BREAKING NEWS! . . . Najib’s ‘redemption’ lies in bringing Mahathir and Family to justice . . .

Najib’s ‘redemption’ lies in bringing Mahathir and Family to justice . . .

Mahathir and Family accused of money laundering, multitude of sins under Malaysia Boleh Mantra.


Once Najib goes after Mahathir and Family for alleged money laundering and a multitude of sins under the Malaysia Boleh Mantra, the immediate political picture in the country will become clearer.

The bottomline is that Malay still support Najib and Umno. That’s the stark political reality.

All politics are about restructuring the distribution of power, and restructuring the distribution of revenue and resources. It may even mean “robbing Peter to pay Paul, or robbing Peter to give Paul”. Paying or giving may be just semantics.

Court cases . . .

In taking the cue from The Edge report above, it will be noted that the media covers the many court cases that former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak faces.

He speaks up in the social media on the suffering. Indeed, he may have a huge following in the millions, as reported by the media.

His supporters have alleged that the charges against him were brought by those armed with a “thick black book of ‘subjective’ sins” navigating the system, pushing the right buttons and greasing the wheels. Let’s not go there.

Hardcore . . .

Najib appears hardcore, even willing to suffer. If he’s jailed for a few weeks pending Pardon, probably a likely event after years in court, he would speak up like Anwar Ibrahim from behind bars, presumably on the people’s suffering. Old habits die hard. It would be very surprising if he walks into the sunset, never looking back.

In gov’t, Najib kept a stiff upper lip and maintained an “elegant silence”. It cost him dearly. The rest is history.

There’s no reason why the people won’t remember those who speak up.

Leadership skills . . .

In a way, such personalities come across in the public mind as having leadership skills. The people will always seek out leaders in all walks of life.

Life isn’t about being super duper careful, making no mistakes, keeping a low profile, and accumulating wealth which can only be left behind.

Life isn’t about exercising self-censorship, imposing censorship, and denying the right of reply.

It’s about allowing the free flow of thoughts to help make a difference, for better or worse.

The sum total of life isn’t about being black and white only, black only or white only.

Life comes in various shades of grey. There are exceptions, qualifiers, caveats, ifs and buts.

Hardcore . . .

There are hardcore characters and personalities like Najib and others in the same category.

The people continue to remember Anwar Ibrahim. It’s not because he led the student protests at Universiti Malaya, was detained under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) or was jailed for alleged corruption and sodomy.

They remember him because he speaks up. He spoke up even from behind bars. He continues to speak up.

It’s the same story with Jeffrey Kitingan and Mahathir Mohamad. These are two other examples cast in the same mould as Anwar.

Mahathir the nobody . . .

If not for the unthinking media covering his controversial remarks since the searing riots allegedly created by the small Malay capitalist class on 13 May 1969 in Kuala Lumpur, Mahathir would probably be an incoherent nobody pottering around in his Maha Clinic in Alor Star, Kedah.

Mahathir is a creation of the media and creature of the media.

Mahathir is notorious for making up incoherent stories as he goes along and doing u-turns like nobody else.

Before GE14, he defected to the Opposition and managed to return as Prime Minister after DAP persuaded Anwar Ibrahim on the matter. The carrot dangled was that Anwar would take over from Mahathir in two years.

On 24 Feb 2020, Mahathir brought down his own gov’t to prevent the handover and proceeded to make up even more incoherent stories on “scoring his own goal”.

Mahathir feared that Anwar would drag him and his Family to justice for alleged money laundering and a multitude of sins under the Malaysia Boleh Mantra.

Mahathir remembers that PKR was formed to STOP him from getting away with anything.

Hauntings . . .

Mahathir, incoherent or otherwise, would no doubt continue to haunt us from the grave and beyond. The unthinking media, manipulated by the small Malay capitalist class, would flog his ghost until thy kingdom come.

Controversies . . .

Daim Zainuddin, the Godfather of the small Malay capitalist class, once said that if an issue lasts more than two weeks in the media, it will become a controversy. It will not end until there’s closure.

Mahathir and the hysterical Opposition allegedly created the 1MDB Scandal, and related scandals, virtually out of thin air in cahoots with the unthinking media.

Mahathir and the hysterical Opposition, in cahoots with the media, belaboured in the delusion that 1MDB and related activities were all about plundering the public treasury under various guises.

If the media had not zapped public and investor confidence in 1MDB, the IPO would have gone through.

The Company would have emerged as the strongest in the Finance Ministry stable of economic activities. It would have been a technology Company driven by innovations i.e. a new way of doing old things.

Despite the so-called 1MDB Scandal, and related “scandals”, Malaysia did not collapse and implode.

That tells us something.

Politics remains about public perceptions.

Opposition unity . . .

If there’s no Opposition unity in facing the ruling coalition one to one, the gov’t will not change hands. There are no election run-offs in Malaysia.

The ruling coalition will continue to win even if they collect less than 51 per cent of the votes counted in seats.

This is where Najib comes in again to do what Anwar Ibrahim could not do i.e. drag Mahathir and Family to justice for alleged money laundering and a multitude of sins under the Malaysia Boleh Mantra.

He’s likely to return as Prime Minister in GE15 as feared by Mahathir himself. He told the media that “Najib will be the first convict in the world to be Prime Minister”.

It was Mahathir who told the media, in a rare candid moment, before Najib became Prime Minister in 2009, that his protege was “the shining star in Umno”. He was explaining why lacklustre Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was the wrong choice.

After Najib became Prime Minister, it was not too long before Mahathir told the media that “Najib curi duit, Najib curi duit kerajaan” (Najib stole money, Najib stole gov’t money). He claimed that Najib had told him that “Cash is King”.

Glass house . . .

The late Saudi King may well have personally given Najib US$681m “secretly” after being convinced that the latter was a good bet on helping fight terrorism and promoting the “cause of moderate Islam”. Najib, backed by Saudi Arabia, set up the King Salman Center for International Peace (KSCIP) in Putrajaya.

We will never know about the “King’s donation” since “dead men tell no tales”.

Mahathir stays in a glass house and throws stones . . . “baling batu, sembunyi tangan” (throw stones and hide the hands).

The reality remains that the country, despite the bad press the Najib Administration received after GE13, did not collapse and implode.

The gov’t has been able to give the people billions in cash handouts in the wake of the pandemic created by the unthinking media.

Read in full here . . .

BREAKING NEWS! . . . Najib ‘secrets’ on star drawing power explains ‘comeback’ trail . . .

Former Prime Minister’s ‘redemption’ hinges on going after Mahathir and Family, for alleged money laundering, multitude of sins under Malaysia Boleh Mantra.

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Joe Fernandez holds a honours degree in management, majoring in economics, and has opted from academia in law to being a jurist. He was trained professionally on the job as a journalist. He's a longtime Borneo watcher, keen on the history and legal aspects of Malaya's presence in Sabah and Sarawak. He teaches the English language privately and has emerged as a subject matter expert in public examination techniques.

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