BREAKING NEWS! . . . Media gives ‘right of reply’ if they agree . . .

There’s no law on plagiarism, it’s not a triable issue in law.

The laws themselves are works of plagiarism.

I won’t touch on plagiarism. It will go on forever given the media, an unthinking animal, running amok. I covered the issue in an email to malusiakini. I uploaded it in my Blog.

Murray Hunter commented:

From: “Murray Hunter”
To: “Joe Fernandez”
Sent: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 at 8:47
Subject: Re: No law on plagiarism

Also with the unis its very bad, I have written on it (Murray Hunter).

(Universiti Malaya was covered in an email to the New Straits Times in response to also refers.)

If the lady in FMT had read my piece on plagiarism, she won’t write this bla bla bla piece ventilating ignorance in public.

She must research why there’s no law on plagiarism, why all laws are works of plagiarism, and study the laws on copyright infringement and intellectual property rights, before ventilating ignorance in public, making wild claims based simply on being educated beyond intelligence under the notorious quota system.

Again, there’s also creativity, inventiveness, and innovation — new ways of doing old things — brought by technology.

Why does the US routinely accuse China of technology theft and violating intellectual property rights? The world thinks that America, where everything is researched to death, is jealous. China will never catch up with America unless it subscribes to the rule of law and joins the international community of civilised nations. At the moment, they are a communist version of the Taliban. Both belabour in the delusion that the letter of the law is the sum total of the rule of law. Deja Vu!

Pax Americana . . .

If not for America, the US multinationals, WTO and the American market, the communists will be ruling a very poor nation, still living in 1980. This is a case of lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

India could have done on the economy what China did but wisely decided against it.

America’s embrace is deadly, the breath poisonous. Washington, as the people of Afghanistan have since discovered twice, is an unreliable partner. The Europeans are wary and expect Trumpism to prevail even if he doesn’t come back. Except for Malusia, will any other nation on Earth elect an old babbling mumbling fool like Biden as the leader? He has that conman Anthony Fauci for company.

I stand with America on China being a copycat nation. Of course, Western civilisation has also borrowed much from Hindu civilisation without attribution. That’s another story.

Between America and India, ruled by the Hindu evil caste system while paying lip service to the rule of law, there are no prizes for guessing the greater evil. Malusia has emulated the Hindu evil caste system in the ketuanan Melayu Mantra. Malay Brahmin, like the British Empire, Hitler, USSR and CCP, belabour in the delusion that their Empire will last a thousand years.

Saving grace . . .

The Supreme Court is the only saving grace in India. America isn’t even playing catchup.

China, like Japan previously and perhaps even now, is a copycat nation.

In a communist system, or in rigid societies like Japan and S’pore for example, it’s not possible to be creative unless the students were educated abroad. Any fool of a robot can get 7As in S’pore. It’s not rocket science in a mug and vomit rote learning society where universities take out the brains of students and send them out defenceless into the world. All talent including footballers can only be imported.

Already, the S’pore gov’t has started denying that they are favouring India. It’s obvious that locals don’t realise that 5m can’t compete with 1.3b.

Let’s not mention Malusia where all VC at the 20 public universities are Malay. Malusia is the pits, squatting on the brightest and best, and preventing them from leading the way for All. Malusia can only be ruled by Indian exceptionalism, arising from unmitigated suffering, not inclusiveness.

Mollycoddled . . .

Malay continue to be the first and last words in corrupt inclusiveness, mollycoddled from womb to tomb, even as they enjoy the civil service as a permanent dole system, all ensuring that they remain mediocre forever, lulled into complacency, a fatal flaw, degenerating into a unique sub-human species in exchange for dubious votes. There’s no sense of shame in a system where the Orang Asal (indigenous) and Orang Asli (aborigines) suffer the most as immigrant Muslim mislead under the bumiputera (son of the soil) label.

In Malusia, catering to the lowest common denominator has patently become a permanent institution riding on distortions of Article 152, Article 153, the NEP (New Economic Policy 1970 to 1990), the notorious quota system and a marking system which remains a state secret to give out virtually “free degrees” even in critical disciplines.

Article 153 and the NEP, in being distorted to the extreme, has degenerated into a shameless “Rob Peter to give Paul” system as evident in the recent 51 per cent ruling in the local freight forwarding sector. Foreigners are exempted given rule of law issues. Locals are bogged down by the letter of the law. It isn’t law at all. There’s no democracy. It’s dictatorship under rule BY law, rule BY Man, and the law of the jungle as in China where anything goes. They make up things as the go along.

Similarity of content . . .

The universities can educate the FMT lady — probably wannabe Arab from India masquerading as Malay in Malaya under the Definition in Article 160(2) — on “similarity of content” and referencing based on the APA and Harvard Formats used in assignments and thesis.

The subject matter experts can educate her rigid ossified halal haram harus brain on “originality of thought”.

Writers can educate her on writing and why most students shouldn’t be expected to write. Most students are not writers.

Black and white only, black only, white only, isn’t the sum total of life.

Life comes in various shades of grey. There are exceptions, qualifiers, caveats, ifs and buts.

Civilisation . . .

What has Malay and Malusia, for that matter, contributed to the development of human thought, the Definition of civilisation!

V. S. Naipaul asked me this once in Kuala Lumpur. “I have never met anyone in your country who can converse beyond two hours,” he charged. “They dry up.”

I pointed out that we conversed for nine hours over three days. He would excuse himself, each time, after three hours. He said that he was tired.

He said: “Yes, we did. Don’t laugh! When you reach my age, you would feel tired too. You have to lie down.”

Life . . .

Life isn’t what we see in China which will eventually collapse and implode in civil war as Karma catches up in a rule of law moment, but India, with all its character, colour, sheer sadistic suffering, unbriddled poverty, warts and all . . . dysfunctional as the largest democracy in history, and the greatest functioning anarchy, always on the edge of confusion, disorientation and chaos, belabouring between delusions and daydreaming in creativity, inventiveness and innovative genius, magic and miracles. Karma — the law of cause and effect, the 1st eternal law based on an eternal truth — gets tested beyond limits in India.

The Hindu evil caste system is based on superstitious distortion of Karma by Brahmin BS and emulated by Buddhism, long before nirvana, in their ideal of living zombieism.

In making amends, a little late in the day after thousands of years of criminal exploitation and humiliation, the Hindu fanatics in New Delhi have conceded that the casteless/outcaste Pariah — also known as Dalit and Harijan in the north — can be priests in Hindu temples.

The Indian Constitution outlawed the Hindu evil caste system in 1947.

In law, there can be no discrimination. It’s a violation of human rights. International law, based on international customary practices, is all about human rights.

America fought Karma in Afghanistan for 20 years, as in Vietnam for 30 years, and got clobbered.

Students . . .

I won’t touch on syllabus, curriculum, teacher intake and the education system.

It’s our teaching system that needs serious reforms starting with students, not teachers.

Students should be encouraged to speak up and ask questions. There’s no such thing as stupid questions.

Teachers will always be able to find a way to answer questions. They won’t know that unless students start asking questions.

Instead, students are discouraged from asking questions in class, lest the teacher looks bad. So, they go for tuition. Most tuition teachers run scams. Generally, they only take students who are already doing well i.e. scoring B+ or A- in class.

I know from the complaints of parents whose children were rejected by tuition teachers.

We live in a society where students grow up not asking questions.

Such students will not exercise their right of free speech and speak up and speak out on matters of public concern and public interest.

Unthinking media . . .

If rare souls speak up, the unthinking media will not give them the right of reply. The media exercises self-censorship, censorship and denies the right of reply. Even CNN will not give air time to Trump, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai and Dr Rashid Bhuttar. Dr Shiva wrote a four page letter to Trump on the pandemic. Dr Rashid met him on the novel Corona virus.

Today, they have been proven right on the pandemic.

Instead, CNN continues to promote Anthony Fauci and Dr Sanjay Gupta who, as a surgeon, has no business masquerading as a journalist at the same time.

The media block email addresses and whatsApp and ban subscription accounts.

One Editor told me: “Ah! this I can use.”

What does he mean?

He uploads Articles only if he agrees? That’s censorship!

The social media will soon kill him and other online media. Already, it has buried the print media for stage-managing news.

Ironically, we have media like malusiakini who dare say in their subscription promotions, “free speech is a space that we protect at malaysiakini”.

Another media, FMT, in a public dig at malusiakini, says in promotional ads, “Why pay for news when you can get it free?”

This is open sabotage of malusiakini. There’s no sense of shame!

What free news? We won’t die if we don’t read the so-called news. It’s BS a la ketuanan Melayuism.

Read further here . . .

Author: fernzthegreat

Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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