BREAKING NEWS! . . . Media should stop reporting pandemic, it will become common Flu . . .

Media should stop reporting pandemic, it will become common Flu . . .

Media creates public alarm on pandemic, zaps public confidence.

re the above link, which I received by Messenger from the Malay Mail, where’s the science behind the statement that certain groups of people need the booster dose to be considered fully vaccinated?

Khairy Jamaluddin isn’t a subject matter expert on the pandemic.

The subject matter experts may be more interested in their comfort zones. So, they don’t oppose the allegedly misleading gov’t versions on the pandemic. In civilised countries, the gov’t keeps the people from harm. In Malusia, the people feel very unsafe.

The Opposition is worse than the subject matter experts. They may be more interested in using the MoU with the Ismail Sabri gov’t for their personal benefit. It’s the same old corruption story being played out.

It isn’t science when fake solutions are promoted for fake problems. Genuine science is based on scientific methods. Fake science, or pseudo science like that propagated by Anthony Fauci & Co, are based on scientific consensus which brings in grant dollars for R&D caught in a vicious cycle . . . produce fake solutions for fake problems.

The corruption is complete.

Corruption isn’t just about giving and taking but the act of making everything one touches to go bad.

Based on Khairy’s statement, those who have health problems will not be considered fully vaccinated even if they receive two doses.

Where’s the science backing this statement?

Where’s the science backing vaccination for Covid-19?

No court in the world will approve vaccination for Covid-19 or the BS behind climate change, for that matter. Already, the US Supreme Court has suspended Biden’s Federal mask mandate. There’s no spirit of the law behind it.

Of course, individual gov’t depts, airlines and shopping complexes can impose their own mask mandate based on prerogative and discretionary powers.

These can’t be challenged since they are not law.

The court is only about law.

Vaccination programme . . .

According to biology, viruses can only spread through movement and the hands touching the mouth, nose and eyes.

It seems the virus resides in the hands, surfaces, and perhaps even in the dust-laden breeze and air.

The virus seems to be everywhere, as MoH DG Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah observed, lurking even just outside the house.

Now, only vaccinated people are allowed to fly. That means only vaccinated people are spreading the Omicron variant from country to country.

This is the proverbial smoking gun on vaccination.

Earlier, the gov’t claimed that unvaccinated people were spreading the virus to the vaccinated people.

Does that mean that vaccinated people, infected by the unvaccinated, will not infect other vaccinated people?

How did James Masing end up DEADER than DEAD? Were the heart complications, one report says lung complications, caused by vaccination or by the symptoms labelled Covid-19?

Masing recovered three weeks after testing positive, was found negative, and discharged. He was hospitalised one week later, at a private facility, and ended up DEAD!

Did he die after non-compliance on the SOP in public when not staying at home? If vaccination for Covid-19 doesn’t protect, is it all about some people making billions from it at public expense?

Fikir fikirkan lah!

Obviously, the vaccines are not protecting people from Covid-19.

The gov’t has been caught with its pants down on vaccination. M’sia spent billions on vaccines. Parliament should probe the vaccination programme. We can’t expect too much since the MoU stands in the way of a loyal Opposition.

Omicron . . .

We know from biology that it’s not possible for Omicron to be more deadly than Delta and Delta Plus. There’s no extra energy. Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, but only transferred and transformed.

Delta variants were not more deadly than the other variants of concern (VoC) viz. alpha, beta and gamma.

The Delta variants were more contagious than the other VoC.

It’s unlikely that Omicron will be more contagious than the Delta variants.

Variants emerge during reproduction by the virus through replication.

If there are enough errors during copy pasting, a new variant emerges.

Apparently, there are two kinds of errors viz. deadliness and how contagious.

Deadliness means how soon infection gets to category 5 i.e. the need for ventilators.

Contagious means how fast it spreads i.e. the largest number of infections possible within the shortest time.

We can stay at home. If in public, we should observe the SOP in living with the virus. That’s the only against Covid-19.

Avoid crowding. It’s crowding that increases the viral load i.e. the number of virus particles in the body. High viral load will show up as symptoms.

According to spiritualist, mystic and yogi SadhGuru, if the whole world stays at home for two weeks and observes silence, the virus will have no place to go, and will cease to exist.

It makes sense. The virus, being a form of intelligence, can cease to exist just as AI can be switched off.

Microorganisms . . .

There are three types of microorganisms in the human body of seven trillion cells.

The novel Corona virus included, there are 380 trillion viruses in the human body, 60 trillion bacteria good and bad, and some fungi.

There are anti-fungal creams if this particular microorganism gets out of hand.

Doctors prescribe a course of antibiotics, for five to seven days, when the bad bacteria overcome the good bacteria.

The antibiotics course will kill all bacteria, good and bad.

If the patient doesn’t complete the antibiotics course, the bad bacteria lies dormant for two weeks and re-emerges stronger than ever, and there’s antibiotic resistance.

The patient would then need stronger antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria.

After a course of antibiotics, the balance in the intestinal flora can be restored by pre-biotics and pro-biotics.

Otherwise, there would be bouts of purging caused by diarrhoea and food poisoning. Purging causes dehydration. It would be necessary to take ORS (oral hydration salts) after purging.

Nothing can kill viruses as they are not living things but a form of intelligence.

They would cease to exist if they have no place to go and cannot replicate.

The immune system, which begins in the guts, can only get stronger when the human body is exposed to infections and recovers.

Vaccines by-pass the first three stages of the immune system, goes directly to the 4th and last stage and moderates its over reaction to the presence of viruses perceived as aggressive. The immune system, in over reacting, unleashes various systems.

5Ws and 1H . . .

The media should ask questions to cover the 5Ws and 1H.

Instead, they remain unthinking animals, lapping up BS and misleading the people while denying the right of reply even on their own stories, exercising self-censorship and imposing censorship.

Wither free speech and free press!

The media, being the 4th Estate, is a public service organisation on matters of public concern and public interest.

There are even media like malusiakini who make promises which they have no intention of keeping. Their promotional ads for subscription accounts goes, “free speech is a space we protect at malaysiakini”.

In fact, they block email addresses and whatsApp.

They compile known facts from news stories, old and new, and pass them off as Opinion.

They have a congenital inability to connect the dots.

Their news stories are not based on the inverted pyramid format.

Most of it is irrelevant copy paste stuff from old new stories to give it length.

Then, there’s CNN style BS story telling.

Malusiakini has degenerated into whatsApp like groups. Subscribers, based on comments, are only interested in reading what others are posting and responding. They don’t read the stories or only read the headlines and respond.

That’s how five subscribers committed contempt of court on the Musa Aman and related cases. Malusiakini was fined RM500K by the Federal Court for facilitating contempt of court based on its explanation on the Commenting Terms.

Malusiakini’s Community Standards are not enforced by subscribers but the online news portal acting as judge, jury and hangman. That sealed its fate in the Federal Court.

Malusiakini avoids investigative journalism like the plague while conducting workshops on the issue for paying members of the gullible public.

Musa Aman admitted in court that he collected RM380m in political donations. We don’t know whether the IRB and Bank Negara went after him for unpaid taxes and money laundering.

International law defines money laundering as having assets far in excess of what can be legitimately accumulated over a lifetime.

Such assets can be frozen, seized and forfeited by the state under civil action.

Criminal suits would only be instituted if the civil action is challenged.

That’s how DoJ got back billions for Malusia.

In Malusia, the AGC filed criminal suits against alleged thieves and apparently lost every case. The court put on blinkers and ordered the suspect assets to be returned to the alleged thieves.

The court could have amended the criminal suits for civil action.

Let’s see how Vinod Sekhar’s reported money laundering and tax evasion cases are handled by the AGC and the IRB. He blocked me in LinkedIn after swearing the Vibes does not deny the right of reply.

MalaysiaNow, set up after an allegedly failed coup attempt at FMT, gleefully reported on the Vinod Sekhar cases. Azmin Ali must be laughing his head off at Anwar Ibrahim.

Black and white only, black only, or white only isn’t the sum total of life.

What’s life all about?

Life comes in various shades of grey. There are exceptions, qualifiers, caveats, ifs and buts.

Before the pandemic, the daily death rate in M’sia was 678 people. Now, we are not told the daily death rate, except for an average 50+ dying daily of symptoms labelled Covid-19.

The media should keep things in perspective.

It’s the media that’s keeping the pandemic going by causing public alarm and zapping public confidence. If the media were to stop reporting the pandemic tomorrow, public confidence would return, and the pandemic will be relegated to the common Flu category. Fauci, Big Pharma, CNN and the control freak politicians wouldn’t want that.

People are still dying daily in M’sia of medical negligence (60 per cent in the US for example) — read fireman Adib; of old age, after protracted and prolonged illness for which there’s no cure, heart disease, general cardiac problems, diabetes-related cardiac problems, cancer, accidents, common Flu, sepsis and septicimea (read fireman Adib), complications and multiple organ and systemic failure, and fibrosis caused by coughing, among others.

No doubt that some of these deaths are aggravated by Covid-19 symptoms. Cancer, for example, takes years to kill. Covid-19 may finish off those infected in seven to 10 days. The common Flu also kills the elderly when the season comes every year.

Read further here . . .

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Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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