, they risk losing them to the Israeli gov’t for public purposes. The court can only help the farmers with compensation.

The Israeli gov’t’s acquisition of Arab occupied land in the Biblical Holy Lands has precedence in history and law. The British, like the Ottoman Empire, never recognised the land claims of the Arab in the Biblical Holy Lands. The Arab squat on land which has no titles and does not belong to them.

The Ottoman Empire never interfered with the Church in the Biblical Holy Lands. Ninety per cent of the land in Jerusalem, for example, belong to various Churches. The Greek Orthodox Church owns 60 per cent of the land in Jerusalem.

Leasing land . . .

Even the Israeli gov’t leases land from the Church in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, founded by King David about 3K years ago, has always had a Jewish majority even after the Roman Empire drove many of them into exile, in the diaspora.

Jewish character . . .

In law, there’s no basis to oppose the Jewish character of the state as Judaism, like Christianity, didn’t come to the Biblical Holy Lands from outside. Arab and Islam are elements which entered from outside. Hence, in law, there cannot be an Arab or Islamic state in the Biblical Holy Lands.

Unlike Islam and Arab which came from outside, Judaism and Christianity are from the Biblical Holy Lands.

In fact, many Arab in the Biblical Holy Lands came from outside after Israel was established, lured by better economic prospects.

Many Jew also came to the Biblical Holy Lands from North Africa, West Asia, India, Europe, Russia and America, drawn by the idea of a Jewish state.

The Jew came to Kerala, southwest India about 2K years ago with the Syrian. They brought the message of the Holy Bible, the Word of God viz. eternal laws based on eternal truths. After 1948, the great majority of the Jew in Kerala left for Israel. In their new country, they still speak Malayalam at home, and run Indian restaurants with authentic dishes including thokku, upumau, halwa and kayseri from Kerala.

Other Arab too came to Kerala but not as Muslim. They were pagan and Christian. The Muslim came after Islam was created by the 3rd Caliph, Uthman, who codified the Quran as a form of identity for the people in Saudi Arabia.

Advisory Opinion . . .

The Dayton Peace Accord 1995 serves as Advisory Opinion from recent law. It outlawed the Islamic state in Bosnia-Herzegovina and anywhere in Europe. Although Europe has embraced Judeo-Christian traditions as the basis in western civilisation, the continent remains secular, an idea first espoused by Jesus in not opposing the Roman Empire in the Biblical Holy Lands.

The two state solution — Palestine and Israel — may be a non-starter if we look at the map of the West Bank and Jewish settlements which run throughout the Territory in the west, along the border with Israel and on both sides of the border wall, the longest in the world after the Great Wall of China and the wall along the US border with Mexico, bricked in parts by Trump.

Israel may not be interested in absorbing the Arab population, a demographic timebomb given extraordinarily high Muslim birth rates, in the West Bank. In rare moments of national delusion, it considers the Gaza Strip as “mini Palestine”, whatever that means. Tel Aviv belabours in the delusion that all Arab in the West Bank, and Israel as well, should go there and build a “mini Singapore”, easier said than done among quarrelsome Arab addicted to lobbying rockets at Israel.

The Arab, Christian and Muslim, form 20 per cent of the population in Israel. There are four Arab political parties in Israel. One is in the Israeli gov’t which has a razor thin majority kept alive ironically by the Arab party. The Arab have 15 seats in the 120 seat Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. The Jew are divided among many parties, yet the Arab can’t come together and seize control of the Israeli gov’t.

The three Arab parties in the Israeli Opposition want the military administration of the West Bank ended for good and all the troops, including Muslim and Christian, home.

All walks of life . . .

Arab can be found in all walks of life in Israel, sometimes in disproportionate numbers. For example, 45 per cent of the pharmacists in Israel are Arab.

Except during a few days recently after rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, and Arab and Jew took to the streets and engaged in unprecedented fisticuffs where the latter lost despite overwhelming numbers, there has been genuine peace between the communities in Israel. The Jew on the streets were only saved from further Arab wrath by the timely intervention of the Army as the police cowered in their stations.

Inter-faith marriages and living in sin aren’t rare in Israel where no one converts through such unions. Many Jew have turned in Christianity, having realised after 2K years that Jewish priests wrote nothing but lies in the Talmud, a Hebrew text in Judaism, about Jesus.

Read further here . . .

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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